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Kenneth Williams

Ken Ken

League Member
Dec 20, 2009
Killeen, TX
Name: Kenneth Williams
Height: 6'2
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Face/Heel: Heel
Appearance: African-American. Stocky build; medium heavyset. Light Chocolate complexion. Short haircut (black), Waved Hair. Thin mustache with some stubble.
History: 2 Years of Professional Wrestling and 1 Year in MMA
Titles Held: None
Style: Kenneth is a Hardcore brawler at heart. However, Shamrock's training combined with a cocky influence and his own martial arts training contributed to a more technical aspect in his attacks. Tactically weakening his opponent with strikes and holds to start off, working his opponent into a corner... What follows is an ungodly disregard for human life and a beautiful display of flight for both him and his opponent.

Move Set:
Martial Arts Style Punches and Kicks
Leg Kicks
Enziguri Knee Strikes

Running Moves:
Running Clothesline
Flying Kneesmash

Basic Grapples:
Powerbomb Into Turnbuckle
Reverse Swinging Neckbreaker
Fireman's Carry
German Suplex

Submission Holds:
Sleeper Hold
Boston Crab
Ankle Lock

Signature Moves:
The Arrogant Lock- With his right leg pinning down his opponent (whom is on his stomach), Kenny crosses their legs at the ankles and pulls back on them with both arms. This stretches their back, almost like a Lion Tamer would.

Kingdom Come- First, Kenny grabs his opponent from the front with his right arm across his opponent's chest and his opponent's right arm over his shoulder. He then hits a moonsault uranage, slamming his opponent to the mat.

Chaos Theory - After pushing his opponent into the corner, Kenny grabs his opponent around the waist and does a roll backwards followed immediately by a German suplex hold.

The Coward's Mark - First, Kenny positions himself behind his opponent and crosses his opponent's arms across their chest. Kenny then drops to the mat while maintaining his hold on his opponent's wrists, driving his knees into his opponent's back. This move sets up for the Overdrive.

Description of Finisher: Jumping Diamond Cutter (Kenny jumps in the air grabs his opponent in a rear facelock and drills his opponent's face into the mat.)

Finisher Name: Overdrive
Entrance: "Kingdom Come" by Jay-Z pounds through the sound system like Kimbo Slice puching a punching bag. The camera pans back to the entrance stage to seeKenneth Williams walk onto the stage to the hatred of the crowd. Kenneth Williams raises a fist to the air, and swings it back to his side causing flames to erupt from either side of the ramp. This merely causes more booing, and the suppressing power of angry fans pelting garbage at him. In response, Kenneth Williams stands and points out from one side of the arena to the other, and brings his arms down in an ‘X’ over his crotch. The fans boo ever louder. Kenny walks down the ramp to ringside. He makes his way onto the apron, and climbs over the second rope. The heir to the Williams legacy slides his leather duster off his body and throws it at the ref. Afterwards, Kenny climbs the turnbuckle and begins to strike the trademark "STAR" pose (Shapes hand like a diamond). In mid arm extension he raises his arms, striking a very Randy Orton like “RKO” pose. The brawling star climbs off the corner and waits for his prey…
Description of Manager: None

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