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[Angle Fed] No Brand Wrestling: Looking for talent


New member
Jun 17, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
No Brand Wrestling is an e-federation based out of St. Louis, MO. Active since Late 2004, that's just over 6 years now. We promise to bring the very best in E-Wrestling Entertainment to you. No Brand Wrestling is all about bringing originality and actual wrestling back inside of the ring. This company will be known for its attitude and individuality. NBW is a created character style, no real-wrestlers or copies like Undertaker's twin or Stonecold Dave Boston.

What kind of fed is the nBW? We are an angle fed. Angles play a major part in day to day operations. The storylines decide who wins and loses, and this is up to you as the handler. Roleplaying is more than welcome and even encouraged however there is no judging on these. RP's will have no impact on your push as your push is determined by your stories and overall appeal. We like to see RP's more for direction and depth of the characters.

Who runs the nBW? Dusty Shull (handler of Spike Saunders) owns and operates nBW. He pays the bills, designed and maintains the website, and does the artwork.

How is the OOC Atmosphere? We're all adults, or act as adults. There is no fighting or bickering over who wins and loses. We're all in this hobby to write and do what we enjoy. To put work out there that rivals what we see on TV. To paraphrase WWE, it's your universe, so come on make sure you enjoy it!

What we are looking for:

1. Faces
2. Tweeners
3. Heels
4. Female handlers/wrestlers
5. Heavyweights
6. Middleweights
7. Cruiserweights
8. MMA based fighters
9. Former handlers of TheFightingZone (tFZ)

Active Championship
1. nBW World Heavyweight Championship
2. nBW Keystone Championship
3. nBW Dynasty Tag Team Championships
4. The Fighting Zone Championship

So if you’re interested in joining No Brand Wrestling, please visit No Brand Wrestling’s website. We are proud to be one of the most action pack and most successful e-wrestling federations out there. We will have a more open application process. Applications will be posted on our own message board forum, for all to see and will be voted upon by the committee.

You can Apply here: http://thenbw.com/2010/tryout.shtml

Handler Name:
Email Address:
Other Ew Characters:
Other Efeds:
Character Name:
Style of Wrestler:
In-Ring Gimmick:
Personality out-of-ring:
Type of Story you would like to run:
Specific handler to work with?:
Sample Segment and/or Match:

Sample Segment:

As part of an Angle fed, you get your character over by your segment work and matches. These are your two tools in your arsenal to show NBW's staff that you bring something new to the federation. We're not picky on writing style. We're open to new ideas. The only thing we request not be done for segments and matches is line by line script style matches and segments. Example: First lines are the scenery then line five starts out as: WrestlerA: I rule. And then line seven is some more scenery/action, which leads to Line Nine's: WrestleA: I still rule. We just don't want that type of writing as it convolutes the matches and segments on the rest of the show. What we really want? We LOVE novel style writers. If you like to write in paragraph form and have a knack for telling the story in writing, by all means APPLY!
Also just to note, Matches do not have to have announcers call the match; they can be vocal, or not.

If it sounds great to you, please by all means fill out the application here: http://thenbw.com/2010/tryout.shtml
nBW: http://thenbw.com/2010/index.shtml

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