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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy. Troy's wearing wrap-arounds, shirless.)

TROY: Y'know... I've been sitting at my luxury condo the past few days, watching two men I know fine and dandy talk about themselves. Primetime, two men who already have wings in their honor at the CSWA Hall of Fame in Greensboro, do battle one more time for a title that means everything to everyone.

Two guys who spend the entire time talking about themselves as if they died for your sins, if they are still carrying a heavy wooden cross in a hot desert, if they are still wearing a crown of thorns.

There's only one King, however.

For the past seven years, I've come out here and talked the talk, walked the walk. I said I didn't want to be under my brother's shadow-- I came out from under it and put him under mine. I said I wanted to be the richest man in this sport and, depending on how the NASDAQ does on a daily basis, I'd put my list of zeroes in my Vanguard account against anyone elses. I said I wanted to be the most famous man in this industry, and I don't know anyone else in this league who had a recurring character on Dawson's Creek.

Ask around. My people's will tell you. Whatever Troy Windham says, he does. King of All Media? King of All Hype? I never said I wasn't. But underneath the glossy 8 by 11 that my management firm sends out to Tiger Beat there's something else-- a whole lot of substance that can't be denied.

Problem child? I accept that terminology. I've had more nights that I've forgotten than most people have days. Women have come and gone, my posse's membership has revolved more times than the members of Menudo. I've woken up in rehab clinics a few times, in jail cells a few others and in the gutter a few more.

When has The Epitome complained? When has The Epitome wore a cross? Not once.

Yes. I've got a plate in my neck. Four screws in my arm. I could retire right now and never wrestle again. But I won't.

Why not?

To save this promotion from my brother. To save this promotion from Eli Flair.

Eli-- for all your hard work, for all your fans, where were they when you and Hornet and Mike Randalls were busy trying to take over this promotion? Other than repeatedly picking yourself off the canvas, where were you then?

Mark-- where were you the past five years, when I was busy selling out arenas? Where were you the past five years, when I was single-handedly responsible for bringing this promotion to the New Era? I CREATED FWRESTLING.COM. You? You wrote about me on your Live Journal, linking your feelings to some poorly written Trent Reznor lyrics.

Primetime, two men are fighting. Two legends are going at it one more time, for the biggest prize of them all.

Two men who have *NEVER* been able to destroy Troy Windham, despite their best efforts. Two men who can not pin me. Two men who can not make me say I quit.

Two martyrs, bearing their souls for the world to see. Two martyrs with God complexes trying to wear a crown of thorns.

Maybe, at Primetime, this sport's King should make them really suffer.


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