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F.A.T.E. (Fallen Angels Terrorize Earth)


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri

Name(s): Patrick M. Shutt
Email Address(es): pshutt@hotmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger (both if two-handler team): AIM: EphPhaThaINC
Yahoo: pshutt2
Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP, Angle/Storyline, Hybrid) Hybrid, FW Promo
Best Way to Contact: (PM/Email/IM) Email or FW PM


TEAM NAME: F.A.T.E (Fallen Angels Terrorize Earth)

Individual Names: Nakita Dahaka and Zao Diego
Individual Nicknames: Nakita Dahaka-"The Harbenger of Fate", "The Dark Phenom", "The Mother Of Mendacity"
Zao Diego-"Diablo's Angel", "The Human Golem", "The Ultimate"
Team Nicknames: N/A (At This Time)

Heights: Nakita: 6'4, Zao: 6'11
Weights: Nakita: 185 lbs, Zao: 365 lbs.
Handedness': (Right or Left) Nakita: Ambidextrous, Zao: Left handed
Looks': (A general idea of what the guy looks like. Hairstyles, etc.)

Nakita Dahaka: She is tall, trimmed, and very muscular and lean for a woman. She has a athletic and shapely body. She has long firey-red hair, big bright green eyes, fair white skin. She has assorted and colorful Tribal and dragon tattoos spread throughout her entire body in an artistic like fashion.

Zao Diego: He is a tall, and naturally bulky man. He is bald, hazel/gray eyes, dark naturally tanned skin. He is of like Latino-American in looks. He looks like someone who has done time in prison. He too also has lots of numerous tattoos all spread throughout his body of Tribal and other assorted markings. Including spelled lettering across his chest that reads "DIABLO'S ANGEL".

Hailing From: (This is where the team is introduced as being from)

Nakita Dahaka: Phoenix, Arizona

Zao Diego: San Diego, California

Disposition: HEEL

Gimmick: (If not a true "gimmick", the team's in the ring 'persona'.)

Nakita Dahaka: Believes that she is the incarnation of the Persian Devil known as Dahaka and she is in wrestling to help "PAINT THE PICTURE AND TELL THE STORY" of her blood, covered gospel. She believes that she is not just a demon or devil, but she is a god in human form ready to wreck havoc and make her way to the top of professional wrestling and nobody will get in her way.

Zao Diego: Zao is Nakita's personal angel. He is a human golem, a massive behemoth of a man that does the willing bidding of his mistress.

Ring Attire: (What they wear to the ring.)

Nakita Dahaka: Her ring attire consists of; black baggy with red trim shorts to her knees, black sports bra, black knee pads, black wrestling boots, black elbow pads, white tape wrapped around her hands from her knuckles to just above the wrists, black fingerless padded fight gloves, a long leather duster/trench coat, and black with gold spiked collar/choker with a cross like onyx around her neck (which she takes off at the start of her match.)

Zao Diego: He wears: (to the ring for his matches) black leather pants, spiked belt around his waist on his pants, no shoes, but instead his feet are taped from the feet and just above the ankles, white tape wrapped around his hands at the knuckles and just above the wrists. He also wears a hooded poncho with the hood covering his head (But he removes it at the start of the match)

Theme Music:

F.A.T.E. Tag team theme: "Judgement Night" by Onyx and Biohazard

Nakita Dahaka singles theme: "Cruel Intentions" by Wicked Wisdom

Zao Diego singles theme: "Punishment" by Biohazard

Ring Entrance: (What they DO on his way to the ring.)

Individual and Team Tactics/Style: (Technical, High-Flyer, etc. But go into a bit of detail. If they're modelled after a certain 'type' of wrestler, please detail. EX: A mix of Shawn Michaels/TAZ/Benoit, Team resembles Midnight Express)

Nakita Dahaka: She is an Innovative technical/high flying/submission expert. Her in-ring style and ability is a cross between "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels meets Rob Van Dam. High octane high flying with the ability to dictate the course and flow of a match. She does not hit power moves because more than likely she cannot lift up her opponents but she will take them down in other ways with her unorthodox hybrid style breaking them down before moving in for the kill. Often times she will be stiff just make certain that her opponents will feel it the next week. However, Nakita is a complete steward and patron student of the game of wrestling and with her maturity she has come along way and learned much thus far. She is always adapting to new challenges and so forth.

Zao Diego: He is a massive giant of a man. He is a STRIKER/POWER HOUSE. He is a skilled Muay Thai kick boxer that is very in tuned and affluent in the art of the great striking martial art from Thailand, and with his unmatched raw natural size, strength, and intensity-his striking/ground game is unmatched by many. Very few can go toe-to-toe with him. However because of his limited experience as a professional wrestler his background as a martial artist is somewhat limited when it comes to competing in the squared circle. He is a cross between Brock Lesner (minus the professional wrestling background) Bill Goldberg, Sylvester Turkay. He is intense and stiff and one that does not know his own strength but has lots of untapped potential. He is always willing to learn and that is why he is drawn to the likes of Nakita Dahaka.

