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A brief word from the Gent


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Lawrence Stanley sat hunched on his chair, the camera focused in on him, the scars of his war with GUNS were still evident for all to see. His lip was swollen and there was a large graze on his forehead, from the way he sat it was apparent his left shoulder was giving him pain. Not changing his body shape Stanley glanced up, he stared at the unblinking eye of the camera and met it square on, he looked at his appearance in the black mirror of the lens.)

LS: Bloodied, battered, bruised, I came off the worse in a match that was nothing less than a war with GUNS last night. The old Stanley would have sat here and worried and theorised about what transpired and how this would affect his position and standing in the CSWA, not anymore. No, whilst disappointment is being felt, along with pain, last night was a good night for “The English Gent”. Last night I re-discovered my zeal for wrestling, my desire to compete. For all but ten seconds of the match GUNS and I were inseparable, it was only a lapse by myself that let him in, and a bionic knee-lift later it was all over.

(Stanley touches his swollen lip as if to emphasise the damage done by the bionic knee-lift.)

Without wanting to cheapen GUNS’ victory last night, I can’t help but feel that if I’d been more on my game I may have saw it. That I may have sensed its use and countered it, though GUNS earned his victory last night. I just hope that he can drop his hardened and arrogant wall enough to admit that he learnt a few things about Lawrence Stanley last night. I hope he realised that I am not the pushover he seemed to think I was before we met, last night I gave as good as I got, and I had him on the rack several times.

No, last night was good for more than one reason, last night I found out what I would be doing during Fish Fund. Seemingly I have a triple threat match against Adler and Cruise for the Presidential title, I will talk more about that at the relevant time, but it pleases me non the less. It may not be the exact title I was hoping to fight for, but it is a title match all the same, and an opportunity to win gold at a prestigious event. With the six man tag match to help my warm up I am confident of doing well at Fish Fund, and hopefully, using my newly acquired gold to further my campaign for a shot at the main title in the CSWA.

I have not been as focused on my matches as I know I should have been, in doing so I have noticed that there is an edge about the CSWA that is quite refreshing. It seems that several new recruits have entered and whipped up a storm, notably Dan Ryan, whilst I question his motives I cannot help but applaud his ambition and desire to succeed. Let it be known that should he in any way try and interfere with my business, then I shall return him to the tin-pot federation he came from in pieces. For as far as I can remember I have been saying it is Lawrence Stanley’s time, and I have yet to prove this. I have just turned thirty, the peak years for a wrestler, and if my words are to ring true I must start putting them into actions. I have been around long enough now to be able to maintain a focus on the biggest prize here, several wrestlers have jumped ahead of me and I cannot allow this to continue. This will be the time for the Gent, and woe betide anyone who defies me, until next time, I bid you a good day.

(Fade to black.)

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