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Máscara De Muerte IV

Evan H.

DEF Director of Fun & Good Humor
May 7, 2012
South Tejas
Máscara De Muerte IV

Ring Name: Máscara De Muerte IV
Real Name: Daniel James Munoz (rumored)
Nickname(s): MDM4, Four
Date of Birth: 8/4/1983
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Theme Music: "Holy Diver" by Ronnie James Dio

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 178 lbs.

Physical Description: Very well built young man of a Hispanic background, his entire face is completely hidden by his mask. But from past matches where his cowl is ripped and torn it was seen that he has jet black hair and keeps it shaved very short. When out of the ring, backstage, out on the town, he always wears his mask, but dresses very modern, the sort of attire you’d see any semi-trendy young twenty something wear.

Ring Attire: The mask of the Máscara De Muerte is a full face mask, covering his nose and mouth (I patterned it after the Marvel comics character Crossbones, Google him to see an example) with a simple skull design on the face. Shirtless, he sports full leg tights with a deaths head skull on each leg with various macabre designs jutting from behind. His boots are black with white trim, small deaths head skulls adorn each ankle. Black elbow pads, thick knee guards and black and white athletic gloves finish up his usual ring attire. During his entrance he's been known to sport a ratty black leather jacket with a huge Mexican flag on the back and deaths head skulls on the upper arms.

Alignment: Técnico

Gimmick: As Máscara De Muerte IV's career blossomed and his fame spread across Mexico, the masked archangel of lucha wanted more, he wanted to break free of the confined world of lucha libre and spread the legend of the Máscara De Muerte to all corners of the world. Proud of his country, proud to carry on the legacy of the Máscara De Muerte and lucha libre itself, Muerte is ready to dominate the world of pro wrestling... the true question is, is it ready for him?

Fighting Style: Luchador/Technical

Experience - Around the business since he was a child, started training at a very young age.
Conditioning - Can wrestle for an hour or more and still have gas left in the tank.

Right Knee - Had a massive knee injury a number years ago in Mexico, wears a pretty sizable knee brace.
Size - More often than not the smallest dog in the fight. Very accustomed to playing the underdog role.

Regular Moves:
1. Springboard Missile Kick
2. Hurricanrana (top rope or otherwise)
3. Running Enzuigiri
4. Flying Back Elbow (opponent in corner)
5. Dragon Sleeper
6. Kick Combo to chest / back (opponent on knees)
7. Split-Legged Moonsault
8. Tornado DDT
9. Plancha Suicida
10. Dropkick to the face (opponent on knees or in corner)
11. Pump Handle Face Plant
12. Baseball Slide Headscissors Takeover (opponent standing on outside)
13. Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop

Trademark Moves:-
1. "Demons Wings" - Spinning Sit out Pedigree
3. "Death From Above" - Twisting Asai Moonsault
4. "Crossbone Clutch" - Cobra Clutch Crossface

Finishing Move: La Muerte
Description: Spinning headscissors into an armbar takedown into a Fujiwara armbar. The same finishing hold used by IV's predecessors.

MDK Finisher: Xenocide
Description: Springboard foot stomp to the back of a prone opponents head.

The History of the Máscara De Muerte

Máscara De Muerte – 1939 / 1966, 27 year career w/ the mask.

Even with all the troubles in the world at the time people still wanted to be entertained, they still wanted something to take away their worries of war and death even if for but a scant few hours. In the country of Mexico the answer to that call was Lucha Libre. In Mexico wrestling is more than some silly side show, lucha was a way of life, as ingrained in the Hispanic culture as the Spanish language itself.

In 1939 a group of promoters came together to create the ultimate rudo (or heel, in American professional wrestling terms) there was an abundance of amazing technicos (faces), men like the living legend and cultural hero El Guerrero Del Dios, but no counterpoint to the men like Dios... true evil. Enter a tall, lean, almost lanky fellow and a black and white mask adorned with the classic deaths head skull. The first Máscara De Muerte. He was the classic villain, cool, collected, mat based wrestling of an almost European background (hence the rumors he might have been from Spain) never letting the technicos see him sweat, which riled the fans almost as much as his opponents.

