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#1 Contender's Match for the TV Championship: Burke v Jorgenson v Entertainment


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the #1 Contender's match for the Television championship between STEVE BURKE, JEFF JORGENSON and MISTER ENTERTAINMENT at New ERA Destrucity II should be posted in this thread.

* For storyline purposes, this match is happening on the same day as EPW Aggression 50 and Sin City Showdown.

The RP Deadline is JANUARY 31 @ 11:59pm PST.

All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com

... enjoy!
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Jun 22, 2009
(The Youtube Loading screen fades from the screen and we see Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson standing in front of his web cam. He's drenched in sweat and dressed for a work out.)

Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson: It's a NEW ERA. And here I am, Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson, the epitome of a new era. And here we are, with the chance to earn a shot at the Television Championship.

Just a year ago the closest thing I got to television was public access. Sometimes if we wanted to be funny we'd call it "pubic" access. Not that we ever had nudity, it was just goofing off. But suffice to say, going from a show watched by practically dozens of people to being the Champion of Television for the NEW ERA is quite the change of pace.

Not that I am taking anything for granted.

I have two matches to win to get there. And first, I need to go through two men. One of whom is especially notable. Mr. Entertainment, I think we've met before. Now, as I said I am new to this game. I may have trained at the Hacker school of wrestling, but I don't claim to know everything.

But I am curious about one thing.

Is failure considered to be entertaining? Because it seems like you do one thing when we step into the ring together. You fail. You go out there, and fail to prove yourself to the people. Do you think that entertains them? I suppose it is entertaining for my fans.

But I'll admit I am yet to capture the hearts of the entire fan base. But, this is a new era. This is a chance to do just that. To show the fans that I don't care about calling myself entertaining, but proving to them that I can out wrestle the men put in front of me and become a champion. Because they still think wrestling is entertaining. They sure don't think losing is entertaining, in the very least.

So, in the very least I know how to beat one man in this match. I know how to beat him in the ring, and I know how to take care of him out of the ring.

But, there will be two men in that ring with me at Destrucity II. Mr. Entertainment and Steve Burke.

Steve Burke is a man I don't know a lot about.

So, I have a mission. In the coming days, I need to watch as many tapes, DVDs, DVRs, youtube videos, bit torrents, animated gifs, and match recaps of Steve Burke possible. I need to know this man as well as the man I've been able to best twice.

Because if I don't know both of my opponents, I'll lose. I'll be just as unentertaining as Mr. Entertainment. And I don't intend to let that happen. Because, what would besting Mr. Entertainment twice mean if I didn't win this match with the title shot on the line?

I don't intend to fail. I intend to stake my place in the new era and show the fans I came to win.

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Jun 22, 2009
(Our Youtube video loads and we see Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson staring intently into the computer screen. He adjusts something on his laptop and then focuses on the camera.)

There is a strange silence lately. An unexpected silence. One thing I never like to see in my career is the unexpected. We often see it, but it is always troubling.

I never expected to see Mr. Entertainment so silent. Or hear in this case. What cost him in our previous encounters was his ability to run his mouth at the expense of working out, focusing on his opponent and remembering that at the end fo the day he needs to wrestle!

Has he learned his lesson? Is he concentrating on training rather than verbal sparring?

Is he doing what I have attempted and trying to learn more on the man named Steve Burke. I was hoping to hear from him by now, to see how he looked and sounded. Is he intently training? Is he blowing this fight off? You can tell from the tone of voice, and the look in a man's eye.

But silence tells us nothing. So I am left with nothing more than records, recaps and video to study. To try and learn what I am going to do in this match. A match with so much on the line. This is my biggest chance. This is my time to shine, and I am in the dark.

Well, in the dark on certain things. I know if I do what I am best at, and wrestle the way I know how to, that the fans will support me. I know if I go in there and give it my all, that I will have a home town advantage even if I've been living on the road the past 3 years. I may not have a home town, but when I'm in the arena making that connection with throngs of people who see I am doing what I love, I am home. So, I know I will be comfortable.

