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Bruce "The Beast" Richards


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Bruce "The Beast" Richards

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6'3", 270 lbs

HOMETOWN: St. Albert, Alberta

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse

STYLE: High-flying roughneck

FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Cobra Clutch Bomb, Suicide No-Hands Plancha (over the top to the outside), Pump-Handle Suplex Throw (WITH AUTHORITY.), Human Torture Rack, Diving Moonsault, The Claw (A completely unmodified Mandible Claw)

FINISHER: Chart Attack (F5 kills you dead)

BIO: From a very early age, Bruce Richards realized that the best way to get what he wanted was to make someone do all the hard work for him. After getting into the University of Alberta on a wrestling scholarship, he got his Psychology degree with a minor in Business, and then joined up with the GWA in Medicine Hat. There he met Stylin' Kyle Roberts, and they became The New & Improved D-X, a mutually beneficial relationship that eventually made them the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in that company's history. The two expanded their horizons in 2005, and joined the NAPW, where in the very first main event in NAPW history, they won the Tag Team Title belts. For over a year, The New & Improved D-X was the most dominant tag team, not just in the NAPW, but in the wrestling world. In January 2007, The New & Improved D-X's fifth title run, "The Dynasty" ended, and thanks to a clause in their contract the two men were forced to split up. Things were looking up, though, when D-X's good friend Rex Caliber became the new NAPW owner, and offered to tear up that contract and write them a new one. With Kyle and Bruce back together, a sixth title reign was inevitable.

And then Kyle hit Bruce in the face with a steel chair.

Bruce Richards faced many enemies over the next few weeks, but the two most powerful were his former partner, Kyle Roberts, and his own dark side, The Beast. At Sole Survivor II, he finally put the D-X rivalry to bed, at least for the time being. As for The Beast, he seems to have won that battle as well, keeping control of his rage outside the ring, but nobody knows how long he can keep that under the surface. Outside the ring, Bruce Richards is well-dressed and well-spoken, often accompanied by his girlfriend and former nemesis Tiffany McIntyre. Inside the ring, The Beast is cold and calculating, brutal and unforgiving... Never Trust The Beast.

APPEARANCE: The Beast is broad and powerful, with short brown hair, closely trimmed sideburns and a goatee. Backstage, The Beast wears a black cowboy hat with a black leather duster. He also wears a white button-down shirt, black leather pants, black boots, a black vest and sunglasses. In the ring, he wears the boots and pants with black fingerless gloves and a white sleeveless t-shirt.

TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: NAPW World Champion, NAPW Tag Team Champion (6x), NAPW 2006 Battlebowl winner, NAPW Canadian Heritage Champion

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