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Cooper "Dark" Ness aka Darkness


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Real Name: Joey Gray

Email Address: jogray44@ymail.com

Messenger ID (optional): JGray44(AIM)


Name: Cooper "Dark" Ness aka Darkness

Height: 6'3

Weight: 245

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Face/Heel: To be determined

Appearance: Ness is a white man of medioum build. Hazel eyes. His once long stringy brown hair is now reduced to a buzz cut. His chest is mostly a cluster of scares from the hardcore career he has led. He has hair on his chim that is usually kept at a stuble.

History: Darkness began his career with a then upstart company called Superior Championship Wrestling. This is the only place he has ever called home during his career. From the beginning he was a competitor. Quickly his hardcore style of living garnered him to be the first ever SCW Hardcore Champion. He had memorable fueds with a newcomer at the time who went by the name Stalker. Eventually Darkness proved to everybody that he was just more than chairs and tables and captured the SCW World title. He formed and led one of the most dominant stables in the federation's history in the Messiah of Darkness or MoD. Darkness went on to capture the SCW Tag Title and was able to become Hardcore champion on two more different occasions. He's the only man to hold that title on more than one occasion. All of his hard work eventually solidified himself a spot in the SCW Hall of Fame. After all the accomplishments in his career tragedy struck the man Cooper Ness. He was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer which forced him to retire from the SCW. After years of treatment and suffering he has been in remission for two years. Now he is ready to start his career over and see what it becomes.

Titles Held: SCW World, SCW Hardcore(3X), SCW Tag Titles

Style: His style has mostly always been a Hardcore/Brawler type. Although that is what has garnered most of his success, he is a well-rounded grappler and mat technician

Move Set:
T-Bone Suplex
Evenflow DDT
Dropkick to Knee
Forearm Smash
German Suplex Release
Chair Shot (when applicable)
Baseball Slide
Running Knee Strike
Crossface armbar
Running bulldog
Standing side kick

Set up: kick to the gut

Finisher Name: When Darkness Falls

Description of Finisher: Fisherman Suplex held for the pin

Entrance Theme: "Broken, Beat & Scarred" by Metallica

Entrance Description:CUE UP: "Broken, Beat & Scarred" by Metallica". The venue goes dark. The entrance way lights up with a red light. Fog begins to billow out. A figure is seen standing at the beginning of the walkway. A blue spotlight is shined down to reveal Darkness standing there with a towel over his head. He raises his arms. Darkness snatches the towel from his head as he begins to gingerly walk towards the ring. He slides in under the bottom rope and slowly climbs to the middle turnbuckle of the nearest corner. He points to the crowd and throws the towel. The lights come on and Darkness jumps down to get ready for the match.

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