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    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    I vote yes too and love the team gimmick. As far as the screwdriver goes...HOW DARE YOU. I kid. Brock’s is a Phillips screwdriver so if yours is a flathead it could work.
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    "The Innovator" Brock Newbludd

    Handler Information Name: Gorman Email Address: richardsong22@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You:Skype/Email/Facebook/Whatever the rest of the fed uses I can use too. eWrestling Experience: Back in the day I was in PCW, RUSH, and the XWF. I took almost a decade off before coming back to the...
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    Old PCW Relic

    Hello, About 15 to 16 years ago, when I was a young wrestling fan in high school I discovered a little hobby known as e-wrestling. The fed I joined was called Primetime Championship Wrestling, which I see is actually still a website at http://pcw.ewmuseum.com/. While there I wrestled (or role...

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