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Lane Cash


League Member
Aug 8, 2007
Age: 24 (born May 20th, 1987)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 264 lbs.
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Nicknames: The Louisville Slugger
Entrance Music: "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles

Alignment and Personality: Heel
Moderately wealthy, rides the coattails of his family's wrestling legacy. Arrogant, almost sickeningly. Lack of respect for everything (wrestling, staff, fans, name it.) Next to no motivation.

Fighting Style: Lazy, Chicken****, Cheater

10-30 Maneuvers in Repertoire
- Eye rake
- Eye poke
- Rope burns (you know, old school style)
- Groin shot (front, mule kick)
- Step on face
- Rope choke
- Boot on throat choke
- Back rake
- Hair takedown
- Pretend Victim of Hair Takedown
- Trying to convince the referee the other guy is cheating
- Stomps

2-5 Signature Moves:
- Tearing Turnbuckle Padding Away
- Distraction --> Tights Rollup --> Feet on Ropes
- Chicken**** Ring-around-the-Rosie, Stomp
- Weapon in the Trunks
- Macho Man-esque Hair/Neck Grab --> Leaping to Outside

Primary Finisher:
- The Louisville Slugger (Discus Clothesline)

Set-up Move:

Most Similar to Which Real Wrestler?
Ric Flair (ring smarts, cheating) & Mr. Perfect (athletic ability)

1. Athletic Ability - Lane is an athletic marvel. You know, the three-sport athlete who seems to be good at anything he tries. His blend of speed, size, and agility make him very dangerous in the ring, when he feels like it, that is.
2. Ring General - The prick knows what he's doing, whether he lets anybody in on it or not. He's a third-generation wrestler, and he lived on the road with his father, Carter Cash. Will command a match, and have it play out his way.
3. What are Rules? - To Lane Cash, there is no rule that cannot and will not be broken. Constantly cheating, running, or creating distractions to help his cause. The real problem is that he's good at it. Keep an eye on him, that's all.

1. Unmotivated - When you lack the motivation to live up to your potential, you've got problems. Lane will do everything in his power to avoid "work", and he's not a gym rat either. He's falling back on athleticism and genetics.
2. Enemies - The old timers hate him, the young guys hate him, and anybody who meets him will hate him (excluding his posse). No one will cut Lane a break, much less give him a helping hand when things aren't looking so sunny.

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