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First Contact

Jan 23, 2013
From: DDalton@ RLWrestling.net
To: mjfIIc@ yahoo.com
Re: Red Line Wrestling

Ms. Frankenstein,​

Good day, my name is Daniel Dalton, and I am reaching out to you representing Red Line Wrestling, in anticipation of our inaugural live event. My role is twofold: I am the play by play announcer, and at the moment, head of new talent relations.​

I recently had the opportunity to view your debut match in Valor Championship Wrestling several weeks ago in Philadelphia, and I was hoping to speak to you regarding a possible role with our new company. My colleagues and I were amazed at your poise and ring awareness: your years of training and preparation have clearly positioned you to potentially be the "Next Big Thing," and your young age should be sufficient to give you the time to reach your potential. Red Line Wrestling would be happy to provide you with the platform to do so.​

Before you answer, I would encourage you to view our website and check out the athletes who have already been booked for our inaugural show on our YouTube channel. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me via phone or E-Mail.​

I am also happy to advise you that I have set aside two complimentary tickets to RLW Slamtrack! for you and a guest to check out our action firsthand. I understand you are based out of New York State; unfortunately at this time I am not able to fly you in at our expense, however, should we be fortunate enough to ink you to a deal, we will be able to refund the cost of your travel.​

As I stated, please feel free to contact me with any questions.​

Danny Dalton​
Red Line Wrestling​

Well... shit.

I sat in my desk chair, staring at the laptop screen at the E-Mail that my alter - ego just received. My brain is trying to catch up to reality when usually it's the other way around.

I was just...


I'm not really a wrestler, I want to reply to Danny. I'm a confused, isolated girl who doesn't really belong anywhere yet and who was trying something new.

But I really want to quote Uncle Henry when I reply to him; if I reply to him. Or paraphrase, whatever the word is. My 'years of training and preparation' really just equate him to being a really poor judge of talent. I wonder what he'd say if he knew that my years of training include kickboxing lessons since I was eleven, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu since I was thirteen, and I worked out some with my family?

I did what anyone else in my situation would do: I forwarded the E-Mail to my best friend.

Hah, there's nobody else in my situation and I doubt there ever will be.

From: mjfIIc@ yahoo.com
To: YodaJacy@ gmail.com
Fw: Holy crap


Take a look at this.​

I think I've started something that I can't control. Whaddaya think?​


My room was dark, lit only by a few candles and the soft red glow of a stick of incense. I spun around in my chair and grabbed my remote control, and unpaused the Deep Purple. I was listening to the Perfect Strangers album - and was in the middle of "Knockin' At Your Back Door" when I'd paused it to read my mail.

Well, I was both in the middle of listening to the tune, and in the middle of perfectly mimicking Richie Blackmore's solo on the guitar in my lap. I tried to restart it, but it was kinda futile.

It's funny, my parents always thought I'd be a musician with the way I can mimic, by ear, anything played on a guitar of any string size or anything played on a piano or keyboard (or keytar. Hello 80s!), but like Winchester said on MASH - I can play the notes, but I can't make the music.

Then they thought I'd be a world famous artist. That one still has potential. My eyes moved over to the charcoal - on - white drawing I've been working on, with a hundred separate people drowning in a river while onlookers on the river banks pass them by. I'm sure my art could have a niche audience in time, but the real great dark artists like Joey and the guys who work at the Last Rites gallery took years to build their reputations.

And then there's professional wrestling.

I know what Jimmy meant now, when he said that he felt bad for his relationships - he may love a woman but they will never equal the high he gets from performing.

One match, and I'm hooked.

I had the audience in the palm of my hand.

I had 'it.' That X-Factor that all the experts and wannabe experts talk about, I think I can cultivate it effectively enough, given time.

My laptop beeped: I had new mail.

From: YodaJacy@ gmail.com
To: mjfIIc@ yahoo.com
Re: Fw: Holy Crap

Sounds good, MJ, but how do you expect to get to Chicago without your parents finding out?​

Shit, again.

I looked at my wall calendar. The RLW show that I was invited to is no problem, I can probably swing that.

Two weeks later, my calendar tells me that I'm to start the first week of my senior year of high school.

This is going to require a lot of finesse.

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