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Jeebus H. McFark


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Aug 26, 2008
Name: Jeebus H. McFark
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 229 pounds
Hails From: Aberdeen, Scotland
Music: Epicure's "Firing Squad"

Physical Appearance: Jeebus' hair is pulled back into a long, plaited ponytail which runs half-way down his back. His face sports a ferocious ginger handlebar moustache. The complexion of pure white, speckled with loving freckles completes the skin attire. His right arm has a complete sleeve tattoo feature, of William Wallace on the bicep with the Scottish flag in the background. Down on the inside of his forearm is a broadsword stuck in the ground, with a navy scarf fluttering in the wind. The sword is blood stained, as is the ground. In the background is an army of Scots, all with their weapons at the ready, axes and swords charged into the air, mid-battlecry. On his wrist, in a Celtic cursive themed font reads "Pain is for the moment. Freedom is forever".
Ring Attire: On both arms he sports Scottish flag themed elbowpads and navy blue wrist pads. The Scottish themed pads are also on his knees. His boots are Scottish flag themed also. He wears a kilt to the ring in his traditional family tartan which is navy, yellow, white and green.

In-Ring Style: Brawler (MMA) / Hardcore spotmonkey; Jeebus comes from an MMA background where he developed as a striker evolved with some wrestling skills and has now turned to being a full-time wrestler. His wrestling style is gritty and very strike oriented and his wrestling is a little sloppy but will improve with time and dedication.

* backhand chop
* diving European uppercut
* sleeper slam
* missile dropkick
* one-handed bulldog
* running back elbow
* discus chop
* schoolboy
* scoop slam followed by double knees to the midsection
* spinning wheel kick
* standing, leg feed or running enzuiguri
* bicycle kick
* guillotine choke
* triangle choke
* thrust kick
* crucifix armbar
* diving side elbow drop
* karate-style elbow strikes
* ground & pound
* wheelbarrow facebuster (sometimes from fireman's carry)
* roundhouse kick
* biting opponent's forehead
* diving senton to the outside
* running double axehandle
* running knee strike to seated opponent
* sunset flip
* slingshot crossbody
* slingshot guillotine legdrop
* side headlock into modified bulldog
more to come...

Finisher: Highland Fling; inverted footstomp facebreaker
Alternate Finisher: Scot on the Rocks; double knee facebreaker (Codebreaker)
Spots: McTeabag; basically X-Pac's Bronco Buster except the opponent's head is under his kilt
Glasgow Pash Rash; three arm-trap headbutts (Al Snow style)
tight rope suicide splash

Personality: Rude and crude and downright nasty, he really doesn't align himself to anything except his own beliefs and when he's got his eyes on something he'll not look away until he's got what he's after. All that aside... the fans tend to love this "f*ck you guys" attitude of the Scot that just goes out to get what he wants.
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