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Dark vs Black ... begins ...


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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
[c]Los Angeles … City of Angels …[/c]

Earlier in the day was another typical day in The City of Angels. The sun rises in the East. Business suits making their way from one work place to another. Rows and rows of cars clogging up the streets as well as the air with their carbon monoxide.

So goes the life in The City of Angels … busy and polluted, but that is what the naked eye sees during the day for when the sun sets in the West … it is another story all together.

During the night is when the ‘finer’ life of Los Angeles rears their ugly heads. ‘Creatures’ … dressed in their evening battle gear that roams the streets at night looking for action. Some may find it in a building. Others in an alleyway … or even from an unsuspecting human being here or there.

This is the night that he can understand. This is the night that he craves. This is the night … that ‘The Apocalypse’ Gabriel Poe can associate with.

As Poe walked down the street in downtown LA he thought to himself that he might be out of place in the city. A man that stood six foot nine and weighted over three hundred pounds. Not to mention the fact that his blue hair stood out, but as he looked around and saw some of the others that the nightlife had to offer.. he realized he wasn’t even CLOSE to being out of place.

Continuing to walk down the street he felt a vibration near his chest. Realizing it was his cell phone he reached in his jacket and answered it.

GP: Hello?

M: Gabriel. It is Miso. Where are you?

GP: I am just walking around taking in the living show that The City of Angels has to offer. Where are you this night?

M: I am held up at the Sung Sam Korean Catholic Mission with people that I knew from my past.

GP: (shaking his head in disgust) You are still with them?

M: You knew I would be busy. They did ask about you …

As Poe continues his conversation he happens to walk across a department store with several displays being shown to the general public from behind huge windows. Continuing his conversation with his long time ally and friend, Poe happens to catch a glimpse of one of the television sets that are playing in the background of the store.

GP: Ah … the CSWA … I wonder what they offer this week.

M: Gabriel, you know I have asked this question many times, but I must ask again. Why do you even bother with the CSWA anymore? It is proven that there is no place for us and nobody would really care if we left or not. We should just leave and continue on.

GP: Actually Miso I have been thinking and considering that very same option and, to tell you the truth, I have come to the conclusion ….

Before he can finish his sentence Poe sees a man that looks familiar to him on the CSWA broadcast.

M: Poe? Your conclusion? What is your conclusion?

Unhearing of Miso’s voice, Poe continues to look at the screen and the subway scene it is making viewable to whatever audience that cares to see.

M: Gabriel? Are you there?

Poe focuses on the man in the center for he has seen him before … so very familiar …


GP: Miso … my conclusions … we still have business to attend to.

M: What? But why?

GP: (looking and pointing at the television) Trust me my dear … darkness has dared to show itself to me … and now the bastard must die …

Before Miso can get a word in Poe hangs up the phone and takes one last look at the screen before walking away, but the camera doesn’t follow Poe. Instead it looks right back at the transmission and sees what Poe was looking at the entire time …

[c]Black Death Devil MastR[/c]

Dark versus Black … it … has begun …



Pawn of the Prophecy

[font color=black](FADE IN)

Black Death Devil MastR is wandering around the outside of CSWA headquarters. His long black hair hangs over his eyes and the security guard at the door eyes him nervously. He seems to be arguing with...himself. An unearthly voice bellows over the scene but MastR seems to be the only one capable of hearing it.

VOICE - He has felt the pain that God inflicts on "his" people...

BDDM - I don't want his help...I want to destroy him!

VOICE - Poe can aid you in your quest! Align yourself with him and the devil-woman.

BDDM - No...no, NO! My alliance will be with the one the sun-dwellers most admire. I will turn the child of light to the dark side and use his influence to infect the entire race.

VOICE - You simple fool! No being carries that much influence with the living!

BDDM - You are wrong father! I know of him and I will blacken the soul of this JJ Deville...IF THAT IS INDEED HIS REAL NAME...


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