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    Oh No...

    In other words..two things: 1. Yes, Rocko, you came to where I was...now I come here...which means... 2. [[doing the cabbage patch]] "Guess who's back...back again...Damian's back...tell ya friends..."
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    TD Walker

    I need to speak with ye. Give me a holler back. spincrucible@hotmail.com
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    Da Life of a Soldier

    Hey, I am off...to Ft. Bliss, TX. Hopefully I can find a comp. lab down there to keep this up. If not, I'll be unable to RP and do this stuff until the 28th of June. It's the life of a soldier... Spc. K Femrite
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    Grrrr....Need Assistance...

    I just love my wife.... Anyhow, does anyone know how to access our lovely bio's? I have things to change and things to add... Assistance please? On isle 5?
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    New Theme

    Hey. Now that EUWC is opening, I thought about changing Stone's theme to a new one. This is what it is w/entrance: Theme: Go to Sleep by Eminem, DMX, and Obie Trice [[The lights dim as smoke begins to fill the main stage as we begin to see scenes from Damian's wrestling career in the EUWC...
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    New Beginnings Pt. 1

    [[Darkness]] Voice: Look at you...you are nothing. That's all you have ever been. That's all you will ever be. You'll never amount to anything...boy... [[Lightning crashes, showing us that the lovely scene in front of us is a graveyard set upon the top of a cliff overlooking the mighty...
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    Good day, For those who don't know me, my name is Karsten Femrite. I handle Damian Stone. If anyone is interested in anything, my e-mail is spincrucible@hotmail.com. Peace, and for those who do know me already, watch ya backs. ;) Kar
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    Lookin For A New Home

    Hello to yall- Name is Karsten Femrite. I am looking for a new home as the tag says. My e-mail is spincrucible@hotmail.com or specialkfemrite@hotmail.com Peace out- Karsten
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    Hey Yo From Kuwait

    Don't ask me to spell where I am at right now cause I really don't give a ****. ANYHOW, I should be in the states next week...thank God. I hate this sandbox right now. Take care...beware of my new creation..The Phantom (If EUWC gets back on track) Karsten PS: Truth be told- all...
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    How Bored I Am (Top 5)

    Since I spend most of my time here in Iraq playing video games (and I do have a vast collection), I got to thinking about what I thought was the five best moments that have happened in video game history. Now, I am about to get a ton of hate-mail for this list (because of where I put one event)...
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    Something Here Is Wrong

    [[The day before the PPV. We FADE into what appears to be the apartment of Damain Stone (yea, he down-sized). We see our man, Damian Stone, sitting on a tan couch. His awards from wrestling hang along the wall as he sits there in a black leather jacket, black pants, and a new red Damian Stone...
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    Justified Silence...(All that want to read)

    Yo. Yea, in case you were wondering, I am still alive. Lots (and I do mean) LOTS of BS has been going on down here in the largest habiated sandbox this side of the Mississippi. It's also the biggest trash dump too. Got some pics that will support that...I'll send ya'll some when I get back...
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    The Past Revisited...(Mr. Rocko)

    [[Darkness]] Hmmmm... ((I guess we could be glad he has this week off. He's been in a pissy mood since the Danny Collins promo that talked about him "dropping the ball." Now, he gets the new roster changes...and now it really has irritated him. Usually, he wouldn't give a dang who was now part...
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    Hit Da Floor

    **OOC- No parodies here...(hinting to ST's video), this one is gonna be fun** Linkin Park feat. Damian Stone & Echo Hit the Floor Meteoria Warner Bros. [[Slow fade into Damian's Stone's lockerroom during a house show. We see Damian sitting down, next to a locker. He is dressed in his ring...
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    Ain't that A Five Letter Word

    "I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress, handfull of anger Held in my chest Uphill stuggle, blood , sweat and tears, nothing to gain Everything to fear..."- Nobody's Listening by Linkin Park [[I feel...like a tortured soul right now. I don't know whether to turn left or right from the...
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    Now What...(To the Board)

    Dare I say that this is all over? The battles between me and Holocaust? I mean, some have been legendary. Others have been trifle...but is it time to call it all to an end? I mean, I thought I could be a competent World Champion. Instead, I couldn't do the job. Maybe that is why I kept getting...

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