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  1. illadelphia

    Jimmy Kort

    Name: Jason Email: jason.carfagno@gmail.com EXP: I've been around the block a time or two. How'd I Hear About DEF: Justin told me about it when he was like opening the place. Best Way to Reach: Email or Skype. I AM WILLING TO WRITE MATCHES. Writing Sample: http://archive.wrestleuta.com/rp/1456...
  2. illadelphia


    Hope you guys enjoyed the character. Thanks to everyone for being upfront with me about issues they may have, really made my time here enjoyable. Hopefully y'all enjoy. PEACE OUTTTTTT - Matthew Berry voice.
  3. illadelphia

    "The Murder Machine" Van Carver

    Handler Info Name: Jason E-Mail: jason.carfagno@gmail.com Best Way to Contact: Skype EW Experince: CHZ, WFWA, WC:C, DEF, UTA How did you find DEF: Justin Are you will to write matches?: Yes. Writing Sample [Wrist taped knuckles connect with a palm, bringing us the first sounds. The visual...
  4. illadelphia

    Out of Town

    Hey guys, Justin already knows but I figure I'll share with you homos. I'll be out of the country, without WiFi access for the next eight days. I come back on Sunday the 12th. See y'all then. --Jason
  5. illadelphia

    Battle Royal Guys...

    Can everyone post in here or something? I have an idea that I want to run up the ladder, might further something. Hit me up. Thanks.
  6. illadelphia

    Oden On Oden

    Don't know how many College Basketball and regular NBA fans we have here, but in my experience in E-Fedding there are normally a decent amount of them. Great read here on Greg Oden over at Grantland, Bill Simmon's website. Thought I'd share the link. Really a sad sort of story...
  7. illadelphia


    So on a forum of "geeks" who here saw the Avengers this weekend?
  8. illadelphia


    Didn't really see an intro post so figured I'd start one for myself. To those who know me, what up? To those who don't, what up? Handled a lot of people, here and there - CHZ, RWN, SCWF, HOW, DEF, WFWA, etc

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