I also know I will be motivated. What bigger motivation is there than the title? The Television Title is a sign that you've made it. You aren't champion of some podunk town running once a month. You are the champion of television. The bright lights and the big time.

I am living the dream just by kicking off this new era like this, but winning this match gives me a chance to fulfill the dream.

How many times do you get to do that? I don't intend to find out, because I will take advantage this time.

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Dec 14, 2009
Ahh, here we go…

A delightful evening in Montréal, Canada, at one of the many homes owned by none other than “Mr. Old School” Steve Burke himself. A shining, pristine DeLorean pulls up to the house, parking in the courtyard after working its way up the long, twisting driveway. From the car steps Burke, who fixes his clothing, and heads inside, greeting his butler, Jacques, as he does so.

Burke: Evening, Jacques! I trust everything is all set up to get me to the show?

Jacques: Oui, monsieur, but, uhh… there has been some changes made to the card.

Burke: Changes? What do you mean, “changes”?

Jacques: You are no longer just facing Mr. Jorgenson, sir. You are also going to be facing a “Mr. Entertainment”. The winner getting a shot at the Television Championship.

Burke: Really?

Jacques: Really. Also, sir, some videos have been emailed to us while you were gone, little speeches of sorts, from Mr. Jorgenson. Perhaps you should take them in, and perhaps even reply.

Burke: I suppose it would be rude of me not to, eh? Very well, Jacques, go set up the cameras in the studio, I shall be along shortly.

Jacques: Very well, monsieur.

Jacques turns and walks away, presumably towards the studio, while Burke removes his jacket, and hangs it up. We fade out momentarily, before fading back into a fresh shot, this time of Burke as he relaxes inside his “studio”, which is really little more than his living room, as he sits sipping from a glass of champagne, before a roaring fire.

Burke: So then, it seems that, in the last few weeks, things have been changing around here, does it not? First, WFW: The New Era ceased operations and instead morphed into The New Era of Wrestling. Then, my match for the upcoming Destrucity II event has been changed. No longer am I merely facing the Greenhorn, Jeff Jorgenson, in a match of little consequence, now, we have been joined by the bland and flaccid Mr. Entertainment - a paradox if there ever were one - with the winner earning themselves a shot at the New Era’s Television Championship.

And I must admit, that news makes me smile. You see, growing up as a wee lad, I used to watch Saturday Night Wrestling. And every Saturday night I used to wait for that Television Championship to be defended I used to watch with awe as wrestlers did everything they could to take that championship for themselves, confined within the shot, ten minute time limit. I used to love watching some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, worm their way to a successful defence. I used to love seeing the fresh-faced youngsters who played by the rules beating all the odds, by not just beating the champion, but the time limit.

In some ways, you could say the Television Championship, and it’s original concept, helped me fall in love with the sport of professional wrestling. And I’ve decided, that, after I defeat Jorgenson, after I beat Mr. Entertainment, and go on to become the next World Television Champion, that I’m going to inject the New Era of Wrestling, with a dose of tradition, with a dose of history, with a dose, of the Old School.

‘Cause you see, I’m going to defend that title, on my rules. I’m going to defend that title, like it would’ve been defended, back in the glory days of wrestling, before over the top ultra-violence became the accepted norm. I’m gonna make that belt mean something once again.

But, don’t think I’m looking past Destrucity II this coming weekend, oh no. Jorgenson and Mr. Entertainment, don’t think that I’m taking you lightly. I wouldn’t do that, because you see, unlike the poor soul who I so easily despatched on Raucous, I expect somewhat of a challenge from the two of you.

Now, Jorgenson, I know that you fear me. I can hear it in your voice - I can see it in your eyes. And that’s only natural, Jorgenson, because we as human beings, fear that, which we don’t know. You wanna spend your time watching the tapes, watching the matches, breaking the law by downloading torrents of me off the internet, and that, Jorgenson, shows me, that you are weak. That shows me that you have so little confidence in yourself, that you can’t work on the fly.

Well kiddo, working on the fly is what I do best. I don’t approach a match with a game-plan, other than to win. I exploit the weaknesses that I’m shown once I step through those ropes, but, for once, it seems a weakness has been given away before I’ve even stepped into the ring. You’re the kind who is easily manipulated, son. And trust me, that ain’t gonna be good for you come Destrucity.

