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Deacon's Lost RP


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
In talking to Warren last night, he wasn't aware that he was even INCLUDED in the earthquake that was the 2 man tournament, but he did write at least one RP for it, and it was clocked at 11:06pm. If Katz would allow the consideration of it to count for the Hershey card, it'd be appreciative, as he only had his internet on his phone and it didn't show up on my side until afew minutes ago.

"I do what??" Deacon asked the phone.

"Tag tournament. EMT tag titles."

"I do enough tournament t'is year."

"Someone must think you can draw."

"I not Travis Beaven."


"Never mind." Deacon said. He'd had enough of tournaments, for a year longer than a lifetime but somehow Eddie Mayfield thought he needed more. And what, with a tag team. "Wait. Who my partner?"

"Christian Cruise."


"Right. Though I think he's still carrying the Christian name."

Cruise. Deacon had known Cameron for years, though not close. But Deacon had worked with men more unpredictable. He knew what Cruise would bring if he was on his game, which only left one question -- who else was in it??

He asked. Several names popped up - JJ the preeminent. And somehow Deacon knew if JJ knew that, he'd love himself just a little bit more. If that were possible. But deacon's heart did beat a bit faster. Even if he couldn't put Bobby Jack out of Deacon's misery, he could add some misery to the man who'd caused Deacon so much misery.

The other names intrigued him, but for different reasons. Harmen because they'd missed their chance. Wolf because Deacon wanted an ending to the match that never got one. And Bryant just because. The only problem? He had exactly 0 idea who he'd get and somehow he knew Eddie Mayfield had planned it that way. NFW loved their curveballs.

"And Eddie Mayfield ."

"As in, President?"

It was, which made this curveball a spitball as Deacon swung for the changeup. He'd been added to a tournament, put with a new partner, against 15 other teams, many he barely knew and 1 including his boss. It was exactly what NFW had been throughout his time there, like it or not.

"So they'll want some promotional work before the show."

Of course they would! Deacon thought but bit his tongue, after all, it was the most powerful muscle in the body. Instead, he added, "Tell t'em i phone it in."

Which he did. Literally.

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