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Marx v Cruise


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Easy As Pie

* Jonathan Marx RP for C04.

::Marx and Jacobs are sitting at a booth at Polly's Pies in Laguna Hills, California, splitting a banana cream pie::

JONATHAN MARX: That was the saddest interview I ever heard.

BRANDON JACOBS: Is Cameron Cruise off his meds or something?

JONATHAN MARX: I don't know, but I want to reach into my television set and give him a hug.

BRANDON JACOBS: Thank god he doesn't have those belts anymore, he'd hang himself with them.

JONATHAN MARX: I don't want to get into a dick measuring contest over pain and suffering, but if anyone should be complaining, which I'm not, but shouldn't it be the guy who lost to the latest shiny and new when my foot was clearly under the ropes and I got cost his chance at a three-peat?

BRANDON JACOBS: Exactly, It isn't like you are busting out the violins.

JONATHAN MARX: AND... even more so than myself, shouldn't it be an injured Shawn Hart, who even though he isn't, has a right to cry in his soup after he got mugged for the title?

BRANDON JACOBS: The First is an opportunist. All you have to do is give him an opening and he'll take it.

JONATHAN MARX: The First will be taken care of.... in due time. But this week we have Cameron Cruise to deal with who is on a two match winning streak...

BRANDON JACBOS: If he wins this one, doesn't he get a title shot at The First anytime he wants and wasn't Cameron Cruise a big thorn in The First's side during his quest for the world title in another promotion?

JONATHAN MARX: Hmmm... this is really good banana cream pie.

BRANDON JACOBS: So this really is a win, win situation, if you win, you get to dash the dreams of Cameron Cruise being the World Heavyweight Champion, or if you lose, you get to stick it to The First indirectly.

JONATHAN MARX: That is completely unethical Brandon. There is never a good reason not to beat Cameron Cruise just for the sake of it. Beau Michaels made torturing Cameron Cruise and causing him angst an art form. In his memory, I really would make Cruise tap.

BRANDON JACOBS: What about Shawn Hart? You've guys have faced off, but we know you have a lot of respect for him. This is the man who mugged your friend.

JONATHAN MARX: That didn't sit right with me. When I was coming for Shawn Hart, I always did it face to face when he was ready to go. I wouldn't have jumped him. He was hurt too, he could have wound up on the shelf indefinitely with all of his injuries. Shawn Hart along with the likes of Larry Tact and myself helped to establish NEW as what it is today. He deserved better from The First. On the other hand, Cameron Cruise beat two women and he seems like he turning into one himself.

BRANDON JACOBS: So....what are you going to do?

JONATHAN MARX: I'll make my decision in the ring. I'll do what I always do, I'll do what is right. Let justice prevail.


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