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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a blue CSWA backdrop. He's dressed in a blue and white "PARTY'S OVER" T-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. His long, brown hair is tied into a ponytail behind his head, the CSWA Greensboro Title is slung over his left shoulder....}}

Shane Southern: " Here we go fellas. It's SHOWTIME! YEE HAW!. {{...smiles...}} First of all, lemme' just say to all tha' fans that emptied thier lungs when Shane Southern won this title, {{...takes it off his shoulder and looks at it intently...}} Thanks. I've always done this fer you. I've gotta' knee that's basically nuthin' but rubber bands n' metal. I've had broken bones, scars, n' spilled blood...all for tha' love of tha' game...and you Shane Southern fans out there. You're {{...pats his heart...}} in here, n' always will be. No matter where I go...no matter what I do, no matter WHO I face....chants of SUTH-ERN, SUTH-ERN ring in my ears. You're tha' drive behind me, and I'm gonna' take you WITH me...all tha' way to tha' top."

" Now, Jimmy Valiant....I just caught yer promo n' I gotta' say...you should enter those lips at Daytona...n' give ol' Jeff Gordon some competition. I never heard so much hot air come outta' one person. Ta' be quite honest Jimmy, I don't really givva' damn what you're beef is with Evan Aho...fact is that he's my tag team partner, so fer now...if you gotta' problem with him, tough...he's not alone...he doesn't have ta' watch his own back. Aho may have problems trustin' me...and ta' be quite honest...I've still got justa' little bitta' doubt about him, but that don't mean that we're not two of tha' best PURE wrestlers in tha' CSWA, and no matter WHO you've got standin' behind ya'...it won't be enough ta' get it done against us. "

" You say I'm not wanted here... {{...smiles...}} Didn't sound like that ta' me in New Orleans. But that was my home town...so I'll give you that. Maybe nobody does want me here. Hell, I havn't drawn word one from the wrestlin' media outsida' New Orleans. Even tha' wrestlers in the back don't seem to give a rat's ass if I'm here or not. Well ya' know...that's just fine by me. I like flyin' under tha' radar...I LIKE bein' underestimated. It's what brought me this belt. {{...pats the Greensboro title...}} And this title, this ain't nowhere NEAR how high I'll go in the CSWA, Jimmy. Tag titles, Presidential Title, WORLD title...they're ALL just a few rungs higher on tha' ladder I'm climbin'. But come Showtime, I get to team with one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today, and go up against Tsunami, half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, and Jhonny Lang...quite a competitor in his own right. Damn sure not gettin' any easier. Ya' see Jimmy, I don't claim ta' be a hero...I don't CLAIM ta' even wanna' be. What I am...quite simply, is a competitor. I love competition. I thrive on bein' tha' underdog, I LOVE pullin' off tha' upset, and standin' atop that second turnbuckle with MY hand raised in victory. If I'm admired for that...if I'm a HERO to some, well... {{...shrugs...}} so be it. "

" Evan. I trust we see eye to eye on all this. I'm puttin' alotta' faith in tha' fact that you're not with these guys any more. Don't give me a reason ta' think otherwise. You may want this belt back...n' that's great...but for this night, you and I are a team. We can go back ta' beatin' tha' hell outta' each other later. OK? "

" But none of this really matters. What MATTERS is that Jimmy V and the boys have got one helluva challenge in front of 'em. They're about ta' step inta' tha' ring with two guys that don't like 'em very much. They're about ta' find out that they're not as good as they think they are....Aho and me...we're better. Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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