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I'm Sorry Did You Say Something?


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
[updated:LAST EDITED ON May-09-02 AT 10:56 PM (EDT)]"If history has already shown I'm better than Nathan Storm, then why the hell am I signed for this match?"

"Chad, be honest, you're making fun of me. Laugh your disgusting little head off all you want but the joke is in the gate, ratings, and boxed up merchandising in the bowels of Merritt Auditorium. Maybe you should take a break from cutting a commentary track on the "Best of" DVD and take a good look. It's about your level to rave ontop of a sparkling digital transfer of my career, while suggesting I reprove myself."

"'Yeah Joey but can you do it again?'"

"Always Chad. If you have doubts, I'll fax you the first page from my little black book and you can check around."

"So, apparently I'm being forced to retake 1st grade. You know, Adler I do love history, and why not it's made me flithy rich. But, not everything looks wonderful being drug out of the past. Namely, muppets."

"When Jim Henson died, Tommy that was it. You've seen the results of the son walking in the same footsteps....he's tripping all over the place. Adler you're not Frank Oz, or the master himself, so get your hand out of the kid's a** and stop pedaling the awful one man show."

"At ON TIME, Storm we'll try our hand at some roleplaying. You're the neighborhood kid, and I'll be Louie Anderson, giddly spanking that green a**."

"Adler, Storm, Henson, Oz...and I'll throw in the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost for good measure...whoever's the brains behind the operation, head's up...Chad is playing a sick joke at your expense."

-Joey Melton

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