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Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: "From the Zodiacal Light" by Earth.)

(As we FADE IN, we are greeted by the two figures standing before a yellow-and-black backdrop -- LOS OLVIDADOS! On the right, clad in his yellow robe, stands REY AMARILLO, the black spiral on his mask staring endlessly onto the camera. To the left is his horned partner in crime EL CABRÓN, who sports a sleeveless Black Sabbath “Master of Reality” t-shirt to go along with his regular goat-mask and black pants ensemble. Unlike his partner, the Goat Bastard’s visible facial features show a visibly perturbed and brooding expression.)

Rey Amarillo
Hey, cabrón...are you still stewing about Houston?

(With his pent up rage slipping out in a brief moment, El Cabrón flashes his arms out in front of him and SNARLS with all the ferocity of a deranged hobo fighting over a half-eaten sandwich.)

El Cabrón
BAH, those damb, dirty cyber-pricks!! Thinking they could leave us with a beatdown like that… I mean, do we have any idea who we are?!

Rey Amarillo
Nobody knows who we are, Erik… not yet, anyway. Besides, what are you complaining about? You've had bong hits leave you with worse headaches than that camera bumped across the back of your head…

El Cabrón
Well… YEAH, but that’s beside the point! We got cheap-shotted back there, and we were made to look like fools! It should have been a moment of glory, but instead they took that away from us! Rey, come on… we HAVE to retaliate!

(Amarillo’s head turns away.)

Rey Amarillo
No… we will do no such thing.

(As he tries to process this response, a head-on collision suddenly occurs on the facial expressway beneath El Cabrón’s mask, between an eye-twitching sportscar and an agape, jaw-dropping big rig. One would almost mistake it as the face one makes when they attempt to choke back a sneeze. The Goat Bastard shakes himself out of it as he whips his head over in the direction of his partner, eyes wide with shock and outrage.)

El Cabrón
Do NOTHING?! We’re just going to let them walk away!?

(Amarillo’s head turns back to speak to the other man face to face.)

Rey Amarillo
NO… we are going to walk away. We will take the win that we earned, and move on. We will set our focus on the next victory.

Nothing stands to be gained in pointless retaliation. We’d only be distracting ourselves from the greater task. In another time and place, under a different name, you may have done something about it. But here in New Frontier… as part of LOS OLVIDADOS, with me as your partner… you are EL CABRÓN. And you must live up to the identity of that mask before you live up to the identity of the face beneath it.

(El Cabrón’s eyes narrow behind his mask as he restrains the immediate urge to say something back… but ultimately relents to his Amarillo’s authority with an understanding nod.)

Rey Amarillo
It’s not easy to accept… but nothing is meant to be “easy” for the athletes like us. That’s what defines us… not just from the other teams, but from all professional wrestlers the world over. A little bit of pain is a small price to pay for what we fight for.

El Cabrón
And something tells me that there’s only more pain to come…

Rey Amarillo
Perhaps… one cannot see the future.

El Cabrón
Unless you’re the Shadowrunners…

Rey Amarillo
Regardless… the men of the future are in our past. And presently, we have a new team to prepare for: ILL FORTUNE.

(The black spiral on Rey Amarillo’s mask finds the camera… his words slipping through like a mystifying haze.)

Rey Amarillo
Alex Austin and Lucky Seven… two highly-trained opponents, who know how to work together. What we’ve gone through thus far is a cakewalk compared to the challenge they will give us in that ring. Which means we have to match that challenge.

El Cabrón
Well, you know me… if there’s one thing I AM consistently good at doing, it’s giving people a hard time!

Rey Amarillo
Then how would you handle Austin, if he were to take you to the ground?

El Cabrón
Deny me the air, huh? Well, can’t say for certain I can keep the guy from wrestling me into a pretzel, tight as he is… but whatever hold he locks me into, I’ll channel my inner ESCAPE ARTIST, and find a way to bust on out! That’s only IF a this ol’ CLOVEN HOOF finds his head first!

Rey Amarillo
And Lucky Seven? Do you think you can match her in the air and hand-to-hand?

El Cabrón
Well now, that’s a trickier situation right there. I mean, I can say in confidence I’m faster… and I hit harder. But she got DAT ASS, tho…

(Rey Amarillo spiral-palms in shame.)

Rey Amarillo
Ay, cabrón...

El Cabrón
Hey, what do you want me say, dude? One well-placed hurricanrana on her end, and I might forget where I am and what I’m doing!

Rey Amarillo
Idiota… you do that enough as it is…

(El Cabrón flashes a goatish grin.)

El Cabrón
Yeah, well… just living up to the team’s namesake!

(Rey Amarillo shakes his head. As soon as El Cabrón notices, he slaps his partner over the shoulder.)

El Cabrón
C’mon, dude, you know me… when we’re right there in the thick of it, I usually find a way to pull a miracle out of my ass!

Rey Amarillo
That may have to be the case at Brawl 75, amigo... because if Ill Fortune are everything they are claimed to be, then this may have to come down to finding the right opportunity at the precise moment. Something that can never be predicted, and never relied upon… and yet, the ability to find those windows of opportunity in time and space are the ones who stand apart from the rest.

(The yellow-clad masked monarch turns his head toward the camera again, the black spiral on his face hypnotizing us with every word.)

Rey Amarillo
But we’ve learned how to be opportunistic, through years of studying this sport… immersing ourselves with the canvas, the ropes, the posts, the pads… becoming one with it all. Not simply knowing where to find opportunities, but how to make them… and how to deny them. Of this art, Los Olvidados are masters.

The fans of New Frontier have seen only glimpses up until now, but the time will come where they will witness everything in it’s full splendor. We intend to leave Jacksonville victorious over Ill Fortune… knowing other challenges await. Knowing further victories are to be found. As with the last match, this is one step of many… but every step must be a step forward. Forever following that spiral.

El Cabrón
...far out, man.

Rey Amarillo
Nunca olvidaré, New Frontier… LOS OLVIDADOS will give you something worth remembering.

(Slow fade to black.)

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