And as for you, Mr. Entertainment - can I just ask you, what exactly is it, that makes you so gosh darn entertaining? I’ve been so entertained and enthralled by everything that I’ve ever seen you do that, well… I just can’t remember any of it! What a true entertainer you must be, to manage to make absolutely no impression on your fellow wrestlers, and, one can only assume, every fan sitting in the stands.

But, it’s okay, kiddo. I’ll make you entertaining. I’ll make you look great, only to snatch it all away from you at will, and take my rightful place, as the new Number 1 Contender, for the New Era Television Championship. It’s time that the New Era got a taste of the Old School, and personally, I think that’s something everyone can get behind.

Fade out, faster than the career of a Jersey Shore cast member.


New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN. The scene is a hotel room. The camera, with the date-stamp 01-25-2010, is low to the ground, and the picture and sound quality relatively poor, like you would see on an undercover show. Standing in a towel, his back to the camera, is New ERA of Wrestling’s own Mr. Entertainment. He’s talking on the phone, so we can only hear half of the conversation, which has only just started]

ME: Mm-ello? Yeah, speaking.

What? HAL’s gone? What’d tha’ clown do now?

No real reason? ‘Kay, wha’s the… ooooh! Well, tha’ makes sense.

Come again? Triple threat?

HAL ain’t tha’ good! I mean, jeez, if it was a world champ who’d done a runner than I’d expect two guys drafted in as space fillers but HAL? He didn’t do a damn thing in two thousand seven an’ he’s less relevant now! Why the…

Oh, I see. Yeah, I understand. Asses on seats. Well, send the revised sheet over an’ I’ll look it over.

[CUTTO: A CCTV-style camera at the gym, date-stamp 01-27-2010 (timestamp 07:36). Several people are using weight machines, free-weights, cardio machines, the usual things you would expect in a gym. Over in the corner using the kick-bag is Mr. Entertainment, executing some very precise techniques and setting the bag swinging through the impact

CUTTO: A day-to-day event in the life of a famous professional wrestler; the autograph session. Once again the camera is a CCTV one (date-stamp 01-27-2010, timestamp 14:32), with some sounds audible. We can hear the general milling around of customers, and see a few pixelated faces behind the signing desk. One face isn’t pixellated, Mr. Entertainment’s, and it’s him we focus our attention on]

Fan#1: [speaking with a thick and heavy surfer-dude accent] Hey, Mister Entertainment, my ma~n! How’s it hangin’, dude?

ME: Cool, cool. Just shootin’ the breeze with all the faithful. What’s yer name?

Fan#1: I’m Buster, my friends just called be Bud.

ME: [signing a photo] Yeah?

Bud: Yeah, because, like, I got totally buzzed on these bottles when I was, like, at my fifth birthday party and I totally puked up everywhere, it was gnarly.

ME: I guess ya got the bottles from the liquor cabinet?

Bud: Hey, man, that was not my fault! My pop said I could grab some bottles, he didn’t say I couldn’t go in that cabinet and I’d like seen him grab from there and he always looked fine afterwards, happy even like if he was pissed off with mom or his boss he’d go to that cabinet and end up all “woo” and happy and stuff.

ME: Magic cabinet, huh? Well, nice meetin’ ya, Bud, don’t drink an’ drive an’ I’ll see ya ‘round.

Bud: Cool, dude, cool. Hey, dude, good luck at Destrucity, I’ll be rooting for ya from the bar with ice cold me in my hand. [he laughs that annoying laugh someone does when they’re laughing at their own atrocious joke]

ME: Thanks. Next!

Fan#2: [father with child] Hi, it’s for my son, Jonathan.

ME: Oh, like Marx? [the little boy nods] How old are you, son?

Jonathan: [bashfully clinging to dad] Five.

ME: So I guess you didn’t see it when I beat Marx back in oh-seven? Ya know, if yer dad’ll let ya, ya should check it out, it was a great match.

