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[CD] Every human is special


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Yossi Hayat character development RP.

**You can see a basement. You can see a weird guy sitting in there in a Raven-style stance. **

Yossi: Every man is special. The sages of blessed memory said that that is why God created one human. Because, they said, you need to learn that everyone are descendants of this first human. Everyone are. And therefore, every human is a whole world. If you kill him, you kill his descendants too, and therefore, you can't fix it. So every human is special and that means that every human has his own things to do. And every man can contribute to anything.

But some people can contribute more. I can. Do you know who I am? I am Yossi "The Smark Boy" Hayat. If you don't know, you will know after a while.

I know to say every US President. Every WWE champion. I am a genius. However, I got a big problem. I have an Asperger syndrome. Although I look completely normal, I know how to speak and behave, alone, I am not normal. And in the ring? I am not normal.

So when I'll make my debut, I'm saying it for the well being of you, the normal people: Be careful. I will not take the blame for what I'm doing in the ring! Understood? Now, who will be the first victim of the Smark Buster? Who will be my first victim? I need to kill someone. For all of the suffering I had in my elementary school...

**Yossi then snaps out of it. **

Yossi: Yeah. Those are my problems. That is why I warned you guys. I warned you that if you'll stand in my way to the World title of Shawn Hart, you will be hurt.

It's time for the Smark Boy to rise again. From the bottom, from the blazing hell, straight into the World title. The Jewish mind will play in all of you, you all are just pawns in my hands! I will make all of you to work for my best interests.

Every human is special. Everyone can contribute in some way. But me? I can contribute more then everyone. Because Smarks know better.

**Yossi looks down in the basement. He gets up and goes to the other way as the camera fades to black. **

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