Individual STRENGTHS:

Nakita Dahaka: 1) She has great speed and agility 2) She can pearl and string two, three, and sometimes four moves together in with fluidity with her technical prowess in the ring. 3) She is strong...for a woman.

Zao Diego: 1) He is very natural strength (he doesn't look like he O.D.ed on the steroids). 2) He has a pure raw intensity in the ring that is unmatched by few. 3) He is skilled Muay Thai kickboxer.

Team Strengths of F.A.T.E: 1) They complement one another in the ring. If one is weak, the other helps makes up for it. 2) They read and react to each other well (like knowing when to hit innovative tandem tag team combo moves) 3) They can dictate the course and flow of the match.

Basically when their on, they are poetry in the ring, perfection incarnated.

Individual and Team Weaknessess:

Nakita Dahaka: 1) Although she is strong for a woman; however, compared to most of the men that she is fighting she cannot lift more than them. She can't lift more than her own body weight. That is why she will primarily hit stiff striking moves. 2) She can be a little too stiff and reckless with her attacks because she tries too hard to make them hurt and she can get a little rough with them. 3) She is a perfectionist in the ring to an utter fault, she lives and dies by her precision to detail and she often gets frustrated if things go wrong.

Zao Diego: 1) He isn't as fast as Nakita...he is often slow. But if he hits someone he can hurt them and they will feel it, but most times he will miss and someone can counter him. 2) He is often very stiff with his moves. He does not know his own strength, and he could seriously hurt someone even if he is not even trying. 3) With the exception of his muay thai kick boxing background and abilities as a striker, he actually has a very limited wrestling move set. A technical wrestler could very easily take him down and begin to break him down.

Team Weaknessess of F.A.T.E: 1) Nakita speed and Zao's lack of often pose a problem as they can overshoot the other on certain more complex tandem tag team moves. 2) Zao's inexperience as a wrestler can lead to mistakes such as accidentally nailing Nakita instead of their opponents. 3) Zao has a short temper, especially if he begins making mistakes during matches. Mix that in with Nakita's obsessive-compulsive desire for perfection in all that she does could make for big costly mistakes.

When they are both not on the same page, they are in trouble.


Nakita Dahaka, came into the NFW during its beginnings (then she was known as "The Fem Phenom" Nakita DuBov.) However her ego and her unwilling to work with The Brass often led to disagreements and ultimately being led to her departure from the company when her contract was up at the end of its run. Nakita wondered around in exile because word of her ego reached other bookers and nobody wanted to sign her so she "wondered the desert of indy wrestling" so to speak until she finally got her break. A dramatic change, a little bit of maturing and of course a new manager in the name of Delilah Demonik and Nakita was reborn as "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka, the Harbinger of Fate, the Mother of Mendacity. She made such returns as the MCW and of course the more notable EPW (Empire Pro Wrestling) feuding with the likes of "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott, and so forth really paying her dues and proving herself from the ground up. After parting ways from her manager Demonik (for Frankie Scott) Nakita now must stand on her own two feet. She went back to the basics and reunited with her very first NFW manager, Kevin LeBrock (who is now a very wealthy and business Rap and entertainment mogul with this own vast multi-media empire.) Kevin took back his old wrestling colleague and hooked her up with his half, Latino-American/African-American cousin, Zao Diego to help teach him the ends and outs of professional wrestling and ultimately groom them to set foot into the NFW tag team division...helping Nakita to return to where it all began and reclaim some of the fame that she may of lost and prove herself once again by joining "The Revolution".

Now here and now, Nakita and Zao prepare to embark on this second chance and seal their own FATES as The Fallen Angels Terrorize Earth ready to stake their claim and make their marks...PAINTING THE PICTURE AND TELLING THE STORY in the next stage of the story for the "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka and the massive giant behemoth massive silent gollem Zao Diego. What will the future hold.


Jan 1, 1970
Good luck Pat.

Feel free to jump into the house show fray that's going on.

Or kill the Koopa. I know I want him dead already.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Re: F.A.T.E. Move Set

Nakita Dahaka Move set

Wrestling Style: Stiff, Innovative, High Flying, Submission, Striker

Single Finishing Move: "The Dragon Snap"

Description of the finisher(s): While the opponent is standing and groggy, Nakita grabs their head, runs to the nearest turnbuckle or ropes
(preferably turnbuckle) while holding their head in her arm, she runs up
the turnbuckle like stairs to the top rope, flips backwards in a 180 degrees until she ends up right behind them with their head locked underneath her arm in a STANDING DRAGON SLEEPER.

(An easier way to describe this move: A springboard Sliced Bread #2 into a Standing Dragon Sleeper)

(Taking a page out of Kurt Angle's play book when he hits the Ankle lock) If it appears that her opponent could reach for the ropes or even break the hold all together. While still holding the dragon sleeper, all Nakita has to do is fall backwards on her backside, wrap her legs around her opponent's waist with her legs and squeeze until their either pass out or tap out.)

