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'Cause Horn' Cold Said So


Hex Angel

"What do you call Hornet, trapped under a ton of brick and rubble?"

"A good start."

"So I paraphrased the Bitch just slightly from her World Trade Center article.... sue me. I never claimed to be original at anything except the Original Nobody. And Hornet, you ARE going to be this war's first casualty, because you've got an irrepressable need to be in the spotlight."

"Call me tasteless because of the state the country is in.... but don't forget who it was that decided to bring up an event that took place months ago for the sake of shock and getting people to say, 'I can't believe Eli Flair would say something like that!'"

"Newsflash, Hornet.... I don't say whatever's on my mind because I'm trying to sell T-shirts or because I have a desperate need to get attention. That's the cheap heat, Hornet.... accusing someone of being motivated by how much merchandise they're moving. I thought you were more motivated than that."

"Apparently not."

"Let me ask you point blank, Hornet? At what point have my actions been out of sync with who I am? When I decked you at ELVIS? No.... you know my reasons for that. When I stood next to you and Randalls at Anniversary? No.... I was infuriated by the way the fans sh*t on me and flocked to Deacon almost overnight when he took my World Title. When I berated Johnny Fizzbin for not listening to me when I tried to train him? His career is gonna be known for what might've been other than what was, because he got hurt and got depressed and refused to rehab his way back to the ring."

"Was it during a TRUE example of a microcosm, when Deacon and I clashed professionally and PERSONALLY over what defined a champion? Listen to the tapes, Hornet.... they were behind me because they knew I was right."

"Likr I said, Hornet.... I'm on my side. Always have been, always will be. I don't bend to peer pressure. I don't check to see what side of the fence has greener grass before I jump. I personally don't give a flying f**k who I'm standing with when push comes to shove, as long as I agree with the reasons I'm standing behind."

"It's called integrity, Hornet.... heard of it?"

"I'm sure you've got a sob story to explain how Merritt, GUNS, or someone else jaded you to the idea a long time ago and how you're a victim of some kind. Was it when Eddy sprayed you with the Raid? When GUNS put you out at Fish Fund? When you were buried under a ton of rubble? Which sob story will it be now, Hornet?"

"Be a f**kin' man, Hornet.... stop your crying and take some responsibility for your actions. Who knows.... it might do ya some good."

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