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Brand New Day


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Turn the clock to zero...."

Fade into the inside of an airport terminal. In a corner of the main seating area, several rows of seats are roped off and Dan Ryan is in the far corner seat...back against the window, dark sunglasses over his eyes....black leather jacket covering a blue t-shirt underneath....blue jeans on with a pair of hiking boots resting on the floor. Noticing the camera light on, he smirks....

Ryan: "I think it's safe to say there were a hell of a lot of surprised old timers in the CSWA the other night...."

"It's funny, 'cuz all I heard on the way to Battle of the Belts was that I talked a good game but that I hadn't done a damn thing to back it up. Almost like clockwork, the roaches crawled out from under the corners of this company and ran their smack about my....lack of an impressive showing thus far."

"I told every last one of you what I wanted.....what I planned to do....and I went out and did it. Bottom line, that's all that matters."

"For a long time, after I signed on the dotted line to work here I was weighted down fighting for....or seemingly fighting for....a cause I didn't give two goddamns about. I said loud and clear from day one what I was here to do. But I was pigeonholed as just another GXW 'invader'....talentless....running my mouth."

"I allowed myself to be made weak for a long time, but no longer. There are no more games...no secrets. I've made it perfectly clear what I'm here to do. I have no more time to waste on the nonsense of pointless crusades and half-hearted invasions."

"Mike....that's just the way things are. Let me lay things out for you. I made a deal with you to help you out. You had a problem with the fans around here....hey, no problem. But just so you know.....my goals come first.....they always will. If your goals don't line up with mine...you've got to go."

"The other thing you need to realize is that I actually do happen to have a few friends in this business outside of the ring. One of those friends happens to be Sean Stevens."

"It's a strange dynamic, I know. Sean was one of the first people Merritt threw in front of me when I first appeared. He hated me...for what he thought was good reason...."


"But it's funny how time changes matters."

"The booking around here slowed down for a long time late last year. And during that time I spent quite a bit of time wrestling for the now-defunct Superior Championship Wrestling. Another man keeping busy over there was.....Sean Stevens...."

"Circumstances brought us together....and the rest is history. I can't say Ivy was too receptive to the idea at first...."

small chuckle...

"To make a long story short, my goals and my friends come before you...."

"I guess your invasion force is down to just you..."

"Now then, I heard a nasty little rumor after the show. I heard that Craig Miles went on a bit of a rampage in his dressing room."


"So Craig....you've taken to beating up lockers and setting dressing rooms on fire."

"Interesting strategy, saving the anger and violence for after the match. Lucky the lockers don't fight back, eh? They might throw a mean punch back atcha. I know how well you deal with 'em."

"So we have our little match at Primetime. That's gotta be a hell of a bitch for you, hmm? You had just about as poor of a pay-per-view showing as a man can have, and now you have to step in the ring with me....a man you attempted to talk down to....a man who you tried, in all of your unoriginal glory....to dismiss as a big talker with nothing to show for it....a man who came out of the night as the hottest up and comer in the company."

"I know, I know. All of the little Intruders goals were met. GUNS made sure we all knew that little tidbit. But those weren't your goals, were they? They were his. And all that you and the rest of the world see is your partner wearing two big ol' gold straps...and the stars swimming around in your head after Shane Southern put your lights out."

"Life sucks when you lose out on your big shot at glory...........and it sucks even more when you get exposed as the weak link in the chain."

"Don't worry, man. There are still people out there....somewhere...who still place value in the tag belts. There are still people out there who DON'T see you as just another tag wrestler....tagging along behind the stars of this industry like the little dog on the Kibbles 'N Bits commercial....jumping up and down yapping 'What are we gonna do today? Huh? Huh? What are we gonna do today? Huh? Huh, GUNS? Huh?' But I guess they've gotta let you out of the doghouse and off the leash for one more show....just to make sure I have somethin' to do."

"I don't know, Milesfield. It seems to me like you're gettin' the short ass end of the stick. While Eddie MayCraig goes on to bigger and better things in singles competition....you get....me."

