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Ken Cloverleaf vs. BG Bruce


League Member
Oct 5, 2004
Pittsburgh PA
Ending my problems

The camera fades into a shot of a nameplate reading "Commissioner Cloverleaf." As the camera pans back, the screen reveals a shot of Ken Cloverleaf sitting in a leather office chair with a wide smirk on his face. Ken leans back in the chair and begins to speak

KC- So it has finally come to this Big Gay Bruce...

Ever since you have entered MY federation you have been nothing but a pain in my ass...

And believe me Bruce, it's not the "good" pain of "victory" that you feel in your ass when you wake up after a drunken night at the gay bar...

It's the unrelenting, bone-shattering, muscle-withering pain that I will inflict on your man-loving ass this Sunday at Night of the Legends II...

Ken leans back in his chair as a smirk comes across his face

Now, I tried to be fair Bruce...

Believe me...I tried to be fair the minute that I found out that you were a homo because I despise YOUR kind...

I made sure to give you shots at the UCW World Heavyweight Championship and multiple number one contender matches because I didn't want those fag-loving groups to come to your defense and b*tch to me about discrimination...

But then YOU repay my generosity by acting like a little b*tch and REFUSING to fight at a UCW pay-per view!

You cost myself, this federation, and every member on the payroll money and that's where I draw the line Bruce...

If I fire you, then the fag groups bother me about discrimination and this federation can't afford a lawsuit...

So I thought if I suspended you without pay then you would just fade into oblivion and return to the back alley, biker bar sluts from which you came...

Ken shakes his in disgust

KC- But you had to continue putting your nose where it doesn't belong Bruce...

So I went after your little anal-loving fag friend and destroyed him like the little b*tch that he is...

And after I cripple you in a few short days at Night of the Legends II...

All my problems will be solved...

And Big Gay Bruce will be eliminated from Ultimate Championship Wrestling and Ken Cloverleaf's life forever...

Ken tilts his head back and lets out a hearty laugh before spinning his chair around as the camera fades to black


League Member
Oct 31, 2005
(BG Bruce and Estaban stand in a backstage interview area.)

BRUCE: Let's set the record stright here, shall we Ken?

I have no idea who you are trying to fool with you revissionism here.

You knew exactly who and what I was when you signed me. Hell, I think it's be pretty safe to say that the primary REASON you signed me was to get into the back pocket of these exact same "fag groups" that you now accuse of harrassing you.

Fact of the matter is that none of this is about lavander, Cloverleaf. It's about green.

You signed me because you thought I would bring money into you little company by tapping you into a new demographic that was thus far underrepresented in the rassling market place.

You catered to me. Wined and dined me. Gave my BOYFRIEND a job in your company just so you could see my name on you roster rather than that of NEW or A1E or EPW. I got those title shots and condendership match because that's what you had to promise me to get my Big Gay ass on your television show.

So don't act like this is an issue of morals, because you and I both know how much juice that will buy you when the electric bill arrives in the mail.

Only problem was that you and I had very different ideas about what a gay man was supposed to be once I got here.

I wasn't you prancing little sissy boy. I didn't flounce around wearing my queerness on my sleeve. And worst of all, I refused to be your puppet.


I am my own man. A gay man. And nobody, not you or GLAAD or even my own sainted momma is going to tell me what kind of gay man I am supposed to me.

And you couldn't stand that.

This isn't about homosexuality at all, is it? It is about control. It is about power. It is about your total obsession with making other people be and do what you want them to.

And when you couldn't get me to dance to your music - when you couldn't get me fully under your control - you decided to take it out on this poor little boy now standing beside me.

Fact is, Ken - homophobe or not - you are a bully. And BG Bruce does not like bullies.

So, if you think that I have been a "pain in the ass" to you so far, let me tell you that you have no idea what a kind of "pain in the ass" I am capable of inflicting upon you. You have no clue the kind of "pain in the ass" you will be gritting your teeth through and trying to endure this week at Night of Legends II.

Because this week I am going to show you exactly the kind of Ass Whooping a proud gay American can lay out.

So you think you're ready for the Bareback Moutin', Ken?

Do you?

Fact is, it really doesn't matter whether you are ready or not.

Because here I come.

Hell, perhaps if you try to relax and enjoy it, it could end up changing your life.

Hey, if you relax


League Member
Oct 5, 2004
Pittsburgh PA
Looks like you're flaunting your queerness to me...

The camera fades into Commissioner Cloverleaf's office. The same setting as the most perfect and outstanding commissioner's last promo, but this time there is an American Flag hanging behind his leather business chair. Ken, who is dressed in a suit and tie, leans forward in his chair before he begins to speak.

KC- Please forgive me for pointing out the oxymoron with a key emphasis on the word moron...

But a proud Gay American?

Ken pauses and raises his eyebrow as he shakes his head in disgust

I mean come on, hasn't America suffered enough through 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina?

I'd rather jam a pair of icepicks in my ears than listen to the garbage that spews forth from your mouth...

Because the LAST thing this country needs are more of you fairies running around, carrying the fag flag, sprinkling your pixie dust, and pretending like you're real people with rights...

Bruce please don't restrict the entire viewing audience to your mindless queer-loving drivel...

Maybe if all you little pole-smokers weren't busy b*tching and complaining about those equal rights then you would actually get somewhere...

"We can't get married and you're discriminating against us just because we're gay."
"I am nobody's faggot...I am my own man" (I bet Esteban REALLY enjoys that one)
"The hairdresser totally cut my hair too short."

KC- It sounds like somebody is feeling a little insecure over there...

Well cheer up little buckaroo because the world's most perfect and outstanding commissioner is going to do you a favor...

See Bruce...Ken Cloverleaf is about to beat the gay out of you at Night of the Legends II...

...And returning to bat for the right team should at least serve as a cause for celebration, right?

Ken lets out a slight chuckle as a wide smirk forms across his face

This isn't about money Bruce...

This war is about ridding Ultimate Championship Wrestling of a cancer that has plagued it for entirely too long...

I don't NEED you or your cock-smoking boyfriend to make money Bruce...

Not only am I the greatest professional wrestler in the world...but I also double as the most perfect and outstanding commissioner professional wrestling has ever witnessed...

I brought Joey Melton and Dan Ryan to UCW...

I'm finishing up the final touches on bringing Beast to UCW...

I turned Irish Red and The First into mega-stars...household names...

And I have made the UCW the greatest federation in all of professional wrestling...

This match is about nothing more than making an example out of you Bruce...

Sadly, you won't realize that until Ken Cloverleaf ends your career in the middle of the ring...

And by that time it will be too late...

fade to black
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