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Jan 1, 2000
What did we do right?
Overall, this was a good PPV, and a good cap to our first full arc of short-form DEFtvs. I hope the BRAZEN shows before the PPVs continue to be a thing and I wonder at what point will everyone be in the Wrestle-Plex at the same time. [DRAMATIC CHORD]

The added realism at the end of the opener to show the DEFcrew trying to clean up the ring/ringside area before the rest of the show got underway was a nice touch. It would’ve been good to have had one extra short “buffer” segment between the Rundown and Horry vs. Donovan to sell that a bit more.

Liked Mushi/Harmony except for one specific thing (see the next section) and Sharp/Bigsby but it would’ve been nice to have seen more of a call-back to the events leading up to the latter in the match itself rather than wait until the follow-up segment.

Thank God, Henry Keyes is back.

I’m reserving judgment on Thomas Keeling, mainly because Sonny Silver >>>>>>>>> every other manager/advisor character. I’m shamelessly biased, deal with it.

Damien is awesome, the end.

What did we do wrong?
There was supposed to be a video package before the main event, but I’d been feeling some burnout after a busy month/month and a half (work, vacation, etc.) and couldn’t push myself to put something together. Hoping the burnout is past me now.

This isn’t a “wrong” thing, and I understand it’s a PPV, but having to read long-form matches again after an arc of well-written summaries was tedious. Not because they were badly written, but because they didn’t read as quickly.

Also not a “wrong” thing: We need to update the music player on the DEFIANCE website. I’m not sure how to do this since I don’t have webmaster privileges for the compiler but it should be done sooner rather than later. Toss the BRAZEN entrance themes up there too for the hell of it.

We need to be consistent in how we refer to things in and around the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex (see how I typed them there? That’s the correct way). I used to put these in the runsheets. We may need to start doing this again.

I’m not a fan of Harmony doing the Yoshi Tonic to Mushi. LT has this move in her moveset also and I don’t think she could hit it on him despite being five inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Harmony.

Last thing: 95% of the people who wrote for this show and have been here at least one full arc did not follow Justin’s instructions (http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?24352-DEFIANCE-formatting-guide&p=129755#post129755) to refamiliarize themselves with this: http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?24352-DEFIANCE-formatting-guide. If you didn’t notice any formatting errors as you were reading the show, it’s because I went in and fixed them after it was posted (and they should have been fixed before it went live, but I digress). When things get posted to the compiler for DEFtv 57, please make sure everything lines up with how DEFstaff wants it to look.

GHOST EDIT: It’s one space after end punctuation. Not two. Or three. Or four.

Match of the Night?
Once again, Damien wrote a hell of a match in Eugene vs. LT. For the matches my character wasn’t involved in, it’s Dusty vs. Box followed by FDJ vs. Nicky.

Segment of the Night?
“Crash Landing” (to the shock of no one…)

Faces of the Night?
Andy Sharp and Harmony

Heels of the Night?
Angel Trinidad and Eugene Dewey

On the Bubble?
Andy Sharp and Harmony

Mark-Out Moment
Not a “moment” really: I know the staple gun got a lot of love in prior feedback but props to Evan for the imagery of blood and stripped-off flesh pieces too.

Also not really a “moment” but I’m looking forward to seeing what Ed will do here with Omega.

Evan H.

DEF Director of Fun & Good Humor
May 7, 2012
South Tejas
Thanks, Lindz! lol I've always been WAY stronger at writing deathmatch stuff, odd considering I don't really watch it with any regularity. Makes me want to do a trashy deathmatch indie v-fed lol.

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