"Now, I may not dangle a cigarette from my mouth in an attempt to seem cool. I may not light my dressing rooms on fire in an attempt to seem dangerous and out of control. But what I DO happen to do....is go into that ring and put people out of commission."

"So yeah...sucks for you, man. You're the scourge of lockers everywhere. Unfortunately....I'm not a locker."

"Back to the doghouse, fido."



Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: PT backdrop...'COCKY' CRAIG MILES golf-clapping, wearing no shirt, no shoes, no sunglasses and black leather pants. His hair is all out of whack, and he looks like he's been on the bad end of a bar brawl - bruises everywhere.)

MILES: "Well done, well done Danny Boy! Everyone raise their glass to the new toast of the town, Mister Dan Ryan!"

(CUEUP: Canned glass clinking and Cheers! MILES takes the moment to light up a cigarette for himself...)

MILES: "After all, I really cared to hear your life story there Dan. Really, I care about why you're here, why I'm here, why the universe is aligned and now that you've broken up with your girlfriend Plett, or was it Sean? Whatever, you've found your happy place. Bravo. Bravo."

(MILES rolls his eyes and blows out some smoke...)

MILES: "Well, the dream's over Ryan. You managed to sneak in under the radar and pull the rug out from everyone for a moment - a BRIEF moment. It's alot different when eyes are on you, instead of watching you from the side. While you've been sticking your di(BLEEP!) in Sight's ass - I wasn't watching, sorry. I've had other problems, if you will. You see, while you call it destroying a locker room - EYE call it a revelation. Unfortunately, that means the bright burgeoning star known as Dan Ryan...you know the guy all the writers are raving about THIS week...well, he's about to walk straight into a SUPER NOVA."

(MILES grins evily, inhales and blows out a smoke ring...)

MILES: "My revelation is similar to something you've said, just not in your best interests Danny Boy. I'm not going to lie - Shane Southern did come off better than I wanted him to. Keep in mind, I didn't want him to be able to WALK. Somewhere I FU(BLEEP!)ed up and only when I went ballistic in that locker room did I understand why."

(MILES takes a drag and flicks his cigarette away...)

"You can think all you want on WHO you think I am, or what you think I'm going to say. You can say all you will about how I feel or what I think. Fact of the matter is, Dan...NOBODY knows. I'm changing the game at Primetime. I'm upping the ante. This league has chosen to collectively jump me from behind, whether its Southern, Fandango, Cruise, Adler, WHOEVER. I've got a whole league firing at me, Danny. And at Primetime, I'm gonna FIRE BACK."



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"When at first you don't succeed, give that s**t up cuz it ain't gonna be any better the next time....."

Fade in, Primetime backdrop with a 'CSWA 15' logo in one corner. Dan Ryan, front and center.....attennnnnnnn-HUT..

Ryan: "So that's how it's gonna be this week, eh Craigfeld?"

"D**k jokes and homosexual insinuations. I actually find that hilarious. Truly I do. It's this type of witty, developed, adult conversation that I expected in this little week of hype."

"After all, you're known for your mic skills aren't ya Craigery?"

"Little goldmine comments like calling Sean or Mike my girlfriend will surely be popping up on t-shirts everywhere."

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen."

"It's pretty ridiculous really what you've sunk to. One half of the tag team champions....at one time considered a major title in the wrestling world....one of the best talkers in the game....."

"Reduced to d**k jokes."

"I'll be sure to copy some of those down....should be the hit of the local elementary schoolyard. After all, that was the last time that sort of thing was mildly amusing or insulting to me."

"But I guess you're saving the big boy voice for later..."

"Fact of the matter is....like I said before....you've been exposed. It was only a matter of time. While you talked big and got your ass handed to you, I talked big and backed the s**t up."

"If I slipped under any radar, it was only because of the lack of preparation on everybody else's part. I'm no rookie....I've been around. But someone from outside this company couldn't POSSIBLY have talent could they, MilesWard?"

shakes his head...

