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Looking for New and Veteran Talent

Chairman Andrew

League Member
Aug 25, 2006
Hickory, NC
SAVANNAH - The Defiant Wrestling Federation (DWF) has put out an All Points Bulletin for Interested Talent to become part of the DWF. Male and Female Wrestlers, Managers, Referees, and Broadcasters are asked to forward their information to the DWF Offices in Savannah, GA...

"We're out to bring back to truest sense of the word - Wrestling," said Chairman Andrews via phone. "We're not Sports Entertainers and we're not looking for Hollywood-type talent. The DWF has prided itself in being a wrestling federation for the Everyman and We want that Everyman... or Everywoman, to showcase their talents in and out of the DWF Ring."

Andrews added, "You can visit the website or contact me directly at chairmandwf@yahoo.com for more info and details. I can't wait for the DWF to become Indistructable once again."

The Defiant Wrestling Federation is a hybrid Roleplay/Angle Based federation using original wrestlers. In business since 1998, The DWF has gone through changes and overhauls but one thing still remains, Quality. The DWF is returning back to the wrestling landscape so this is the perfect time to jump onboard. TNT (rated TV-PG or TV-14) is our Flagship Television Product (Currently in a Sunday Night Two Hour Time Slot on Versus) with 4 PPV's (rated TV-MA) scheduled through the year.

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