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Jan 23, 2013
(FADEIN: on a private dressing room.

You can't really tell, but I'm telling you. It's a private room, with exactly one person in it.

Spoiler alerts?

It's actually an extra - large broom closet, but the Second Coming had asked for a private place to change her clothes after the match with Ikan Jobtayoo, which, of course, turned into an impromptu match with Johnny Dorn.

A very quick impromptu match.)

The Second Coming (V/O): "Well."

"I'd call that a successful debut, wouldn't you?"

(We're looking at a wall; dusty and well - worn, with chairs stacked next to it, tables stacked next to it, wires coiled neatly and shoved into cubby holes, etc. The full monty, so to speak.

An athletic bra is dropped almost - but not quite - out of camera view, as is a wrestling boot, followed by its partner.)

2C (V/O): "My wrestling career is still fairly new and fairly uneventful, and I'm equal parts flattered and confused by the weight my name has been given so far on the Red Line."

"Based on the timeframe, all the hype surrounding me is due to exactly one televised match. Not too much pressure now, is it?"

(One multicolored striped sock flew past the screen, followed by a second.)

2C (V/O): "But everything ended up working out for the best, for everyone except Ikan Jobtayoo. Even Johnny Dorn, coming up on the losing end of our encounter, quickly figured out that his approach to this sport is flawed. What's a good bro-ing on, in the face of a legitimate wrestler with more skills than he's got?"

(There flies the pants.)

2C (V/O): "With one victory, I've qualified for the Red Crown, for the Red Line Wrestling Championship belt. One triple threat, one tag team match, and one singles match to go and I've defined this company for all time. There could be more famous Champions, there could be better Champions, there could be more effective Champions from now until the end of time but there will only be one First Champion."

"And that's going to be me."

(She reappeared onscreen, though it was just the bare flesh from her mid - calf, past her knee, to her mid - thigh, and again, just for a few seconds.)

2C (V/O): "I can't base that on past performance, but what I can do is tell you that for the length of our careers, there is nobody in this company."

"Nobody. In this company."

"Who can ever be as dangerous as me."

(She reappeared again, wearing her hair in a long single braid, a bandanna over her mouth like a bank robber, her black hooded sweatshirt, and a knee - length black skirt. The Second Coming leaned over to get the camera, her face filling the frame for the few applicable seconds.)

2C: "The rest of the Red Line can succeed or fail according to their own talents. I'm going to succeed against them, despite them, and because of what I can do."

"And there's nobody... nobody who can stop me."


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