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Impulse v. Sean Stevens

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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile

"It's just an exhibition match, Sean."

"That's what you need to tell yourself. That's what I'm telling myself."


Helsinki, Finland.

No, I'm not kidding.

With sunglasses and a 'Triple X' Sean Stevens T-shirt, I'm standing by the sliding glass door in our fairly nice hotel room. Of course, the New Frontier World Championship title belt is slung over my shoulder.


"Think about it, Sean. We both work for the Empire. We're one match away from collectively winning the King of the Cage tournament, and between us, have a sixty six percent chance of facing off against The First for his World Championship."

"I have every intent of winning that match, Sean. But I know you do, too."

"You're a two - time, former Empire World Champion, the greatest athlete to ever hold that title, and even if I don't overcome you and Cameron, and if I do, even if I don't overcome The First, I believe that I'll be the Empire's World Champion before the year is out."

"We could walk into any arena on the planet and sell it out based solely on the prospect of this match happening. Considering the time that's passed since the Ultratitle ended and what you and I have collectively done since then, we could probably sell it out faster than Dan Ryan and Castor Strife."

Yeah. I said it.

"And I know you, Sean - you're like me, you want that match to take place where we can bring even more eyes to the Empire."

"Well, when the boss tells you he'd like to see a match somewhere that isn't his home base, what can you say?"

"So, Sean... we'll do the dance of death somewhere else down the line without The First, without Cameron Cruise, and without giving up the main event to Castor Strife and Dan Ryan. We'll do this again with something more than pride, ego, and bragging rights are on the line."

We'll do this with the Empire Pro Wrestling World Championship on the line, regardless of who holds it.

"We're the supporting act this time out, Sean. Nobody bought tickets to see this match: it was a sellout back when Castor and Dan were the only two athletes booked. They're KISS, Sean - the biggest band in the world."

"That's fine. That makes us Van Halen in 1978, routinely blowing Kiss out of the water."

"So we'll consider this the dress rehearsal. An exhibition match. Maybe you win, maybe I win."

"But the stakes will be much higher next time."


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