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'Dangerous' Duke Mackey v. Harry Holocaust

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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Post all RP here. Deadline is Friday, January 22nd at 11:55 PM EASTERN TIME. Standard 48 hour stack rules apply.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

It’s raining out, Clarence Williams is standing in this rain, his cheeks a bit covered in mud as he removes his hat. Clarence looks at the camera, we can see Harry in his cage that is in the barn about fifty feet away from Clarence. In the distant though a black limousine is pulling up to his farm land.

WILLIAMS: “Well dat jist ain’t wot I be ‘sepecting when I be puttin’ my der prize in dat der ring, he be jist getting’ beat ‘round like some puppet in der by Mr. Scheinberg, dat be alright though.”

A tall white gentleman exits the limo in a suit followed by the driver of the limo that holds an umbrella over his head. It’s a cloudy musky day out, but this fellow is wearing sunglasses, very clean shaven and baby faced, his black hair is slicked back and a cheesy smile across his lips. He approaches Clarence warmly.

MAN: “Excuse me, Mr. Clarence Williams? How you doing today sir?”

Clarence turns and faces the man, the cameras pan left to get the shot of both of them, they shake hands briefly continuing their conversation.

WILLIAMS: “Well I been betta, how can I be helpin’ ya sar?”

MAN: “Let me introduce myself Mr. Williams, I am Thomas O’Leary, I heard you own a zombie by the name of Harry Holocaust? Now, I am a man of opportunity and chance, do you understand what I mean, Mr. Williams? I love the game of chance, and you should as well, because right now I am offering you a chance, a once in a lifetime…chance.”

O’Leary smiles wide and folds one hand ontop of the other.

WILLIAMS: “ I be likin’ chances, tell me wot ya got ta be offerin’ me der, sar”

O’LEARY: “Mr. Williams, I want to buy your zombie from you, he’s a loser, he won’t win for you anymore MR. Williams, not much of a prize if you really, really, look at the odds, now is he? Come on MR. Williams, I can offer you a lot of money right here, right now, or…”

Thomas turns and begins to whisper to the driver of the limo, the driver chuckles a bit through the exchange.

WILLIAMS: “Or wot?!”

Thomas pulls out a coin.

O’LEARY: “We can flip a coin, I happen to have one on me, if this coin lands on heads, you will receive nothing and I get Harry free of charge, but if this coin so happens to hit tails, well sir, I will give you right here, three million dollars and you can keep the zombie.”

WILLIAMS: “Dats a tough offer, sar….FLIP DAT COIN!!!!”

O’LEARY: “As you wish, Mr. Williams, As you wish…”

The coin is flipped, landing in Thomas’ hand, the side is heads, the zombie is now his for the taking.

O’LEARY: “What do you know, what are the chances of that, one in two? Well Mr. Williams I will take you as a man of your word, thank you.”

Thomas walks away from Clarence as he shows the coin to the camera revealing a double sided coin, both sides are heads. Footage freezes in to a sepia color as words appear on the screen under O’Leary “THOMAS O’LEARY” the words pulse for a few seconds then go away with a terrible animation as the footage returns back to normal.

: “That’s real victory folks, hi I’m Thomas O’Leary, I sell cars, RV’s and boats, but today I am here to sell you a new perspective. I know what the common image of that zombie over there is, he’s just a zombie.”

Thomas snickers a bit as we see a truck pull up to the barn to load the cage that hosts Harry Holocaust.

O’LEARY: “NO! He is more than that, you have to believe in that zombie, he is like a new mustang, you drive it, you love it, you love it more if you have a convertible. But hear me out, that zombie, he is mindless, he is more like trainable like a dog. A very stupid dog, but a dog all the same.”

“This week, Holocaust is booked to wrestle Duke Mackey, now this man, Duke, he loves his sex, his liquor and his wrestling. Harry, he is as pure as the Virgin Mary. He is not swayed or moved by the simple pleasures of man.”

The truck leaves the farm now that it has completed its task, Thomas approaches the limousine.

O’LEARY: “For god sakes, he’s a zombie! The tool wants to run around and bite peoples faces off, he ate a living pig! He is just looking to do what his basic instinct is, survive. Now, that may not seem like much, but trust me folks, when we leave him in a dark room for a few days with no food or water, we will see a whole new Harry.”

O’LEARY: “Trust me, I’m a sales man, I have no reason to lie to you. As for you Duke, well, we can say that you will have a fun time in that ring with Harry, I mean, he is truly an inspiration to us all if you honestly think about it, a man, living over eighty years, still as fresh as the day he became the undead.”

O’LEARY: “That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. Duke, you are going to wrestle a real member of the undead, a person that has sen more in his dark demented life time than we will ever see. He is a prime example of the future and the past, he’s a zombie!”

O’LEARY: “Now, clearly, CLEARLY not an I’m going to eat your brains zombie, but a zombie nonetheless!”

The driver opens the door for Thomas he leans one arm on the door before entering.

“We will witness him defeat you Duke, we will witness a zombie by the name of Harry Holocaust go ape sh-t, and that will be real entertainment.”

O’LEARY: “I’m Thomas O’Leary, and you can trust me.”

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Evil James

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Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California
In his crumby downtown Las Vegas apartment, Duke Mackey the Dangerous One is spending his saturday night the way he usually does: sitting at home on his lounge chair watching pornography all night long. Moaning noises are heard throughout his apartment as some of the Gambino boys kick in the front door to confront Duke. However Duke doesn't even jump as they surround him in his living room. Sonny DiMarco, the leader of the thug group, stands between Duke and his television.

Sonny: You didn't pay the man this month, Duke.

Duke ignores him and tries to see the movie on the television. This annoys Sonny greatly.

Sonny: Are you even listening to me?

Duke shakes his head.

Duke: No. I'm trying to watch a movie. Now I do plan on paying your boss when I get my next paycheck. If you'll excuse me, the guy is about to cum on the chick's face.

Sonny: That's not good enough this time. Gambino is getting annoyed with doing this every month with you, Duke. The man likes to have his money when he asks for it.

Duke: I'll pay him off after I wrestle.

Sonny is about to start laughing.

Sonny: You...you wrestle?

Duke nods his head.

Duke: Yeah, to pay for my porn and alcohol.

Sonny: You really are a **** up, Duke. Nobody cares about your little "addictions." I don't, my boys don't, and we're going to make you pay for your actions.

Duke rolls his eyes and tries to listen to his porno. Sonny then punches him in the face and the other members of the Gambino boys thug group join in before Duke quickly beats the crap out of all of them using his fists. Once they're all knocked down, Duke goes over and opens up the front door again before dragging all of the bodies outside. Once he's got all of them outside, he then looks down at them with disdain.

Duke: I'll pay later.

Duke then closes the door and goes back to watching his movie before the scene fades out.
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