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"Behind the scenes of Aggression 33"


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Jan 1, 2000
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OOC Note: The following rp/segment/brawl has been approved by both Ryan Strawsma and Dave Brunk to use the character of Olvir Arsvinnar in the following which takes place following the Nakita/Olvir match on Aggression 33. Hope you all enjoy.)


Nakita Dahaka vs. Olvir Arsvinnar

This match was…interesting…to say the least.

(Olvir Arsvinnar had already made his way down to the ring looking all menacing and mean getting some great heel heat from the Tuscan crowd. He responded by trying to mack on some local Tuscan girls in the front row and then berated the town crowd daring a few of the men to try and hop the ring barricade and attack him but security refused to let them cross.)

(This then changed as "Gently" by Slipknot queued up over the loud speakers as "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka made her way down the ramp in her usual in-ring pre-match introductions. Interesting enough, the Tuscan crowd gave a very supportive and uncharacteristic pop directed at the Harbenger of Fate. The commentators made reference and reminded the fans that Nakita is from Phoenix and she is in her home state of Arizona in what appears to be quite the homecoming for her. Maybe they were cheering for Nakita by default because of who she was fighting or maybe it is showing that she has indeed quite the growing little fan base. It wasn't deafening by any means but very supportive and somewhat emotional for Nakita as she nearly almost broke character on a couple of occasions but managed to maintain her focus and composure.)

(As the match got underway, a couple of chants broke out on behalf of Nakita Dahaka from the Tuscan crowd.)

WELCOME HOME *Clap...Clap...Clap...Clap...Clap* WELCOME HOME *Clap...Clap...Clap...Clap...Clap*


(Dahaka used a variety of attacks to try and wear down the mighty Viking, but ended up spending most of the match following Olvir around the ring as he posed and blew his Viking horn at random intervals. Frustrated at his strategy, or complete lack thereof, or indeed…complete lack of even acknowledging a match was taking place, Dahaka left the ring and returned with a steel chair, which she firmly planted over Olvir’s head.)

(This however seemed to excite the Viking, and he turned and simply bellowed in her direction. Dahaka, taken aback, slapped him across the face. Olvir smiled and scooped her up, climbing with her through the ropes and, as she fought back carried her up the ramp and through the curtain to um…parts unknown?)

Result: Double Countout

(As Olvir honeymoon carried an unconscious Nakita up the ramp and to the back. An enraged Tuscan crowd began chanting at the finish of the match meaning that they want to see more of their local home state hero.)


(Aggression cuts to commercial as they prepare for the next upcoming match on the card.)

(Coming back commercial, they show what went on DURING THE BREAK backstage as we see Olvir carrying Nakita Dahaka off in his arms to do whatever he wants hoping to have his way with the Dark Phenom humming a all-too-familar tune out loud. They respond accordingly in response of both Nakita and Olvir both.)

Olvir Arsvinnar: BOW-CHIK-A-BOW...(Suddenly he stops dead in his tracks with a confused look on his face.)...WOW, what comes after BOW? Oh yeah, BOW-CHIK-A-BOW-WOW...BOW-CHIK-A-BOW-WOW!

(As Olvir continues down the hallway with Nakita in his arms resuming his singing to her. Suddenly she comes to in his. Looking around, trying to get her barrings. She finds out where she is trapped in Olvir's massive Viking arms. She then immediately reacts by raining back elbows simultaneously one right after the other right into the side of Arsvinnar's head trying to get him to break free of her fired off in rapid succession.)


(Nakita's elbows stagger the big man...just barely temporarily stunning him into dropping her but he is still very much on his feet trying to regain his own barrings. Nakita lands hard on her butt, but immediately jumps back up to her feet right next Olivr. She hooks the side of the big man and takes him down with a quick whipping Russian leg sweep right on the concrete. Olivr immediatly sits up no-selling what happened. Nakita responds by quickly back peddling up the hall for a little running start and takes off at full speed and then nails Olvir with a running front dropkick right in the teeth knocking him back down onto his back. Once again, Olvir sits up. Nakita, who is now behind Olvir now, runs back toward him and nails Olvir with snap mare that actually makes the crowd respond over the sheer whiplash of how Arsvinnar's head bounces forward and then back onto his back with such an almost velocity that most humans shouldn't be able to do. Again Olvir sits up looking like he wants more from The Dark Phenom.)