"Truth be told, I didn't slip under the radar at all. If that was my plan, I wouldn't have had my little verbal fun with the entire damn roster before Battle of the Belts. Tom Adler said I should shut up and take that road....I told him to kiss my ass. TRUTH BE TOLD....I was about as in your face about what I planned to do as anyone can be."

"The only thing I didn't do was make it personal. This is about my career and what I intend to get out of it. And ya know what? If I wanna lay it all out for you....why I'm here....what I'm doing....what kind of dog I have....what my favorite underoos were as a child.....you're gonna listen to every damn word I say....."


"Shane Southern didn't just come off better than you wanted him to. He embarrassed you. Deal with it. It's something that's not gonna change, no matter how many rooms you burn or how many cigarettes you light up."

"You can sit there and throw out little comments about upping the ante...you can run your little Tupac 'me against the world' crap....none of that s**t matters one damn bit. You had your chance to shine and you got it shoved back down your throat. Some of us talk the s**t and do something about it....and some of us talk it and get walked on."

"You got walked on...and you're about to get a brand new pair of footprints right on your backside."

"It's not about who's 'hotter' than you....it's about who's better than you."

"No amount of lighter fluid will change that...."



Jan 1, 1970

(FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in front of the PT backdrop...)

MILES: "You know Ryan, if your wonderfully told story about Stevens and Plett had anything to do with me, maybe I wouldn't have joked around. I'm sorry I offended you with my dick jokes, but let's face it...what else am I supposed to respond with? Oh I think it's great that your turned your back on Plett. Let me congratulate you on rectifying your broken bonds with Stevens. Let's have tea and crumpets while we're fu(BLEEP!)ing at it."

"You want to talk about how great Shane Southern did? Last I checked, he was 20 pounds lighter and destroying HIS locker room. Yeah, Ryan - as a good buddy of mine says...Rome wasn't destroyed in one day, but it WAS destroyed."

"And let's face it Danny, besides throwing a couple guys over the top rope - what the (BLEEP!) have you done around here? NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. 'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan can sure tell Craig Miles how well he's done lately, but I find it VERY amusing that we're forgetting an integral part of this match...(MILES pauses briefly) YOUR FU(BLEEP!)IN' dumb ass."

(MILES pauses and lights a cigarette)

"Am I talking to the same guy that instead of wrestling Sean Stevens, bailed the (BLEEP!) out after he got his ass kicked and took on something more his size of handling - POISON IVY. (MILES golf claps) Leave the women and children in bed 'cause DAN RYAN IS COMING!"

(MILES turns an invisible page on his invisible notepad)

"Am I talking to the same Dan Ryan that delivered his career-ending Humility Bomb on Shane Southern, only to watch him kick out and then pin him minutes later? Geez Dan, at least Shane had to take a title belt, smash it in my face THEN hook my tights to pin me. You just got your ASS handed to you straight up with no questions asked. At least I cost Shane the US Title, you handed it to him on a silver platter. But I digress...actually, wait - there's MORE."

(MILES turns another 'page,' while blowing a smoke ring...)

"Moving on, after poking fun at fellow Intruder Guns - you were promptly MASSACRED, BLOODIED and left for DEAD. Gee, Dan - are you getting this lesson yet? No? How about the next time you fought Guns? I guess you don't want to remember losing that one, either huh?"

"In fact, am I talking to the same man that's ONE and ONLY pinfall victory in a CSWA singles match came against Evan Aho shortly after he received a torn apart shoulder courtesy of my best friend? Dan, you shouldn't be rippin' on me, you should be THANKING me for knowing the guy that helped get your ONLY singles win here. Way to pick up off our scraps, Dan - I'm proud, real proud. And boy, this sure proves that there's talent outside of this league."

"So please point out to me why I should be quaking in my boots, Dan. Please show me the evidence that gives you the right to say ANYTHING to me. How the mighty have fallen? FU(BLEEP!) you. At least I have somewhere to fall from. See Dan, I didn't want to go down this road but since you gave such a nice viewpoint on Craig Miles - I thought I'd share a little dose of realism with you. You haven't done JACKSH(bleep!) You tossed some guys over a rope one night, let's all throw a fu(BLEEP!)in' party."

