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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen......


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Statesville United States
(The scene opens in a greasy spoon, located somewhere in Michigan on Interstate 75. Jon Savage, Ric Savage, and Wildside are in a booth, nursing black coffee and burnt toast as the news blares over the TV that GLCW has closed.)

JON: What the hell? That can't be true.....

RIC: Impossible.

WILDSIDE: Let me get to the bottom of this.....

(Wildside picks up his cell phone and punches in a series of numbers. He pauses for a moment, then starts to speak.....)

WILDSIDE: Melac, what in the hell is......

(Suddenly, he holds the phone away from his ear as an announcement blares...."GLCW Offices are permenantly closed.....)

RIC: Damn, I guess it's true. Looks like I won't be wrestling anywhere anytime soon.....

JON: Yeah, me too. I'm kinda tired. Especially since I got the prison ##### treatment in GLCW. Although my won/loss record isn't perfect, I did have a good run.....

WILDSIDE: WE had a good run. Just as we were going for the tag team titles.....

(The waitress walks over with the check.)

WAITRESS: Put it on GLCW's tab???

WILDSIDE: No, we got this. And boy, did we get it, too.....

(Camera fades as the trio pays the check. They get up, shake their heads while looking at the TV, and walk out of the restaurant's doors.)

OORP: It's always difficult when an e-fed closes its doors. It's even more difficult when that e-fed is immensely popular. While my characters were certainly on the mediocre side, I thoroughly enjoyed rp'ing against everyone I was matched with. Hopefully we'll get to work together in another organization. As for Jon Savage, he went on to the TWA with his brother, Ric, to form The Power Twins. Wildside, meanwhile, retired and started his own wrestling school in downtown Detroit. Just thought I'd throw that in......

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
Jon Mayhew
FWI's Beyond The Squared Circle
Handlers of Wildside and Major Impact


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Warwick USA
Like many of you, i am saddened at the passing of the GLCW. This was particularly surprising seeing the talent we've been able to get, the fact that we just had our year end awards, and showed no signs of stopping. However, like Vince McMahon has always said, anything can happen. Although i have been involved in a couple of other feds, this by far has not only lasted the longest, but i feel that i have grown more as a character here, than anywhere else. The cards have been well scheduled, well written, and i feel that i have gotten a clean shake and a fair shot at making it to the main events. Now i know i still am green, but i feel that i was learning and hopefully i would have eventually made it.

I just want to thank everyone for making this league a pleasure. Thank you Scott for being there to bounce ideas off of, thank you for being a fair owner, and an all around good guy.

I will miss the people from here, but if i've learned anything in my year or so it's that you never say goodbye because a league closes, you'll probably see each other in another league at a later date. I will miss the "Sound Off" folder that this league had. It allowed me to vent, display my opinions, or hold a survey of some sort. Also, i feel like i was really starting to expand on the character of Showtime Steven James, and beginning to develop Lincoln Jones.

Again, thanks to everyone, i'm sorry if rp'ing against me was ever a chore, i did the best i could. Goodbye, and God Bless.

Showtime Steven James/Lincoln Jones


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Miami, Florida
(FADEIN: The same former GLCW office building, with stickers plastered all over. We see a man strolling down the sidewalk by it. He stops in front of the building, and look towards it. We close up on his face and we see someone familiar...)

Angel Castillo: Wow. Only the good die young, eh? Que pena...

(He then resumes walking, with a sigh, as we FTB)


"I blow your mind. You just blow."

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