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Jun 5, 2007
[We see a first person POV - a shot of a car park as we slowly realise it's outside the Cox Convention Center, Legion begins to speak from inside a car .]

When I said Shaniqua was the first of many sacrifices that needed to be done in order for certain higher up's to understand it came as a nice surprise that Leyenda De Ocho would be putting on his Triple Crown title against me, a belt that at least I have a small part of history with.

Being the penultimate PURE champion was a highlight of my career , a time when shall we say the old me was pleased to get some adulation of what the people out there thought but from there the path begun that led me to how I am right now - a man that wants to destroy through the madness of chaos itself.

You and I though have faced once before - you impressed me on that night but at Brawlsgiving I will make you see two things: I will be more unpredictable than Rook Black ever was and the most important deal of all - you see life as a video game, I'm going to make sure you wake up to a hellish reality as the Graverobbers and I stand above you.

[We suddenly see a knock on the car window as Bandit shows up into view and nods into Devastator's direction... he is carrying Just Mark.]

Legion: And now, before the battle - the message must be sent, put him in the trunk. Let's give Mark a Thanksgiving he won't forget. [An evil grin shows up on all 3 men...]

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