"But besides that? Just a long list of almost's, came up empty's and I sure gave Shane a nice powerbomb, but boy did he tattoo my chin two minutes later..."

"Yeah, Bonaduce - you're something to behold. Something to fear. Certainly someone that talks the sh(bleep!) and does something about it."

(MILES rolls his eyes after the last comment)

"You think your footprints are gonna see one inch of this body? I'm sure you were thinking the same thing until you realized that men like XXX, Shane Southern and Guns actually had more talent in their left testicles than you do at all."

"Oh I'm sorry, that might be construed as a dick joke."

(MILES exhales a smoke ring and flicks his cigarette at the camera)

"You're damn right about one thing. It's not about who's HOTTER. And while all the dirt sheets and twelve year old kids are ready to jump all along the Dan Ryan Express, they're forgetting HIS history. And they're forgetting the one thing I'M good at. 'Causing TRAIN WRECKS."

"One singles win, Ryan. That means something. On the other hand...battle royals DON'T. MEAN. SH(BLEEP!)."

"Care to tell me more about myself, Dan? Please you're such a good authority around here."


(FTB as MILES stands there smirking)


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"He who laughs last....laughs loudest...."

Fade in....simple shot....no backdrops this time....just a living room and a man on a couch.....


Ryan: "Hell yeah, Craiglet!! That's what I'm talkin' about..."

still trying to talk through laughter....

"That didn't take too long did it? I guess I drug the fire out of you...."

settling down but still visibly amused...

"Something sure got under your skin didn't it, boss? I mean you just about popped a blood vessel there, bro. Better light up an extra pack tonight and get your little panties all unbunched again. You need somethin' to settle ya...."

"But you know...."

Ryan gets a mock-thoughtful look on his face....

"You make some good points. What were they again.....hmm...let's review....."

"I ran out on a Sean Stevens match...."

short chuckle, then back mock-serious....


"I lost to a Shane Southern superkick...."


"I assume your 'leave you bloodied' comment refers to your 'trumping' of the Invasion angle....so......"


"Losing to GUNS again?"

"Well....I actually got the win in that one when he faked hurt to stab me in the neck...but for the sake of argument...."


"The question I have for you is...."

in mock Miles-ian anger...

"Haven't I already f**king covered this s**t??"

"Ok, back to my.....happy place...."

Ryan fakes a meditation pose momentarily....then laughs again...

"Although...I don't really think you're gonna get to keep the credit for the Aho comment. The man gets injured about seven months before our match and yet it still affects his performance? I guess in Craigsly land, 'shortly after' means seven months later. Sorry, but you get a D-minus for accuracy on that one, Craigsly. Better luck next time."

"But I get it, my little mark....this is the part of the hype where I get angry. I'm supposed to say....'nu uh! nu uh!! Battle Royals DO matter! They do, dammit!"


"Nah, I wouldn't say that. The company says that, not me. Whether it really matters is up for debate. But one thing is most definitely not up for debate.....you couldn't even get TO a meaningless battle royal...much less win it. And if you had? You woulda gotten your ass tossed just like Troy.....just like that little gnat who tried to jump on my back....and just like Shane."

"I don't remember ever saying I never lost a match, dumbass. But I do know one thing....i'm in position to take a shot at the World title....and you ain't in position to do JACK....S**T."

"If it'll ease your troubled little mind...feel free to ask Shane....ask Sean....ask your own buddy-in-arms GUNS....what I've got in the ring. Ask him what he saw in my eyes back then.....when I was shackled by that stupid invasion nonsense...and ask him what he sees now. He's been around a while....he knows what's up..."

"But the truth is....I don't give a rat crap whether you fear me or not. I don't care if ya shake in your boots, s**t your pants, throw a party or burn the whole muthaf***in' city down. You don't have to fear me, chief....but you will get your ass kicked....There's absolutely no doubt about that."