Dad: Oh, was that on RAUCOUS?

ME: Yeah. Ya know, when Johnny-boy was World Champ, an’ I beat him.

Jonathan: You beat Jonathan Marx?

ME: Yeah! Back when I was the TV champ. It’s why I created the World Heavyweight Actually Held Actually Defended Television Title, which I never lost!

Jonathan: Wow!

ME: Actually [He reaches under the desk to a bag, rummaging through and pulling out a weird combination-belt – half New ERA World Heavyweight and half New ERA TV title] How abou’ a picture, you with the greatest belt in New ERA history?

[Jonathan looks at his dad, then at Mr. Entertainment, then back at his dad who’s nodding and reaching for his camera. Jonathan takes hold of the belt as Mr. Entertainment lifts him onto his shoulder like a champion. A few cameras flash.

CUTTO: A quiet café-bar. This time the camera’s closer to actual broadcast quality, although it’s still not what we’d expect. Date-stamp: 01-30-2010, timestamp: 10:02. Mr. Entertainment is sitting at a table next to the wall, while across from him is an unnamed young interviewer – from the looks of the setup, Mr. Entertainment has granted a student TV station an interview. We’ve joined the interview shortly after the opening, but not soon enough to know what the station is]

Student: OK. So, you’ve had a few days since you found out your match had changed, is there any news on HAL?

ME: Not that I’ve heard. I mean sure there’re rumours – his mom got tired of him livin’ in her basement, he got abducted by Ceiling Cat, or he actually realised he ain’t cut out fer life in this business, but just rumours. Fer all I know he coulda had a meetin’ with the owners an’ puked on the secretary’s shoes!

Student: But it’s put you in a difficult situation, hasn’t it? A triple threat match?

ME: Nah. A triple threat just means ya’ve gotta knock two guys out instead o’ one. Yeah someone could get lucky an’ pick up the win without ME

Mister Entertainment

Even bein’ in the ring but ya know what? It ain’t anythin’ I ain’t already dealt with.

Student: Your triple threat success isn’t brilliant though.

ME: So beatin’ world title contenders ain’t brilliant? I’m kiddin’. I know tha’ I’ve won some an’ lost some, but that’s the name o’ the game. Not winnin’ an’ losin’, but ENTERTAINING the fans! Ya think ANYBODY wants ta watch one guy steamroll the entire roster, win each an’ every match, comfortably might I add? No. That gets so damn dull ya’d think ya were watchin’ Jeff Jorgenson or Karl Brown.

Student: But isn’t it the job of a wrestler to win?

ME: Tha’s part o’ it. But the main thing? Is to ENTERTAIN people. That’s why things like Sumo wrestlin’ doesn’t get a big audience over here, the folks at home think it’s boring. That’s why New ERA of Wrestling is one of the highest rated shows on TV today – because it’s ENTERTAINING, an’ nobody – and I mean nobody – understands ENTERTAINMENT better than ME.

Mister Entertainment.

Student: Some of your opponents disagree.

ME: Have ya looked at some of the guys on the roster? Physical specimens, great physiques, but come on – there’s road-kill with more intelligence! But I can’t really say I’m surprised, some people have a knack fer entertaining people, same as some people have a knack fer particle physics. Ya wouldn’t expect John Doe or Erik Black ta discover a cure fer cancer or a way ta travel at the speed o’ light but ya would expect them ta know how ta lace up a pair o’ wrestling boots.

Though with John ya do have ta wonder.

Student: OK, but… what would you say to people who say you’re just annoying? I don’t think you are but it’s something I’ve seen said about you.

ME: I’m ME.

Mister Entertainment.

The guy who builds drama, gives ya a thrill ride an’ knows just when ta pull the trigger. An’ I know it! Of course some losers are gonna find tha’ irritatin’ or annoyin’ or arrogant. They’ll find it arrogant tha’ I ain’t found the time ta give a crap abou’ Jorgenson an’ Burke’s TV appearances this week! They probably think I’m some arrogant prick who’s gonna get wha’s comin’ to him.

