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Extreme Prejudice


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(The camera fades in on Hornet, sitting in a dark brown leather armchair in the center of his media room. He has a thoughtful expression on his face as the screen on his television turns blue. It takes some sort of inaudible cue from the cameraman for him to register that taping has started. He finally looks up.)

Thanks for all the high praise, partner. Thanks for reminding everybody out there about all those dues I've paid and money I've been paid. It's almost enough to bring a tear to my eye, if I didn't know you better.

Your M.O. is always the same, Eli. Hype yourself. In this case, the best way to do that is to put yourself on the same plane with me. Great. Have at it. I'm thrilled.

The only reason we're stepping in the ring in Dallas is because Merritt wants to get his kicks. He's still upset because the ClaimStakers messed up his perfect little balance. He oughta be kissing your behind for bringing the whole thing down, shouldn't he?

Teri Melton steps into a ring at just the right time to announce that she's pregnant... and the baby's mine because of an affair we had eight months ago. Ivy gets upset, that's her prerogative. But you... rather than finding out the real story, rather than trying to find out why someone's defaming me in front of millions... you decide to take a woman you can't stand at her word and try and lay me out. Good thinking, Eli. Then again, logic has never been your strong suit.

But yeah, you're right, Eli. I'm just trying to get 'over' as a 'badass with an attitude.' Please, you goof. I'm not the one who couldn't handle the fans turning on me. I'm not the one who called up his partner whining because his merchandise wasn't selling like it did when he was a 'fan favorite.' I'm not the one who decided to put a woman through a table so he could be called the "King of Extreme" again.

You may be the King of Extreme, Eli, but you're also heir to another throne, the King of the Whiners. You don't know what you want from one minute to the next, but you convince yourself that the grass is always greener on that other side, wherever that 'side' may be.

I'm the 'war's first casualty', Eli? Yeah, that's a great metaphor considering waht this country is going through at the moment. You say one thing and believe something completely opposite. "We're just a microcosm in a very big world." What you really believe, Eli, is that 'very big world' revolves around you.... especially when you're on one of your manic or depressive mood swings.

I guess what I'm really trying to say, Eli, is, you don't really matter. You're a friend who turned his back on me. You're a partner who bailed. You're a mental patient who needs shock treatment. I'm not gonna 'come and get you', pard, because when it all boils down... you're just not worth it.

Go home, Eli. Go home, take your medicine, and take a nice nap. Maybe that'll make the voices go away.

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