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  1. ILaidler

    Hello CSWA.

    It's Ian here, aka 'Pit Bull' Pete Hardy. Hope everyone is keeping well. Just letting you all know that I am coming back after a long time out of this game. Great to see so many of you still here, it will be great play the game with you all again. Pete however, he is in the retirement home at...
  2. ILaidler

    Hey boys. Ian (Pete Hardy here) Long time no type.

    How is everyone keeping? I hope everyone is well. I'm doing well, apart from having a broken computer. I'm just coming on to say that I've decided to come back to CSWA, maybe not as Pete Hardy, someone else. However, obviously, this won't be until after Christmas. So not long, only a month, and...
  3. ILaidler


    Hi guys, Just a quick message saying hi and big apologies for my lack of involvement over the past few months. Just to tell you all that I am still around and to expect a few roleplays soon. I won't be around til late Sunday evening so I wish everyone a good rest of the week and I look forward...
  4. ILaidler


    (The scene opens in a Radio Station studio. Pete Hardy sits in a studio next to a Radio Station reporter. They both wear earphones and are sitting at a table which has lots of radio equipment ie microphones, speakers and sound system etc. Pete sits wearing a black PITBULL t-shirt and light blue...
  5. ILaidler


    (The scene opens in the Gym which is attached to the garage of Pete Hardy’s home. Pete, wearing a white cotton t-shirt, black shorts and trainers sits on the edge of a weight-lifting bench. He is drinking water from a plastic cup and wiping sweat from his brow with a towel. His father, Reggie...
  6. ILaidler

    A NEW ERA (Part 2)

    (The scene opens inside the hotel room. Pete and the receptionist lie in bed with the blanket over them hiding the receptionist’s assets! They are naked and their clothes are scattered on the floor. They have their arms around eachother.) PH: hehe. RECEPTIONIST: What? PH: What is your...
  7. ILaidler


    ‘THE PITBULL RETURNS’ (The scene opens inside the driveway of a Mansion. Several reporters and photographers stand in the driveway. Four cars are parked on the gravel driveway - a crimson Rolls Royce, silver Porsche 911, blue AC Cobra and a mustard yellow Ferrari Maranello. It is a hot...
  8. ILaidler

    Hells Angel On High

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Dec-28-01 AT 05:19 PM (EDT)](The scene opens outside Mitch Peterson’s ranch. He sits on the canopy of his house drinking a can of beer. He wears torn jeans and a black Harley Davidson t-shirt and black Bandanna. His flame red Harley Davidson stands peacefully in the long...

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