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Monkey In The Middle


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy, wearing a Manu Ginnobli Spurs jersey, sits on the jungle gym in Sweetwater.)

TROY: Monkey in the middle. I always liked that game. One guy, surrounded, trying to get the prize that gets bounced around from person to person.

Right about now, I kinda feel like I'm that proverbial monkey, like I'm a modern day Davy Joney, Mike Nesmith or Mickey Dolenz. Or even better, my backs up against the wall like I'm one of the good guys in the San Antone Alamo.

The past few months, I've been doing battle with all sorts of folks in the CSWA. GXW contingent shows up-- I take them on, only to get my face cut up and my hair cut and sold by Wicked Sight... long before Eddy Mayfield did that to the only other person who wants to fight with me, Shane Southern. I propositioned Tom Adler, told him I could give him his ultimate prize-- Eddy Mayfield's soul-- just to have him flat our refuse me on national TV, so he could parlay his ego into holding a title I haven't coveted since about 1997. I've taken on Miles, Mayfield, GUNS at all corners-- just because they want to take down the CSWA-- the league that propelled me into being a multi-millionaire star of both the small and silver screen. And now... now I have to see them use my former bodyguard and best friend and my sister to play some sort of head game with me. Yet I gamely fight on.

Why? Since my injuries, I've decided that I want to come back and truly live up to my nickname, Mr. CSWA. I want to be the man who is most synonymous with this league. I want to do what I could have and should have done years ago... and that's become the Franchise of this, the greatest wrestling league of them all. And to become what I set out to be, I take on not a cross to bear... but the responsibilty of this league's greatest star.

And right now, at Primetime, two people I know quite well... my hated older brother and my fiercest rival, the man responsible for my injuries... are fighting for the prize that we all want. The CSWA World Title.

I tune on my TV and watch them talk... Mark has come out here to, once again, act like the concerned brother who did oh so much for me his entire life, only to have it thrown back in his face as I eclipsed his fame. The older brother who kept a distance from me in the locker room, told me to go do things on my own, and as soon as I did, got mad because the way I did things was different than how anyone did them before. The older brother who still can't find his soul, who hates himself, yet who somehow managed to become CSWA World Title without having to fly off a cage, having screws put into his wrist or having his former best friend and younger sister coming back to try and crush his soul.

I tune on my TV and see Eli Flair come out here, playing the Working Class Hero, the Man of the People, the man who is the hero to All Children Black and White. A man who conveniently forgets a two year period of his life where he used his friend, Deacon, to ally himself with his two former rivals, to take over this promotion. A man who I fought with to turn back, until my body became so ravaged that I ended up in a hospital bed all because I did not want him to hear me say two words everyone swore I would... I Quit. Yet for all his efforts to be wrestling's equivalent of Bono... who has Eli warred with? Has Eli stepped up to fight the various alliances trying to take over this promotion? Has Eli stepped up to turn back GUNS, Eddy Mayfield, Craig Miles, Kevin Power, Wicked Sight, ad nauseum? No, he has not.

At Primetime, I'm the Monkey In The Middle. Surrounded by his foes, trying to get what is rightfully his.

I could come out here and ask for a chance to enter this match. But I won't. Eli defeated Aho, fair and square, to get his chance. Mark deserves a chance to put up and shut up. I had a chance to get a shot and I didn't come through. My day will come soon enough.

It wasn't that long ago when I'd be busy plotting, figuring out a way to destroy both my opponents at once. But that's not what I want, either. That title that my brother has is the most important thing in the world to me. That means you're the franchise. You're the man. You're The Epitome. I created that title and brought it to a new era, creating fwrestling.com in the process.

When I once again take back what is rightfully mine... I don't want it tarnished. I don't want it disrespected. When I become CSWA World Champion, I want to be the greatest champion in wrestling history.

As such, what I am asking Chad Merrit right now... sign me to be the guest referee in this match. Allow me to stand between my hated brother and my arch-rival. Allow ME the right to judge who is the better man. Because I want it to be THAT MAN who I beat for the CSWA World Title as I take my rightful spot as the greatest to step foot in the squared circle.

Hex Angel

(CUTTO: Eli, watching Troy's comments at home.)

"To quote a great man, Troy... 'regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.' Is what you've been saying accurate? Without question. I tried to end your career on more than one occasion. In retrospect, I might have tried to end your life on at least one of them. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't end you or your career. Even with a practically shattered neck, a broken hand, and three snapped fingers, you wouldn't quit."

"I told you after that match how much I respected you, Troy... and that respect has not wavered in the slightest."

"I also turned my back on a man I liked and respected to Stake a Claim on the CSWA three years ago, an alliance that disintigrated due to my own weaknesses and shortcomings. Deacon and I were friendly before that happened - it was since then that we've truly become friends."

"But don't get me wrong, Troy - out of all the fallout from the ClaimStakers and Anniversary 2000, I made what I consider to be a wise, wise decision - by staying out of all factions and faction wars from now until the end of my active days. Ivy being attacked by Powers and his clique brought Sweet Melissa and her table shot full circle for me - how innocent bystanders can get caught in the crossfire. I have a wife and a baby daughter, Troy... and they will not suffer for things that happen in this business. As far as not defending the CSWA goes... the day that GUNS and the Professionals actually try to take it down, brick by brick, we'll see how personally affected I am by it. And the day any of the others pose the slightest threat to the CSWA is the day that Merritt sells the company, lock stock and Benson, to Scott Seeley."

"But while I acknowledge mistakes I might have made and regrets I might have felt... I apologize for none of them. The fans that stuck by me through the entire ordeal of the ClaimStakers did so because they knew that I was doing what I felt was right. And I haven't looked back from any of them."

"I can't speak for your brother, Troy, but as far as I'm concerned, you're not my foe. You have spilled enough of my blood for me to know that it's not a wise move to get into it with you beyond the professional level again. And trust me - I don't have the patience or the years left on this planet to get you to quit. You want your shot at the gold? Should I beat your brother... you've got the first shot at it in a wrestling match - something you and I have had precious little of."

"But don't let that sway your judgement if Merritt lets you ref the match. If I don't win the belt fairly I wouldn't want it to begin with. And I know you'd feel the same way."

"By the by... it's been good seein' ya back in the ring, Troy."

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