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Chaos Theory


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Two men fencing in a well-lit gymnasium. They parry in the middle and, immediately, the one on the left backpedals as the one on the right attacks. The one on the left attempts a defensive strike but his sword is damn near knocked out of his hands before he is jabbed viciously by the one on the left. The one on the right drops his head in defeat. The one on the left takes off the helmet to reveal BLAINE HOLLYWOOD cackling in laughter.)

BLAINE: "I would bid you congratulations but you are like most men and no match for me in the SPORT and ART of epee fencing. But, alas, what would one expect being that I AM AN OXONIAN and you are a mere Yalie. Now go and change the lip of my garbage bag and dispose of it properly."

(Blaine sneers and points for the exit with his sword as his opponent flees.)

BLAINE: "What you just witnessed there was me besting another man. Now being that you are nothing but simpleton CHURLS who live off of the public assistance afforded by the landed gentry such as myself, you no doubt do not understand the MASTERSTROKE of my technique that you just witnessed. What I performed there was an--" (Heavy aristocractic French accent) "Attaque au Fer. It's a move in which I strike my opponent's sword out of his hand which leads him to his defeat. My mastery of this maneuver makes me one of the top-ranked epee-style fencers in the sport, the truly ELEGANT form of fencing that is highly superior when compared to the lowly foil and sabre brands. Alas, I am a man of MANY talents -- a master of dressage horsemanship, a speaker of no less than EIGHT languages and a man who was not taught the CLASSICS at Oxford but instead LECTURED THE FACULTY."

(Blaine sniffs the blessed air.)

BLAINE: "Being uneducated lickspittle, I doubt that you understand symbolism. And not just you, the unwashed wretched refuse watching in envy at home. I am also speaking directly to LEGION, a man who has dared to attack and sully my father, Lamont, whose golden, virile seed led to my spawning. Legion, you claim I am hiding from you. You claim that I am a coward. No, Legion. I am a spider laying his web. The Attaque au Fer, Legion. I am going to defeat you at your OWN game... your game of chaos."

(Blaine now looks angry and points the sword at the camera.)

BLAINE: "You see, Legion, while I am a man of breeding... I also have an ANGER PROBLEM of sorts. You're correct -- I participated in a coup attempt years ago that led to anarchy running amok in this promotion. You also are forgetting the time I grabbed the neck cage holding the spinal column in place of that harlot wench Rayne and revealed to her what exactly ENTERTAINMENT was. I also, when the Hellfire Club formed, dropped Mike Randalls -- a man I had no argument with -- onto his spine from the top rope just to help CEMENT OUR DOMINANCE here in New Frontier Wrestling."

(Blaine laughs.)

BLAINE: "Legion, you claim that you thrive in chaos. You've boasted about destroying the set of my father's top-rated talk show and harming him. You've brought along your side my former manservant Bandit and a scarred mutant to help you spring the anarchy you crave. You're right, Legion. Our paths will soon cross in the ring. We shall soon do battle. But ask yourself this, Legion -- are the assumptions that you have about me correct? Are you sure that you want to endure chaos? Because, Legion, I have ready to assist me the three most cunning, devious men in this industry, all under the lead of a woman whose executive brilliance has already allowed us to run this promotion with a steely iron grip. Look back at the bodies which have already piled up, Legion. Ask yourself if you want to discover THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT personally. Ask yourself if you want to feel the searing pain that is The Secret Handshake of The Hellfire Club. Ask yourself, Legion, if you are ready to stand across from me -- BLAINE HOLLYWOOD -- and join the ranks that have already been destroyed."

(Blaine again points his sword at the camera.)

BLAINE: "Do what thou wilt, Legion."



League Member
Jun 5, 2007
It's funny.. you're not the first person to think that Crowley is the way of life Blaine..

[We fade in to Legion wearing a t-shirt that shows a picture of King Mob from the Invisibles]

Legion: Hell you're not the first to say you're going to try and twist my life of chaos around me - my first major adversary believed in the world of Discordia and she's been quiet from the wrestling business for a long time.. It was only a matter of time that I face some guy and his rich kid buddies who still have an attitude like they're on their goddamn gap year, hell you probably travel to Wimbledon in the summer because suddenly for two weeks you give a damn about tennis!

The reason Bandit came to me - if you must know - was because to me he's more than a 'manservant', he's more a formidable ally that wants to see all the people that wronged him in the past feel horrible suffering and given the betrayal I had felt in the past year it made sense, Devastator - that's for another time.

There's a reason - like Bandit broke from you - Austin Osman Spire broke away from Crowley, he grew weary of seeing the ideas become stale and I'm sure you saw that even despite the loss on Night 2 of Brawlhalla the chaos that myself and the Grave Robbers created. I am ready to stand across from you Blaine - I am willing to bring the true reality to the Hellfire Club and I will burn Hollywood down to the ground once more as your daddy hears the screams of terror gargling from your throat and I make what Veronica allegedly does to Dorchester in the bedroom look like a lovely High Tea gathering.

I am the King Mob of NFW and sooner or later more 'Invisibles' will join my cause and as Austin himself said 'The more chaotic - the more complete I am' and once again just like with Avery and the HWC you WILL FAIL.

Chaos WILL reign over the Hellfire Club.

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