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BRAWL: 'Battle of THE GORGE' posted!


Jan 1, 1970
My own B-Y-O-B special based off some of the RP over the last couple of weeks, and my desire to always get an archived show at this venue. BE PREPARED FOR REAL RP THREADS SOON! ...we're doing a special tour with a little bit of a special concept. More news tomorrow, when I have had sleep and stuff!

As always, FEEDBACK's FUN!



Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
Well I'll start -

I'm seriously enjoying these micro-BRAWLS, which still have the NFW flavor and sizzle, with great storyline advancement and development of threads.

I'm a fan.


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
All these BYOBs have been amazing. Really progressing some storylines and really giving me some inspiration for Teddy.

I hope this A&A / Superfly Express thing can keep going.


The best handler ever since 2012: He is a gem
Jul 12, 2007
- You know, I don't really rate Radioactive Salmon, their most recent album just wasn't that super in my book. Also please insert my general fawning of NFW intros here because it is almost becoming cliche.

- You know, the more shows I read, the more I realise that I have no fucking idea what's going on with the Grand Prix, like none.

- Pete's right, Peter Windham should have all the Windham Clan shares in to NFW and I demand that angle be run. I DEMAND IT. Leyenda and Legion have a friend in their triple threat party. I think this has something to do with the Grand Prix. It's kind of interesting the run the idea about the remnants of the clan now that the Hellfire Club is the new hotness. Fun opener, I think there's great potential for the enthusiasm of Ocho to get up against the batshitness of Legion.

- Strong defense for Rook (as it should've been), one day someone will wrestle that belt away from him... It will be Ocho, he wants his shiny triforce. THAT IS MY DECREE. BOOK IT... oh yeah, no power to determine anything.

- All Brawl calls are from Boston. I do like that most of these Brawls have dealt with but haven't really explored what happens with the Windham Clan's shares now you have no Troy and a Hellfire Club JJ. I imagine this will build to something at Reloaded maybe possibly.

- Shaniqua and Malik is a great combo. Kind of interesting that this was a face off between guys who have more recently been tag team dudes. Another really fun match. That Blaine Hollywood is very sneaksy and evil I tell you. No wonder the Zero guy beat his ass.

- I've been commenting on these backwards but HOORAY FOR IMPULSE SEGMENTS.

- Got to commend Katz here for giving Atken and Alexander such a great showing in the tag title match, really helps to strengthen the team, even if they did end up coming up short. I was originally a little bit bummed reading this match only because after A&A got the tag team shot, I was thinking to myself "Chris, Ford, Voss and myself, that's a hell of a fun RP thread" and then I realised it was going to be a BYOB match but I really can't complain, it was an excellent match. Having Calvin was the Superfly Express caught me off guard, I think I may have missed something somewhere but it certainly adds a lot to that teams dynamic and Calvin literally manages to stumble in to managing the tag champs again. How does he do it? Awesome, awesome match though.

- Again, it feels weird commenting on a series backwards just because of the order I ended up doing my comments on but the Bryant/Dorchester best of series is excellent entertainment. The brutality and hatred really comes through in a match like this and I loved it. I think I said it before but it's interest because while the title is on the line in every match in the series, I do strongly feel like Bryant should have eventually ended up on the back foot during this series, so I was happy to see the title change happen but must admit I was surprised to see it too, given what the nature of these Brawls was meant to be... as well as generally seeing titles change hands suddenly in NFW.

Anyway, good brawl, fun stuff and really, these BYOB have done a great job advancing some stories, adding depth to some ideas and just keeping things going after the Reloaded based break we had. They've all been great reads and I commend everyone for chipping in to see them go out.

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