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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Unexpected things are sometimes expected all along.

When you're a 12 year old kid buying a ticket to a wrestling show in a broken down old warehouse, you never really expect it to turn into much, especially not a career. Yeah, you were there that first night, and a plethora of other nights since that day back in '88. But, you never really believed that one day, you'd end up on the other side, with some 12 year old kid watching you from a second row seat.

No, you wanted to make your mark elsewhere. The NFL came calling right out of college and you picked up in a flash. Made a hell of an impact, too.

Funny how fate often makes it's own decisions.

You'll always remember the end. It was a routine play, same as most others, but that Veterans Stadium turf had a way of turning the routine into the unimaginable. You weren't the first, or the last, to feel the wrath of the green-tinged concrete, but you didn't care about who else had taken the plunge. It was over, all in one swift, inglorious proceeding.

You moved on, tried to make a living off of your college education. TV wasn't the right place. You thought being near the competition would help you heal. It only made you starve for what you had lost. Then, a chance meeting, and everything changed.

You never knew your college roommate was the illegitimate son of a tri-continental wrestling star. You weren't healed enough to ever get back on the gridiron, but you decided to give the squared circle a try. Hell, you had been obsessed since before you'd ever put on a football helmet. So you got trained up and bounced around the indies for a couple years, making somewhat of a name for yourself. Then, GXW came calling, and you hit it big.

Little did you know that Hell was just around the corner.

When you got the call that night in Edinburgh, telling you that the man who raised you and the woman you loved had been murdered, you almost jumped out of the hotel window. There was nothing left. So, you collapsed into yourself for four and a half months, too battered physically to get in the ring, too scarred emothionally to do anything else.

But, all you had left was the ring. So you came back, more dedicated than ever. You returned to GXW, signed on with EPW and NEW for a good amount of money. But, something was still missing. It was that dream of the 12 year old kid to be in that ring in that tiny Greensboro warehouse, now the sparkling jewel of the industry.

Then, they came calling. You couldn't resist. This was the dream, to be here. But now, the dreams have changed. It's not about just being there. It's about showing everyone who doubted you that you had the goods all along. It's not about being with the best, it's about being the best. Merritt put out the call for "new blood", and while you may have worshipped the old guard, you'll do everything in your ability to show just why CSWA's newest class is the best ever.

It's time to fulfill the new dreams, and break the dreams of others.

This ain't the end of the road, it's only the beginning.

Troy Douglas pulls his new Chrysler Crossfire up to the Cricket Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. He gets out, wearing a pair of faded jeans, a dark blue button down shirt, his favorite old tan leather jacket, and a pair of sunglasses. He pulls the glasses off and smiles politely at the camera.


"Let's make this happen. You want 'new blood'? I'll be happy to take the shot. But understand that I'm not just happy to be around. This is MY turn, and I plan on being a major player for a long time. Fifteen years I've waited, and I plan on cashing in."

"My journey has just begun. I'll see ya at the end of the road."


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