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[CD] Debut


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Richard Dweck character development RP.

Richard stands in the ring as the fans in attendance give him a mixed
reaction. Richard smirks knowingly and raises the microphone to his lips.

"It doesn't matter who I face on my debut, my main plan is to entertain
if I can win that'd be great, so reveer me or lambast me you're my fuel
you are what drives me to the top of the moutain, you will me to climb up the ladder of success and wether you may like it or not i'm making it
to the top. Why? Because I am Epic. Because I am awesome. Because I
am amazing. Because I am your's truly, Richard Dweck."

The mixed reaction roars with a celebratory pop and a few jeers.

"Fact is i've always been controversial, my quips and promos may seem
all talk and maybe they are, but I will never tap, I will never quit and I will become the face of entertainment and the face of pro wrestling."

"You might think I'm some glorrified jobber or a potential darkhorse but
I don't care, this is my DREAM and this is MY LIFE, and I'll risk the latter
for the first any day and every week till I get the reverence and titles I

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