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Malcolm Joseph-Jones


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Name: Malcolm Joseph-Jones (MJ2)

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 269 lbs.


Billed From: Jackson, Mississippi


Appearance: MJ2 is a very handsome black man with stylishly shaggy hair and a Van Dyke; picture Denzel Washington in Training Day meets Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, in a 6'6" wrestling frame. Outside the ring, he typically wears no-frills-whatsoever business suits with browline glasses. For ring attire, he wears protective plastic goggles with a black frame, electric purple tudo trunks with white trim, and solid black boots/kneepads.

History: MJ2 has always been an incredibly gifted athlete; he was the starting quarterback of his high school, as well as an elite track and field star. His physical tools alone would have opened hundreds of doors for him...however, his biggest problem for as long as he could remember has been his mouth. His substantial ego and inability to stop belittling others around him constantly prevented him from obtaining real opportunities in his life. He was always an exceptionally intelligent young man; unfortunately, he never had a problem shoving it in people's faces. College athletic departments quickly labeled him as a "Locker Room Cancer", preventing him from pursuing many of the colleges he was hoping to pursue. He soon became a four-sport star...at Division III Millsaps College. A dearth of career opportunities built a massive chip on MJ2's shoulder, and he soon turned to mixed martial arts and wrestling, as these sports not only wouldn't turn you away for being physically and mentally gifted and having an attitude; they embrace it.

Style: MMA-influenced brawler, typically prefers high-power maneuvers

Short-arm Clothesline
Lou Thesz Press
Gutwrench Suplex
European Uppercuts
Rear Naked Choke
Abdominal Stretch
Atomic Drop (regular, not inverted)
Texas Piledriver
Running Forearm
Alabama Slam
Sidewalk Slam
Double Axehandle

Special moves
Kneeling Powerbomb
Hip Toss Neckbreaker

Finishers (with setup moves)
Standard: Delayed Fisherman Buster, "The Greatness Buster" (setup: spear)
Submission: Guillotine Choke, "The Greatness Choke"
Special: "AMN (Any Means Necessary)" - Diving Double Footstomp (setup: nothing specific, he rarely breaks this one out)

1. Athleticism. Malcolm is a pure athlete, extremely competent at many sports. His pure strength is only surpassed by the 300+ pound super-heavyweights.
2. Wit. Malcolm is smarter than people tend to think at first glance, and is capable of effective strategy and mind-gamesmanship.
3. Self-confidence. Malcolm believes right this second that he should hold every single title. This enables him to successfully press forward in scenarios where other men may think they're in over their heads.

1. Ego. Malcolm's ego is insatiable and can be exploited.
2. Does not work well with others. Team efforts tend to be undermined by Malcolm's (sometimes unfounded) belief that no one is as good as he is. He has yet to be satisfied in a team setting.
3. Single-minded. When something doesn't go down in the specific way Malcolm wishes, he gets frustrated and can lose his focus.

Entrance theme:
KU - Best of the Best (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4_nJF6a8oI)

Entrance: MJ2 enters feeling "in the zone", tending to ignore the largely-booing crowd. He walks in stride with the beat of his entrance theme. At the first refrain, he raises both his arms in the center of the ring, looking for a reaction from the crowd. When they meet him with more boos, he begins to trash talk everyone and anyone within earshot. After a few moments of this, he flexes his muscles, pointing specifically to his gloriously chiseled abs.
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Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO

- MJ2 is now announced at the weight of 290 pounds. Announcers may remark that he looks, perhaps, even MORE muscular and imposing than before.

- MJ2 is now accompanied to the entrance by a mysterious "advisor" - an average-height, normal-sized African-American gentleman who wears a full dark suit and tie with subtle purple designs as well as white-framed glasses. He has very short hair. Age is hard to tell, though he's probably in his mid-30's. His name is not given, as he is (kayfabe) not an official employee of EPW. He rarely stays ringside for the match itself, giving Malcolm a nod before making his way to the back.

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