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Akita & The Black Death Devil MastR


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
I was reading the the Irishred/Akita The Ventriloquist Telepath-from Juneau, Alaska

My god that name is addictive. You actually have to always say the whole name in order order for it to be funny. Its like saying...

A Tribe Called Quest


A Pimp Named Slickback (Boondocks reference)

It was a good little rp session from Irishred being all series sounding like he is so SHOOTIN on EPW and Dan Ryan. Being all serious, and then you have Akita The Ventriloquist Telepath from Juneau Alaska reply and it was so short but so funny.

It made me think of another awesome joke/jobber character that I really miss.


Evan Aho was a god amoungst efedding insects and he had created this totally fun, joke character...a total change from his totally awesome Evan Aho character who was a long reigning EWI world heavyweight champion and held that title for a long ass time.

Many GXW allumni will remember The BDDM back in the early days of the GXW (at the beginning of the merger with EWI and Nthwa)

True memories

That is why I say we begin a petition to bring back The Black Death Devil MastR....and other characters that were like him...but mainly him. Find Evan's email address and see if we can get permission to use The Black Devil in EPW or in FWC. I don't care. I just want to see HIM once again.


So who's with me. Reply below.

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