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  1. markusgrav

    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    I love the app and I'm a big Steiner Brothers stan too lol. I say yes to the app long as the finishing moves change a little as Joe pointed out
  2. markusgrav

    The Lucky Sevens

    Hey everybody. I was originally planning to use another team before I was going to submit the posted idea below to the new Brazen class. I really liked this idea below and fleshed it out some more. I need the votes to get in but I would also like any input that you can suggest. If you want a...
  3. markusgrav

    "The Biggest Boy" Dex Joy

    Handler Information Name: Markus Gravender Email Address: markusgrav@gmail.com Best Way to contact: PM, Email. I will try and get on Skype as well (Markusgrav) eWrestling Experience: I currently handle in NBW, I have handled in both LoC and Jolt when they were active feds here. How did you find...
  4. markusgrav

    Sin City Series Announced for Intense!

    Just announced today by jOlt's reigning Tag Team Champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck aka The House, the super heavyweight tandem are proud to introduce a new series dedicated to showing off the best of jOlt's talent-rich tag team division! A series of matches will take place starting on...
  5. markusgrav

    Attack At The Abbey!

    Breaking news has just arrived to jOlt Headquarters: one-half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, the House’s Adam Roebuck was the victim of a heinous assault at The Abbey Brewing Company in South Beach, Miami on Tuesday night. Many fans started emailing us on Wednesday afternoon regarding a video...
  6. markusgrav


    Hey, guys, name's Markus Gravender. I'm with ACW and nbW and know a couple people here. (Hi, Josh!) I've had some time to go back and read some shows and have been enjoying them. Are you guys currently taking any applications at this time for characters? Thanks and keep up the good work!

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