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BRAWL: MIAMI posted!


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Jul 12, 2007
Shorter show so a shorter dooda:

- Intros <3. I tried to ape the script style to do my match on this show but I still can't make use of the tools and spin a yarn quite as good as Katz does with the show intros.

- Despite knowing the punchline to the Impulse/Nova/Harmen segment, I still feel like I didn't miss out all that much. As I said before, when you have such aggression and backstabbery going on in general, it really is such a difference to see these cute little fun segments of buddies getting along and trying to get themselves hyped. It's a shame no one made a mock-up of them thar t-shirts though.

- Hope my match done everyone justice, I said to Katz that I was going through some Brawls and trying to really ape the style of the recent shows for the match, so I hope it wasn't too jarring and you guyses enjoyed it. Sneaked in a few botches for Point of View during the match to run with their inexperience too, which I thought matched the gimmick so I hope I'm not wrong. Can't compete with Biron and Katz for just nailing this style of writing though.

- I greatly apologise for my return storyline. I'm not going to stop it though. I'm also wondering if anyone from ACW reading this card will get confused about the Jeremy Hunt namedrop.

- I'm really interested to see what happens with Reloaded now with the no-contest brawling going on down. Loved the brawl though, good feel of general hardcore chaos going on in the back. These backstage slaughterings really are best saved for heated feuds like this. I'm guessing this was storylined when the card went up but even if it was the result of a dual no-show, it's the ideal length for a situation like that. Quick chaotic brawl and tease to what happens next.

- AHAHAHAH. Oh god. Jesus. I know the reasons why (Brunk being busy and tied up over the summer) but... Atken defeats Dan Ryan. Something is horribly wrong with our universe. I'm hyped and excited to work with whoever the champ may be down the line so Atken can get rightfully crushed (unless the almighty power of the the UK army and The Roop crush all foes who stand in his way). Match was pitch perfect for what you expect from Atken against Ryan, complete destruction until a miracle of happenstance sneaks him the win.

- Great win for Bryant but I'm happy that Alexander got to look strong in it. The RP battle was a great back and forth and reminds me why I would never really want to judge RPs because you just get to sit back and enjoy the battle with the benefit of seeing the result as a surprise. Voss put on a really strong effort here and I'm glad that it matched Teddy's efforts in the match - clearly being pipped by Biron and Bryant. I would welcome seeing a re-match down the line, I think they really are suited for each other.
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Just Like Law-Jesus
May 15, 2005
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Solid Brawl. I think this show highlighted a strength of the Brawl format, which is you can put out a show that acknowledges its own brevity without it feeling like a rushed effort. I liked that Natrone Rice brought up the ULTRATITLE Tournament and periodically throughout the program references were made to a larger show that wasn't reproduced for the SportsCenter-type audience catching the recap. NFW Brawl shows do this often, but it seemed to work especially well for a show that didn't have a ton of meat on the bones.

Kudos to Colin on the 6-Man. I enjoyed it. I liked that there were spots where Nova and Harmen were really operating as a unit, because in the robust NFW tag scene all the teams really feel like more than the sum of their parts, and an ongoing challenge for Ford and I is to make Superfly Express feel like a real team with its own identity instead of just High Flyer + Nova. Also loved the ongoing confusion with Doc C about which guy is Harmen. When I came up with the idea of Harmen breaking Nova's nose with a headbutt on accident and the facemask thing, I didn't even think about how that would play into it, so I really loved seeing that develop. Granted, in theory Nova has a bushy horseshoe of blonde hair circling around his bald head and a beard that verges on ZZ Top-like, but hey, let's roll with it. In fact, I just got an idea. >=) Right here. As you read this. It's a little bit like we're hanging out together.

DRS vs. OSS was really short, basically a brawl (ON BRAWL, HUR-HUR-HUR) followed by...I forget, actually. But both these teams are in really interesting positions right now, OSS trying to ride the wave back to a title shot and DRS floundering in the wake of a huge shake-up on the last show. This may not have amounted to much, but it keeps the tag scene on everyone's minds, and I like how Brawl has always been a vehicle for the tag division to shine.

Atken/Ryan was...sad. Brunk's gotta go handle business, I understand, but I don't think Dan Ryan's most ardent detractor would wish upon the Ego-Buster a limp-wristed knee sprain exit on a Brawl show. It's like Bret Hart leaving the WWF after hurting his wrist during a house show in Des Moines. Were I a fan, I'd almost HAVE to believe there's more coming, or something. On the flipside, I like that the match went in a way where it appeared that Phil Atken made a calculated decision to attack the knee and get the end result he wanted. I think that's a much better play than having JJ or someone run down and attack Ryan, especially since Atken is now facing down a f*cking World Heavyweight Championship shot in what, his second match back? I swear, if we have an Eric Dane/Phil Atken WHC match, I'm pretty sure e-Vegas will implode on itself.

Finally, LOVED how Teddy got over in the Alexander/Bryant match, even though the TV Champ retained. This was the best of all outcomes. Jack's star continues to rise (similar to Impulse a few years ago), and Alexander shows how he can dominate physically under the spotlight.



League Member
Aug 8, 2007
Short BRAWL, but it had its moments. I pitched the idea of bringing on guests to Katz and he liked it. I think there's definitely some tinkering needed, but thought it added a different feel to the show. Reloaded has full-form matches so it felt like BRAWL could use something extra. We'll see if the guests stick or not.

- Colin, thought you did a bang-up job on the 6-man! Well done, sir. I could have gone without the Beachy slip, but that's just me.

- I was hoping that Teddy would come off looking good and, from the feedback thus far, mission accomplished. In a match where some of his advantages were nullified (size and strength), JB had to be smarter, which is something that's been developed as we move along. Teddy looked dangerous and I look forward to writing against/seeing where Voss goes from here.

On to Reloaded!

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