His wars against hero technico El Guerrero Del Dios were the stuff of legend, the wars they would fight over the decades following sold out arenas all over Mexico. Never once did Máscara De Muerte turn technico. For the entirety of his almost thirty year career he was the most hated rudo in all of lucha libre. In the early sixties he slowly started to fade into the background, making way for new stars to make their mark. But that was far from the end of the legend of Máscara De Muerte.

Máscara De Muerte II – 1968 / 1981, 13 year career w/ the mask.

Almost two years to the day after the original Máscara De Muerte retired from the ring, a promoter named Jose Ricardo Munoz (who was rumored to have bought the rights to the mask and trademarks from the original Muerte) decided the character still had legs. In short order the man known as arguably, the most violent and bloodthirsty rudo to ever dawn a mask entered the lucha libre world. Máscara De Muerte II was a stocky barrel chested little man and the only Máscara De Muerte to alter the mask tailoring a huge hole in the top to allow his long curly brown locks to flow free.

He’s described by most as the least successful of the four, even the much younger fourth incarnation, but he still carved for himself a nitch all his own in the lucha history books. Not one single match went by that this cruel barefoot brawler didn’t rip and tear at the flesh of his opponents. Billed as a true monster Máscara De Muerte II definitely set himself apart from his predecessors slick cool almost super villain like style.

Number two’s end came during a match in Mexico City, a simple plancha was all it took to end the career of this wild man. One foot caught on the ropes, he dove head first into the hard cement floor, his head cracked open like a melon, his back twisted like a pretzel. As hated, despised, and criticized as he was his controversial style and wild antics helped usher lucha libre into a new era, the days of slow paced mat based battles was for the most part done and gone, high flying and blood and guts was the order of the day. Máscara De Muerte II was a trend setter and his amazing career ended before his legend truly flourished.

Máscara De Muerte III – 1982 / 2002, 20 year career w/ the mask.

Within months the mask was passed down yet again. Jose Ricardo Munoz, the same promoter who revived the legendary mask several decades ago, did it yet again with Máscara De Muerte III.. but this time with a twist. The Máscara De Muerte, the symbol of everything evil and dark, the deaths head, the ultimate rudo was about to become a full fledged technico. Never officially announced, and not complete common knowledge, but Máscara De Muerte III’s real name is Hugo Diego Garcia, the son of a German missionary woman and a local body builder Juan Diego Garcia. When he was of age Hugo began training at a local gym.. a gym frequented by local promoter Jose Ricardo Munoz.

As soon as he saw Hugo and his huge six foot two inch frame looking like he was cut from granite he saw a star in the making. It wasn’t long before Hugo made his debut under the rudo moniker of The German Brute. A high stepping Nazi gimmick that was simple cheap heat but due to Hugo’s dirty blonde hair and light features it worked. The goofy heel gimmick was only a formality though to see if Hugo could hang in the ring with the rest of the talent. He was a tad slow on his feet, and nobody would mistake him for a technician or a high flyer.. but he could go. Enter Máscara De Muerte III.

He made his debut assisting Guerrero Del Dios Jr. of all people, the son of the very man who the original Máscara De Muerte feuded with for almost three decades. This action immediately won the hearts of the fans; the simple nostalgia factor didn’t hurt either. The duo tagged on and off for years all the while Máscara De Muerte III acted like a sponge slowly but surely becoming a more than competent ring general. His career spanned two decades, filled with good memories and even more classic matches. His impassioned speech the night he retired in early 2002, and the classic one on one encounter with long time tag team partner Guerrero Del Dios Jr. that followed is one of the all time top ten classic moments in lucha history.

Máscara De Muerte IV – 2002 / Present

So that brings us to today. Jose Ricardo Munoz’s son Daniel James Munoz (or DJ to his friends) now in charge of his fathers business had a brand new Máscara De Muerte waiting in the wings when number three announced his retirement. Several months after that Máscara De Muerte IV made his debut in front of a packed crowd in Mexico City. He was young he was much smaller than the previous three and he was breathtaking. The first true blue high flyer of the bunch, Máscara De Muerte IV immediately became a fan favorite and an honest to God overnight sensation. There are continued rumors that DJ is in fact the man behind the current mask, but the Munoz family has denied any and all as falsities and fabrications. Now five years into his young career, he’s decided to make a go of a career stateside. The legend of The Death Mask lives on.
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