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Hayat v Montgomery


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Magnificent my ass!

* Yossi Hayat RP for C08.

**You can see the crowd in an NEW house show. **

("Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana plays)

**Yossi comes out to the ring. The crowd boos him. **

Ring announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Smark Boy, Yossi Hayat! (Crowd boos)

**Yossi struts into the ring. He takes the mic. Then he waits until the crowd stops booing. **

Yossi: You people are booing a genius! You may not know this, but I am the smartest NEW wrestler in here. You people make me sick. Why should I even show my talent for you, for you, talent, fgggggssrth...

**It seems like Yossi got into a spasm. He settles down. **

Yossi: Whoa, sorry. I just...

**Then Yossi jumps and makes some weird moves with his hands. **

Yossi: Okay, done. Now, I am going to fight a guy named "The Magnificent" Michael Montgomery. He is magnificent my ass. You see, Mike, the only man can do the stuff you're doing is Curt Hennig, and he is dead. So you are nothing more then a poser! Got it? Poser! And nothing... ghhh... ghhh... kikikim... ktdd...

**You can see some people in the ring throw stuff on Yossi because they hate the spasm. Yossi gets out of it. **

Yossi: Nothing you will ever do can stop the fact that I am the most best wrestler in NEW...W...W! Sorry. Because ladies and gentlemen... You can call me the Smark Boy, you can call me the king of the world, you can call me the best wrestler to ever step foot in this ring... And you can call me the guy that will beat Mike Montgomery. Magnificent, you can do what ever you want in this match, but the Smark Buster will come and will destroy you. I am the man, I am the best wrestler, I am the king of the world, I am the Smark Boy! And I will make Mike Shitgomery to feel all my wrath, the Smark Boy wrath, because quite frankly, I think it's time for the Smark Boy to show all of you why he is the best damn wrestler in this whole promotion!

**Crowd boos again. **

Yossi: So you can all cry and do what you want, but it will not change the identity of the winner. The Smark Boy is your winner. I am the king.

**Yossi leaves the ring and the crowd throws stuff at him. **

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