(Nakita again wastes no time and responds with a huge running right in Olvir's face back down, and again he pops right back up to a sitting position. Nakita looks like she is giving up and appears to be walking down the hallway. Just as she turns around, The Viking monster begins making it back up to his feet and does. When he turns around toward the direction of where Nakita was walking...


(All of a sudden, out of the blue, all we see is not even a person but what appeared to be the quick black streak of a wrestling boot hook and nail Arsvinnar right underneath the chin as The Harbenger of Fate faked us all out and creamed him with a fast nasty super kick right on the button taking the big man back down. Again he sits back up wanting more.)

(Nakita does a pouncing like tackle getting straddling on top of Arsvinnar almost borderline seductively getting in his face screaming at the top of her lungs and spitting in his face.)

Nakita Dahaka: YOU WANT MORE OF ME?!?!?!?! YOU WANT MORE OF ME!?!?!?!?!? YOU GOT IT!?!?!?!?!

(Nakita leaps off of Arsvinnar and backs up. She actually whips off removing her trademark padded fingerless gloves and unwraps the white tape underneath as fast as she can humanly possibly get them off then drops down into a spear head tackle position urging and ordering Olvir to get back up to his feet.)

Nakita: GET UP B(FCC beep)tch! GET UP!

(Just as Olvir willingly takes the bait and stands up to his feet at Nakita's order, she takes off running and takes him off with a nasty crushing spear right in Arsvinnar's midsection taking the breath out of him. Nakita doesn't let up as she remains on top of him and begins raining down a brutal combination of punches from the ground position right in the face of The Viking Sex God's face that is actually so brutal that Arsvinnar has now began bleeding from the head gushing the crimson mask. Nakita, now stained with Olvir's blood on her knuckles looks like a woman possessed. She almost appears like she herself is getting off at the sight with an almost near orgasmic like euphoric look in her green eyes. She finally looks like she wants to end it all and put Olvir away once and for all.)

(Nakita grabs Olvir's head and runs up the nearest wall, going vertical as she uses her feet and pushes off the wall flipping in the air while still holding his head until she lands on her feet with Olvir locked in a standing dragon sleeper or what we all know her trademark finisher move "The Dragon Snap". Nakita then falls backwards on her hips while still holding on the dragon sleeper and locks on body sissior with her legs around Olvir's waist and proceeds to squeeze the very life out of him.)

(In what seems like an eternity, still Olvir never relents no matter how hard Nakita tightens the pressure on her hold. The blood continues to pour from his wounds on his head. Nakita almost has a that look in her green eyes of a woman truly possessed by...well...something. Olvir struggles more and more and then little by little it becomes less and less until finally he stops as he passes out in her arms. Nakita releases the hold and gets up, but then turns back around and leans in closely on the now unconscious Arsvinnar.)

Nakita: So it is said. Let it be known. So it HAS come to pass. IT IS...(She looks his blood on her hands and then at his face falling down on the concrete. She smiles gleefully)...WRITTEN. Another chapter according to My Gospel...B(FCC Beep)tch!

(Nakita turns around and walks of down the hall away from the bloody mess of Olvir Arsvinnar. Once she is out of sight. The camera moves in for a close up on the bloody viking, and then almost as fast as he can he sits up glaring in the direction where Nakita just walked off to. Blood falling down his face, he slowly licks his upper lip slowly. His eyes burn with a fire as she smiles and laughs.)

Olvir Arsvinnar: Hmmmmmmmmm...Feisty little one ain't you? Olvir likes it rough.

(Olvir stands back up to his feet, still bleeding but not as affected as we all thought considering everything The Dark Phenom did to him, as she walks down the hallway in the direction where Nakita had went. The scene fades out.)

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