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Darkness Strikes


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(It was a day after Fish Fund in Sweetwater, Texas. 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe and The Hip Hop Express, most notably Inferno, wasn't seeing eye to eye, and 'The Dark Lotus' Miso hasn't been heard from in quite some time. In recent days it has been apparent that Poe has been frustrated, not only with his in ring personal, but with the company he has kept around him.

Hopefully things would change after Fish Fund he said time and time again, but nothing ever changes.

As he continued to pace back and forth in one of the many warehouses he called 'home' anyone could see that this was a man upset. His blue hair was slightly wet with obvious features that it hasn't been combed in awhile. His clothes were slightly ragged, but what can you expect from a man who has alot on his mind as of late. Now he has a new thought and he continues to say his name again and again ...)

GP: Sean Stevens ...

(Poe continued to pace back and forth stopping once in awhile to say his name in a different nature.)

GP: The Blue Eyed Bad Ass ...

(Poe then continued to pace. Eventually he found himself going towards one of the windows and looking out it into the night skyline.)

GP: Triple X ...

(Shaking his head he turned back around and made his way back towards the center of the warehouse. Finding a crate, Poe moves over and takes a seat on the crate and looks off into the distance.)

GP: XXXtascy ...

(Burying his face into his hands, Poe hangs his head low and slightly, from time to time, shakes his head from left to right as if he was disbelief. After a moment he looks back up.)

GP: Planet Earth's Champion ...

(Poe then takes his right index finger and puts the tip of it to his lips for a moment before pointing out towards the camera.)

GP: Aren't you the same person who tried to fight for Eli Flair's respect ... but lost?

(Poe then puts hand back down, rest his elbows on his legs with his hands leaning down, and looks back towards the camera.)

GP: If it means anything to you Stevens I couldn't care less about what others say about you. Sure I have heard that Kevin Powers and Dan Ryan have been calling you names to the degree of you being a miniature size of Eli Flair, but they do that to get under people's skin. That's who they are ... that is who they're gonna be until the day I die. I know you aren't like Eli Flair. That's obvious Stevens because you are your own person and that is what counts right?

Look at it from the most simple point of view. If you were a Eli Flair twin then you wouldn't cry and complain about every little thing that others say about you. And, if you were a twin, then you would be able to back everything up in the ring, but you haven't done that. Not in the slightest. So are you a Eli Flair wannabe? Not even close. You're more of a Eli Flair never-was. Lucky for you because if he found out you was trying to copy him and was doing a bad job of doing it he might beat you into submission again.

(Poe catches himself in mid-thought and reacts quick.)

GP: Lucky ...

Isn't he the one that shattered Ivy's kneecap as well as her ankle? And ... you're dating her now? I have yet to figure out that logic, but I'm sure there is a reason ... somewhere.

Neverless, it is your time to redeem yourself at Gainesville after your horrific encounter at Fish Fund. I'm sure you have looked towards this match as a way of redeeming yourself into the public's eye. To prove that you are the man you say you are. To prove you are not a fluke. To prove you are not a flunky. I'm sure that you are more than ready to say your quick one-liners and prove to all your fans that you are as great as you say you are, but several things remain.

YOU DID PROVE how tough you were at Fish Fund when you couldn't muster up enough strength to win the United States title.

YOU DID PROVE that you could be beaten into submission by, not only the GXW faction, but also the Intrusion.

YOU DID PROVE ... that from each and every angle ... you felt the sting of a fist or the shock of a kick until you couldn't do a thing about it.

(Words catch Poe again.)

Sting ... like a sting from a Hornet. How did it make you feel when Hornet laid a kiss on your woman friend Stevens? I'm sure it made your blood boil. So much it seemed that you were easily distracted from your match ... again.

You are to easily distracted Sean Stevens and this, among other things, will be your downfall in Gainesville. Do you even know what you have walked into? Do you even know what you signed for? Do you even ... know?

(Poe stops for a moment and raises himself up from the crate.)

GP: Sean Stevens you have become a broken down worthless excuse of a human being. You can't defend others let alone yourself. I'm sure you'll think you'll have a chance, but you and I both know otherwise ... you don't.

Still ... for the sake of amusement ... I await your pathetic response.

(Poe then walks off towards the right until he is gone. Soon ... darkness fades in.)

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