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    a very fond farewell to all you Eddy Love Lovers

    Hey guys, just got around to reading the show, and man was it everything i expected y'all to put on. Great job by all involved. I appreciate more than you could know my small part in the NFW season 1. I'm going to shout out to a few below, but to those I got to work with I don't mention, I...
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    major props for the show

    Hey guys, just got around to reading the show, and man was it everything i expected y'all to put on. Great job by all involved. I appreciate more than you could know my small part in the NFW season 1. I'm going to shout out to a few below, but to those I got to work with I don't mention, I...
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    Back in time a few days

    (Flash back to All Star Night. Entering a historic downtown Greenville, South Carolina bar by the name of Wild Wing Café, enter a group of Furman students. The group is average looking a bit out of place, but confident and well, if not slightly over-, dressed. The group is 6 large and has...
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    Eddy on Eddy

    (In the media room of Eddy Love’s palatial estate. The view starts out of the west window where the Blue Ridge Mountains still show the hint of a snow cap and a few boats dot Lake Hartwell below. It is here where Eddy centers out of during his times of training close to both his personal on...
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    resetting the story

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-02 AT 05:44 PM (EDT)](Melissa is driving down a deserted road gently nodding her head as Heart “Barracuda” blares over the radio. For those of you who are new or have forgotten where Melissa is in life due to my recent inactivity, she is still seething from...
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    4 Corners?

    (Eddy Love pulls through the wrought iron gate at his Lake Hartwell estate. The cameras are already rolling from his arched brick portico and he is met at the cut glass front door by JJ Deville. JJ is wearing a pair of jean shorts with a dust rag hanging from the back pocket , a “Playboys Inc...
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    Calling names

    (It’s CS Saturday Morning kicking off with Eddy Love already in ring in a burnt orange robe with gold sequins, a small Playboy bunny on the front left pocket and cursive "Hurricane Eddy" across the back. Huge smile.) Nobody hates to gloat…… nobody hates to say I told you so, more than...
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    Turning Point, or another crossroad

    OORP: Late A2K1 entry (It’s the pre-card show that rolls on the U-62 Pay Per View featuring recaps of the feuds that will culminate in Greensboro, interviews and lots of reasons to buy the show. The show rolls live footage of Rusty Seitzer going to the dressing room of Eddy Love. Entering...
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    No overSIGHT

    (Eddy Love stands at the gate of his Lake Hartwell estate. The gate is black wrought iron with "E L" encased in a heart at the center of each side. Eddy wears a pair of faded Levi jeans and a T-shirt that reads "valentines day is for LOVE".) Hurricane Eddy Love…. the man known as Legend...
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    Sweet Home Greenville County

    (It’s 7:15 at a 7:30 house show at the Bi-Lo center in Greenville, SC and the cameras are rolling for your Saturday Morning replay on Saturday CS TV. With only about 7500 of the eventual crowd of 13,000 already within earshot and running for their seats, the CSWA speakers blare out Dolly...
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    Who could it be???

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-27-02 AT 09:20 AM (EDT)](The video of Chad Merrit’s announcement at Primetime plays until Merrit bars Eddy Love from teaming with Troy Windham. The screen freezes and the camera pans back to show Eddy Love thumbing the remote and pausing Merrit while pouring a high...
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    Buckley's round table

    OORP: This one ran long, sorry. Thanks to Evan who did the Aho part for me. I thought having 2 guests was a great idea, then Melissa's part ran longer than I expected. Hope it's worth the time. and thanks again to Evan Aho for the conribution. BIRP: (Saturday Morning CSWA is on the air at 9...
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    break the silence

    (It’s the mall during the usual Christmas rush, Bell ringer at the front door, mom’s dragging kids by the arm, unhappy looking husbands carrying jewelry bags. A white stretch Lincoln Limousine with “NOT2LUV” vanity plates pulls up blasting a Johnny Cash version of “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa...
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    wrecking Havoc

    (Eddy Love stands in the media room of his Hartwell estate, looking out the panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the West and the Tugaloo River running into lake Hartwell to the Southwest. Love is wearing a royal blue velvet robe, with a small bunny head on the breast pocket. He sips...
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    The King of Wrestling

    (Confederate Flag covers your entire TV screen as Charlie Daniels Band "South’s Gonna Do It Again" blares much louder than the rest of the show and even the tuned up commercials….. fade into Eddy Love at the Columbia, SC Confederate War Memorial. Love is wearing a muscle T-shirt made of the...
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    OUT of the desert

    (The silhouette of a hooded figure with arms crossed and back to the camera against a dark background. A monotone voice begins speaking as the camera slowly moves towards the figure.) VOICE: Me against the world….. isn’t that always the*WAY* it ends up. My misery, my loneliness, the darkness...

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