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FNV 05 Lineup


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
The lines are drawn, the forces are gathered, the sky is red. This...is the calm before the storm. Who's side are YOU on?

CUTTO: MAGNUS DESTRUCTO and IMPULSE, back to back, with photoshopped legions of each man's fans behind them. Below this, facial shots of RORY HENDERSON, ELI SCHEINBERG, BOBBY JACK WINDHAM, JEEBUS MCFARK, EDDIE PATTON, VIC GRAVENDER, YUTAKA MAEDA, and ZESTY MORDANT


Magnus Destructo and Impulse brought into the SAME RING for a dual interview with Brian Oberstarr!

'Electric' Eddie Patton v. 'The Watertown Wrecking Ball' Vic Gravender

Yutaka Maeda v. 'The Blue Bastard' Zesty Mordant

Magnus Destructo v. Jeebus H. McFark

Rory Henderson v. 'The Manchester Mauler' Eli Scheinberg

and Bobby Jack Windham gives his thoughts on what went down at the Golden Boy GP! You WON'T wanna miss that!

PLUS: Is Carlos Canyeta serious about his street fight challenge? He says YES, and will be waiting outside the building!

FRIDAY, APRIL 16th and 23rd **** Television Tapings
Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center- 311 W. 34th St.
11 PM to 12 AM **** 21+ ONLY! **** $25-$75

OORP: RP Deadline is Friday, April 23rd at 11:55pm EASTERN TIME. Standard 48 hour stack rules apply. We'll try our best to get the show out a week later on the 30th, but with my schedule the way it is I can't promise anything. If it's late, it won't be egregiously late, i.e. it takes 2 weeks to write instead of 1. Happy trails...

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