Single Trademark move(s):

1) "Walking Dead"

Description of trademark move(s): An Undertaker Old school style walk on
the ropes into any of the following...

face buster
tornado DDT
diamond dust
or diamond cutter

(Again it varies pending on the situation, she cannot hit all of these moves all at once, these are just a list of moves that can be done from this position.)

2) "Skull Crusher"

Description: (Short description) Modified Twist of Fate into a Stunner.
(Long Description) While her opponent is standing groggy, Nakita locks on the head of her opponent and under hooks it tightly under her arm pit/tightly against her. Then with her free arm, she comes underneath the head to hook it and then falls down on her bottom via a stunner/ace crusher.

Single Setup hold(s) for the finisher(s), if any: She has two set up moves that she can use.

1) "Running Gun" (Description: A POUNCE, or a high impacting jumping spear/gore.)

2) A Heart Punch

Move Set (Note any set-up moves at the beginning of the list):
*5-10 moves your wrestler typically uses:

1) Hurricanranas
2) Suicide plancha dives out of the ring
3) DDTs
4) Neck breakers
5) Dropkicks
6) Super kicks
7) Spears
8) Moonsaults
9) Running knee lifts
10) Shining wizors

Zao Diego Move Set:

Wrestling Style: Mauy Thai Kick Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts, Sheer stiff raw power

Single Finishing Move:

1) "Tainted Halo"

Description: (Short description) Modified Widow's Peak/Outsider-Razor's Edge into a Falling Neck Breaker.

(Long description) Zao places the opponent's head between his legs in a standing head sissior. He lifts them up via a modified power bomb position and stalls similar to that of how Scott Hall holds and hangs onto the Razor's Edge. Then, while in mid air, he changes his hand positioning to that of around their neck and then pulls them down with him as he sits out on his knees or fully sits out on his butt dropping them in a falling neck breaker.

2) "Pump Head Shot"

Description: (Short Description) Pump handle into a sit out pile drive/Rikishi Driver

(Long Description) He starts out by taking his opponent's arm and locking it between their legs via a pump handle. He then lifts them up like into a slam position, but then he sits out via a pile driver where they land on their head (between his legs)

Trademark move(s):

1) "Diego Slam"

Description: (Short) A two handle choke slam into a Double-A (Arn Anderson) style spine buster

(Long) Zao Irish whips his opponent into the ropes, on the return, he scoops them up fluidly with both of his giant hands, then by going with the momentum and speed, he picks them up off of the ground, pivoting on on foot, and finishing out similar to that of Arn Anderson on the spine buster-leading with the knees and dropping them hard on the mat.

2) "Angel's Plunge" (Short) Electric chair drop from the middle rope.

(Long) Zao places his opponent on the top turnbuckle. He comes up underneath where he has them on top of his shoulders. He ascends to the middle rope. Then just falls backwards via an electric chair down hard on the mat.

Set-up Move(s):

Description: Muay Thai styled punch and knee kick combination finishing with a hard HEART PUNCH right into the sternum/heart area

Basic Move set:

1) Big boots
2) Clotheslines
3) Punches
4) Kicks
5) Knife-edged chops
6) European Uppercuts
7) Big chops
8) Spears
9) Yakuza kicks
10) Bicycle kicks
11) Running knee lifts
12) Repeated shoulder thrusts
13) Multiple head butts
14) Back breakers
15) Neck breakers

Tag Team Trademark tandem moves:

"The Twist Kill"

With the opponent in the center of the ring dazed and groggy. Both Zao and Nakita are in the ring in separate corners of the ring. Nakita in one corner behind him/her/ and Zao in the other corner in front of him. They take off charging at him at full speed. Zao is down low and hits the opponent at the knees. Nakita jumps up and hits up high on his upper body.

(this is all in the sell of the opponent. It maybe dangerous, but in reality, the opponent is actually jumping up over Zao so that he doesn't make full contact on the knees. He jumps as Zao just flies on by underneath him. The focus is on Nakita who is hitting up high but at the point of contact she throws her arms out where she looks as if she is hitting at full speed but she too is just brushing by and pushing off of him. The twist comes from the opponent who is spinning off in the opposite directions of Zao and Nakita.)

Tag Team Finisher:

"Fate Sealer"

(A four step, timed modified Dudley 3D)


1) Nakita is on the ring apron, Zao has the opponent in the center of the ring. He Irish whips him/her into the ropes.
2) On the return, he scoops them up in a high elevated flap jack.
3) Nakita leaps up onto the ropes and springboards off hitting a front of missle drop kick right square into the opponent's chest.
4) Then, on the return, going with the momentum of the point of impact from Nakita, Zao follows through and hits a high angled elevated spine buster hard on the canvas
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