"So this is where YOU get to face a few things, Cassidy."

"I lost to Shane Southern....I lost to Triple X.....and I'm still a bigger star than you. You're yesterday's news, Miles. You're so beneath me in talent and importance to this business...it's almost embarrassing to have to step in the ring with a hack like you."

"You don't like that? Tough s**t."

"When a man is using the fact that he had a less embarrassing DEFEAT to someone as his example of being better....you've just flat out lost all the credibility you may have had, man. What's next? You came closer to the high score down at the arcade on the ol' Frogger console? You came in fourth place down at the go-cart track once...and you heard I came in fifth once?"

"Stop wasting your time. Deal with the inevitable. Be a f**king man and drag your ass out of the gutter you're in....cuz the way things stand right now....you ain't s**t and you know it. That's why you trashed your dressing room....that's why you got yourself all tied up in knots after my last promo....and that's why you'll lose at Primetime."

"Not because of anything else....except I'm better than you....PERIOD."

"I may be a dick....but you are now....and forever will be..."

"...my BITCH..."

"Fly fly away little partridge......"

fade out....


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES, PT backdrop...you know the drill)

"So, I'm your bitch now? (MILES mock bites his fingernails in fear, then rolls his eyes) Better stop using Teen Magazine for your comebacks."

(MILES lights a cigarette with a smarmy grin on his face)

"Hey Ryan, I want your pea-sized brain to try and wrap itself around this..."


"Let's let that sink in a little..."

"...a little longer..."


"Now, at the risk of not losing you let's go along REAL slowly here. You've finally got something to crow about, but Danny my friend...15 minutes can only last so long. At some point, you better take the time to listen before you just start calling me names straight out of the girls lockers."

"I've been in this business for ten years, Ryan. Call me an old-timer, you can call me the past. But what you can't do is get to me. You've got nothing on me, Ryan. You think I'm worked about you? Brother, please."

(MILES nods with a smirk)

"You're only on the cusp, Danny. You've just made it. That doesn't mean you've arrived. I've seen hundreds of wrestlers walk into these halls with a World Title shot on their agenda. I've seen them run with their tail between their legs once they truly heard how the big dog barks."

"And don't think this isn't a test for you. While you may have a shot at the World Title, that doesn't mean you're gonna be headlining anything more than a bingo hall against Flair or Windham if you FU(BLEEP!) this one up as bad as your daughter's face looked when she DIED."

(MILES lets that comment sink in a moment...he grins)

"You startin' to feel me Danny? I'll say that every week if I want to, nothin' YOU can do about it. I've been sayin' that SH(BLEEP!) since I got here and I'm still standin' here smiling."

"See something got under my skin WAY before your ass-raddled breath started spewing some self-righteous propaganda to the cameras. It has nothing to do with you, it lies between a man I saved from the backwaters of Louisiana, this league and myself. But AGAIN, that has nothing to do with you and me. Try and understand that the only thing you are is a detour. I've got nothin' personally staked in this match, Ryan. Pinning your shoulders to the mat does NOTHING for me."

"You see Ryan, I don't want the World Title. I want the bricks of these walls to come tumbling down. I want Shane Southern to see what happens when he turns his back on the hand that fed him."

"Hell, I've already got enough responsibilities in my life. I am a World Tag Team Champion, I am part of the greatest faction in the world, I run a federation twice as tough as this one AND I've got a family to take care of. Hmmmm, you don't know what ANY of those feel like, huh?"

(MILES smirks)

"Ask Guns about you? Thanks, but no thanks. Have you ever seen 365 pounds of pure muscle belly laugh? NOT a pretty sight...almost like a drunken car crash...I don't need to ask anyone about you, I've seen and heard all I need to know."

"All you are is a sitting duck."

"Just like your dead daughter."

"You don't see what's coming, you don't know what's coming and when it hits you...you won't ever know the license plate."

"My motives have never been hidden, Ryan. You best realize what they are. Otherwise, shut your mouth...know your role...and step aside when the big dogs come to play."



