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America! How's OnLive?

Paddy McDowell

League Member
Apr 4, 2010
The Land Down Under
I heard you Americans have OnLive. Also, I heard that the UK's getting it too. What I also hear, that since our internet connection here in Australia in run by Koalas, we won't get it. So... how's it like? *cough* lucky bastards

I'm not sold honestly. It's like iTunes, since there's no actual hardware, everything could be wiped off instantly, all it would take would be the simplest of errors.

If you live under a rock or don't read game informer... http://www.onlive.com/

I like the arena though... something else I hate... no Infinity Ward and no Bungie...

So, I've been kinda yo-yoish in this post, voice your opinion.


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
I haven't heard of OnLive, but I have helped someone setup SpawnLabs, which I believe is a similar service. Remote streaming of your video game devices, right? Although this seems to not be hardware-based.

In my experience, it's alright, not great. Most people don't have the Internet speeds on either end to really be able to effectively stream live HD-quality video/input service. Even if all of the services are hosted there, it is extremely difficult to maintain a connection that fast. I generally don't have very high expectations because people are so used to very high performance out of their game machines, and that same level of performance over an Internet connection is going to be an ongoing challenge.

Should be interesting, though, I'll let you know if I hear anything.

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