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FAN VIDEO: Xavier Langston


League Member
Jun 1, 2007
The following was posted on a fan’s YouTube account the day after Brawl 68: Oklahoma City.

“Ah, my people!”

[OPEN ON: “Da Man” Xavier Langston, dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt (hood down) and blue South Pole Jeans standing in a small crowd of fans. Several of them have autograph books that they’re waving about, all of which Xavier is attempting to attend to one by one. Occasionally, he’ll stop for a picture with a fan. All of this is being recorded by a clearly-amateur-ish camera.]

“Hey Xavier!”

[That voice came from off-camera, presumably from behind it. Langston looks up at the camera as he finishes an autograph. He hands back the pen and pad to the person, then holds up a finger for a second. He then turns to the camera’s right, and a flash pops. Once the flash pops, Xavier pats a small child fan on the head before turning back to the first-person camera.]

LANGSTON: S’up, dawg?

[Some of the people have turned and looked at the man filming, while others wait patiently in line for an autograph.]

VOICE: Peter Windham says he’s gonna give a special reward to the next man that takes you out. What’ya got ta say about that?

[Langston chuckles as he looks to the cameraman’s right, again taking and signing an autograph.]

LANGSTON[while signing]: Peter Windham’s a funny guy, ain’t he?

[Handing back the pen and pad to the young 9-10 year old fan, the kid runs off-shot, practically squealing about getting the autograph he got. Xavier turns to the camera once again.]

LANGSTON: Peter Windham can say all he wanna say, but at da end of the day, he was da one tumblin’ outta the ring, while DA MAN stood tall.

[Another signature for another fan, this one a late teen male wearing Jack Bryant gear. A pose for a picture, a flash, and Xavier turns back to the camera.]

LANGSTON: An’ now he’s gon’ try and sweeten the pot for someone to come take me out? Kid, you takin’ this down fo’ yo’self or you gon’ post it up?

VOICE: It’s going up on YouTube tomorrow, man.

LANGSTON: Good, keep filmin’, I got somethin’ to get offa my chest. Gimme one sec.

[Langston turns back to the fans waiting.]

LANGSTON: How would all o’ y’all like ta be in a good ol’ fashioned wrestlin’ promo?

[The crowd, probably about twenty or so people, all CHEER.]

LANGSTON: Dat’s what I’m talkin’ bout, people!

[LANGSTON then turns to the makeshift camera man, and everyone else, who was waiting patiently for an autograph, now turns and looks at the camera.]

LANGSTON: I’mma keep this short an’ sweet, cause I got a bunch more to do before I hit the road for Tulsa, includin’ getting’ all these here people the autographs dey been waitin’ for.


LANGSTON: Peter, you wanna call yourself the Last Windham Starchild, whatever dat means...brotha, you can offer everyone in dat locker room the stars, the moon, an’ da sun ta beat me one on one, an’ I’m sure someone’s gon’ line up an’ take a shot for a bit o’ reward. But if you think dat’s gon’ matter, especially down in Tulsa? Brotha, you crazier dan I gave you credit for. I grew up wit’ a price on my head when I was a kid; you puttin’ one on my head now ain’t gon’ phase me. If anythin’, it’s gon’ make me dat much better. So bring your tail end to Tulsa, Peter, an’ watch me wreck shop on whoever’s greedy enough to take you up on’ yo’ offer. Because I AM DA MAN! An’ MY WILL!

[with crowd participation]IS!

[with crowd participation]LAW!

An’ Peter...don’t ever interrupt my catch phrase again, sucka. You won’t like what happens if ya do.

[A sloppy cut to black.]

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