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"A victorious man is measured by his steadfast behavior....a beaten man is revealed in his wavering...."

Dan Ryan in a lovely woodland setting just outside of.....nah, just kidding.....it's that damned Primetime backdrop again....

Ryan: "Well I was wondering how long it would take you to get to the bit about my family. The over/under was about three promos....so at least you managed to beat the spread..."

"Once again, this is supposed to be where I lose it right? The part where I lose control and demand that you never speak of my family again?"

"Let me enlighten you to the way things are, Millie. I became numb to that a LONG.....LONG.....LONG time ago. And ever since January 13th, 2002...every man that's stepped into the ring against me save for maybe one or two....has pulled out the 'dead daughter' card in an attempt to get under my skin."

"Guess what....TEN YEAR VETERAN.....it's impossible. Absolutely impossible."

"So listen to this statement...and then let let your oversized brain soak up what my pea-sized brain has to formulate for my mouth to say to you...."


"With every new moment that your mouth is open, your credibility goes further and further down the drain. You're embarrassing yourself and your stupid little faction and you're too damned stupid to even realize it."

"But what do I know? I bring insults from the girls locker room and you bring d*ck jokes and homo jokes....Obviously I'm out of my league from the standpoint of wit..."

"Now I listened to your entire promo....and I even ran it back slowly as you suggested.......you know, making sure I didn't get lost....but it just always seems to end up with you looking like a child in a man's game doesn't it, Ham-N-Craiger?"

"I took time to listen...now YOU take time to listen. The only thing that even remotely is getting annoying or tiresome from you and your band of merry men is the nonsensical assertion that I'm entering into or living some fifteen minutes of fame. Man, I've been doing this s**t as long as you have. This isn't my first fifteen minutes....this is just my most recent fifteen minutes."

"See, that's why everyone keeps saying I fly under the radar....how I snuck up on everyone....how I pulled off this incredible night after doing nothing for my entire CSWA career....which is a WHOPPING nine frickin' months.....four or five of which I collected a CSWA paycheck for doing nothing...just waiting for another show...."

"You're all just too damn stupid to see the truth in front of you. I told you all a thousand times....and now that it's happening...it's fifteen minutes of fame. That's cool though...I've come a long way in my career....but I'm not gonna have to walk five hundred miles to complete my immediate task....I only have to walk over ONE."

"And just like I said about Aho....and about that stupid elimination match....and the battle royal....it's gonna happen whether you like it....or ya don't."

"Go ahead...say you're not worked up. Sure thing, man. We all saw ya on tape....we all saw the little tirade about my losses...all of the bleeped out vulgarity....and of course the one true tell-tale sign."

"Not a single mocking gesture....just one roll of the eyes and a whole hell of a lot of yelling. That's just not like you, is it Craig? I mean, I'm just a long in the tooth rookie....but hell....ya looked pretty pissed off to me."

"The one main thing you can't get through your thick, stupid skull is that I didn't just make it at all. I made it a hell of a long time ago. I never needed this place to make myself feel important. If that were the case...you would've seen me stick around six years ago. I didn't need it then....I don't need it now.....and I sure as HELL don't need you."

"I don't give a damn about the big dogs. All I give a damn about is me. I know what I can do....so it matters not one bit what the other people around here look or sound like. You go ahead and stand there with that stupid smirk on your face. Even if I headline a bingo hall...it'll be a HELL of a lot more than you'll be doing anytime soon. You won't be tearing a damn thing down....nothing but your reputation as a talker...."

"While I'm doing what I'm doing....you'll be getting your ass kicked by Shane Southern....after getting your ass kicked by me. I've got no positive feelings for Shane Southern....but I guarantee you the pinnacle of his year isn't gonna be a little mini-feud with Craig Miles."

"But it's good that you've got yourself a little direction, Craig...it really is. You brought Shane Southern out of the swamps of Louisiana....you introduced him to stardom....suckled him from your own breast....whatever. But do us all a favor and try to stay focused on the task at hand."