An’ ya wanna know somethin’? I want the folks ta think someone’s gonna shut my mouth. I want folks ta be hungry ta see ME

Mister Entertainment

The greatest professional wrestler an’ entertainer on the PLANET

Be forced ta eat his words, get his ass kicked an’ be put out ta pasture. I THRIVE on tha’ simple plot premise. I know how damn good I am, the folks at home have seen it, but they want ta see the best be humble. Have this whole pseudo-moralistic angle. An’ that ain’t ME

Mister Entertainment.

I’m loud. I have opinions and I damn well tell ya what they are. An’ I know that there is nobody on the New ERA roster who one on one, at their best, is better than I am.

Student: What about Jorgenson?

ME: What about him? He got lucky in the Christmas Lot Brawl an’ his luck carried through. If he pins my shoulders to the mat without any help from Burke, then maybe he’ll have somethin’ ta crow abou’.

Student: So you think you’re going to win?

ME: Think? No. I know I’m gonna win. Whether it’s HAL, Jeff, Steve, Cameron, John, Paul, Ringo, George, or Jambo the one eyed mute gorilla, I’m gonna win. With the lights shinin’, the sound o’ the fans, the big stage… how can I lose?

Student: Didn’t Galbraith say there’re two types of people who make predictions – those that don’t know and those that don’t know they don’t know?

ME: Ya ain’t The Dragon in disguise are ya? I mean sure I’m beating him the same day I beat Jeff an’ Steve but jesus you sounded almost as boring as him.

Listen, it’s good ya can quote someone. But quotes are fer people who don’t have the intelligence ta make a point their own way. Using a quote ta back up an argument is about as impressive as goin’ on an’ on about where ya trained ta be a professional wrestler. Not at all.

Student: Sorry. Now, I wanted to ask, with your schedule these days, how do you keep in shape?

ME: Ya mean with my drivin’ across the country, doin’ autograph sessions, interviews, my voice-acting, an’ all around greatness? I find the time. A true ENTERTAINER, a true professional knows how far they can go before they need ta rest, an’ they know how ta keep in shape.

Student: OK. You’ve made a few comments about Destrucity, but is there anything else you want to say before we move on?

ME: Abou’ Jeff “Doesn’t Deserve It” Jorgenson an’ Steve “Deserves It Even Less” Burke an’ how they somehow get booked ta fight fer a TV Title shot against ME

Mister Entertainment?

Let them come back in a few months when they’ve actually done somethin’ because until then, there are loads of guys on the roster more deservin’ o’ that chance.

Student: Like who?

ME: Jason Payne, Trevor Cane, John Doe, Shawn Hart when he loses ta Peter File, an’ Cammy when he loses ta ME.

Mister Entertainment

An’ I take back the greatest title in this business.

[The interviewer continues, but we FADE OUT – as we notice a target fading in over Mr. Entertainment]


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Jun 22, 2009
(A Daily Motion video loads as we see Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson in front of his webcam ready to record. He seems less calm than usual. The usual glow of the computer screen fills the room as he speaks.)

Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson: The silence is broken. I'm glad it has been as well, you feel like a bit of a fool when you are the only one talking. Of course, and I think many of the fans will agree, sometimes silence from Mr. Entertainment is a good thing! I don't know if its an accent or what, but the way that guy talks is like nails on a chalkboard.

But, as a wrestler I know a thing or two about pain. And I know a thing or two about people who play little games like Mr. Entertainment. Cocky no matter what happens, and willing to deny anything in the face of overwhelming evidence. He's like those people who think we didn't go to the moon. If he loses? Bad Luck! If he loses twice in a row, SUPER BAD LUCK!

There is a two word explanation for why you've lost to me twice, Mr. Entertainment. It isn't "Bad luck" it is "hard work."

But this is the week of strange statements. Mr. Burke, another strange bedfellow is claiming I'm afraid of him. That he can see it in my eyes. Well, I'm glad that with the weak resolution of this web cam and the low quality of these youtube videos that you can even see what is in my eyes! If I have put in the work needed to get my shot at the TV Title, and managed to win that, then I think I can upgrade. But for now, it is a low tech operation here. Made even more low tech by whoever it was that got my account banned from youtube! I have a feeling it was one of my old foes from the independent days. Bitterness and hard feelings are one of the negatives of this great sport and sadly are one of the things you'll commonly come across.