"Of course, I'd probably have given up hope by now too."

"Having enough responsibilities in your life....that's a helluva way to explain away failure, man.....a helluva way. If you want any of your self-respect....at least step up like a man and admit defeat. Or if you can't get those stones together...."

"Maybe you should run your pathetic, smoke ring blowin', d**k joke makin', 'can't win a match anymore' with Dan Ryan envy punk ASS on back to your little fed and run it like the little f**kin' bitch that you are."

"My family died, Miles. Big f**kin' deal. At least I went on like a man....at least I picked myself off of the ground and went on like a man. And when I lost matches....I didn't f**kin' whine about it...I didn't complain about it...and I sure as hell didn't throw out some half-assed explanation about how I ..."

Ryan goes into a mock-whining voice....

"...just have so many responsibilities! I'm just so busy! Everyone is after me! My faction is so great it takes up all my time!"

and back to normal...

"It's a joke."

"I'd almost rather not have a family than have one and yet not have enough respect for myself to stand up like a man. But as long as you've got your ten pounds of tin, I guess you're happy...aren't ya sport?"

"So that's where it stands. You're perfectly happy being a jackass who throws out retarded comments...then denies making them....and losing on a regular basis. And I'm perfectly happy being a man who has something to live for....and knows what it's like to be a man in this business."

"All of the important things in life....I have. The World title is something I want...and you're just unlucky enough to be in my way."

"You and Eddie and Santa GUNS go have some fun watchin' his belly jiggle..."

"I know my role...."

"You're about to come face to face with the reality of yours..."

fade out...


(FADEIN: GUNS at the ranch.)

GUNS: Danny, Danny, Danny - someone hasn't been working or playing well with others, have they?

Listen - you and I have been around the block a couple of times, and I'll give you credit where credit is due. You realized you were backing the wrong horse, and you got off it. You realized that the big money feud Merritt promised you from the "GXW invasion" gimmick died the second Eddie, Craig, and I - how do the kids say it? - blew your spot up at Fish Fund. You tried to fight the good fight for a while, but you finally smartened up and decided to stop swimming against the tide.

You went out on your own, and lo and behold, you won the battle royal. Some might say you were the beneficiary of our handiwork earlier in the night - that if Troy Windham hadn't come into that match blinded and emotionally crippled, he may have fulfilled his dream to face his brother for the CSWA World Heavyweight title - that if Shane Southern hadn't had the living piss beat out of him and expended the last bit of energy he had throwing me over the top rope - or that if I actually gave a damn about winning the battle royal - well, things may not have worked out for you the way they did. But, hey, if we played any part in your success at Battle of the Belts, Dan, believe me, I'm glad.

But here's the thing - you've got a big mouth. You always have - I guess you always will. Maybe it's the pot calling the kettle black, but that's fine, too. Push comes to shove - we've both proven that we can back it up. But don't ever - EVER - make the mistake of thinking that Craig Miles isn't in that same boat.

I'm not saying this to scare you, I'm not saying this because Craig can't talk for himself - I'm saying this because I want you to be very clear on the fact that your mouth is writing checks that your body won't be able to cash. The CSWA World Heavyweight title is important to you. (Chuckles.) Right now, you don't know any better, so I'm gonna let that slide. If that title is important to you, Dan, then I strongly suggest that you show Craig the respect that he deserves.

You see, at Primetime, it's going to be a big night for the Intruders. Eddie's got his Inaugural Presidential Ball, so to speak - I've got something special I'm planning to unveil, so that leaves Craig - and if I know Craig, he's going to want to win the game of "Can You Top This?" and make the biggest splash of us all. That's bad news for you, Dan, and it could make the time I told you to Go Fork Yourself look like a walk in the park.

Just some free advice - feel free to tell me to go fork myself and go on about your business. I just wanted you to know what you were in for - because there's a certain satisfaction when you know we're coming...and you still can't stop us.

Congratulations on Battle of the Belts, Dan - now the fun part starts.

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