As is delusion and ignorance. Steve Burke, I have no idea why you would think I am afraid of you. Do I respect my opponents? Of course. I understand how hard it is to rise up through the ranks to get to a great company like this. I understand that it is even harder to rise up the ranks within this company and get in line for a chance to win the Television Championship.

But fearing a man I said I knew nothing about? What put that fear in my eyes? Your name? Your nick name? There are plenty of people who claim to be "Old School" Mr. Burke. There are Old School Video Gamers. Am I afraid of someone who has a hard on for pong?

There are Old School Pin Up Models. I'm not sure if women who look like they stepped out of the 1950s are frightening either.

And then there are people who think the 1980s is old school. Instead of hitting the gym you decided you needed a failed relic of the automotive industry. You talk about the way the Television Championship was defended, but do you even know? Do you know anything about the good old days other than what you read about them on the internet? Because I worked up through this business the way it has been done for years. I won my matches, I went from town to town and I got noticed. I went from no stage at all to the small stage and now I am here in the New ERA a stage bigger than I could have hoped for. But I see someone who instead of working decided he'd get a wacky car and a wacky attitude and try to make up for his lack of dedication with antics.

Just like Mr. Entertainment.

But I'm sick of seeing this and I think the fans are too. I hate speaking for people, but I think the fans want to see someone who respects this business, not someone who just wants to be an entertainer. Shouldn't you have been on the Grammy Awards instead of Destrucity II? Shouldn't you be at a classic car show being laughed at by the people with the real classics. Even the 90 year old blowing the horn that goes "A-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA" will giggle at you!

But in a wrestling event? What will any of that get you here? What will saying your opponent got lucky do when that same person who has bested you twice steps into the ring again? What will the claims that you think he's afraid do when you realize he is as hungry for the win as anyone in that ring.

Because, I'm in that ring for survival. If I don't win, I might not be a part of this new era. I might be back in the VFWs, the Knights of Columbus, and if I'm lucky the armories.

Delusions won't carry you far either. Mr. Entertainment, are you saying that now the fans want to see a loser? That they hate seeing someone win? Well, then I hope you achieve your goal and lose again! Please, go out of your way to entertain if winning isn't a part of that equation! But we all know what it is. It is an excuse. You needed an excuse for your losses. At least I hope it is an excuse, because if it isn't an excuse it is a sign that my opponent doesn't even take this seriously.

I'm not sure if that makes me angry or sad.

To see someone disrespect this sport and get to this stage angers me.

But to see someone in that ring who doesn't belong, and who doesn't care... it saddens me. Because that is how injuries happen. That is how people get their lives changed for the worse. A trained athlete against someone who just wants to goof off? Even if that trained athlete just wants to try and change the rules of a title he hasn't even earned the right to fight for, the goof is still a goof. And when the trained athlete cares about technique, conditioning and winning... well.

It isn't good news for the goof.

I'm coming into this fight focused. I've trained. I haven't let the distractions and the drama get in the way. If I have to post my videos on daily motion or viddler or whatever small little video site to get the word out I will. Hell, I'll sign up for this twitter thing and I'll twitter my butt off to let my fans know that on top of training my butt off I have not forgotten about them, my opponents or getting the word out about this New ERA!

It is time gentlemen, I hope you are ready. Because I'm ready to tear the roof off of this place and show everyone that a Greenhorn with fire in his belly is as dangerous as anybody! I am ready to show what the Hacker School of Wrestling taught me. And that while the title's I've won on the road may not have been the most recognized, that they were leading up to the day I could challenge for the Television Championship. I'm not going to worry about tweaking the rules to my advantage of a title I haven't won. I won't disrespect my opponents or the champion. I am focused on even getting the honor of being the #1 contender.

And that is that. We'll see who the better man is shortly, and we'll see if I got lucky, or if I was afraid, or if I am who I say I am. A focused competitor who loves this great sport!

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